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Tips to Prevent Virus Infection

Computer viruses are a plague in the digital world. These malicious software programs are designed to corrupt/delete data or some how interfere with the operation of your system. It starts with an email you get from say your mom, This email might say ” Hi I thought this was really funny. Take a look.” Then there will be a link or attachment for you to select. Once you click on it your entire system locks up and your pictures, movies, documents, and any other data you may have stored on the computer is deleted or at least inaccessible to you. This scenario is not as uncommon as you may think. Viruses do not always harm your system. Some just sit and run in the background and can do things like capture your usernames and passwords. My point is that sometimes you can be infected and not realize it.

The Infection

Email is not the only way to become infected with a virus. This malicious software is hidden in many places. Just visiting a compromised website can infect your system. They can also be found within audio, video files and downloads. Once you access the media containing the infectious software the damage is done and now you are in the area or virus removal. To learn more about virus removal read “How To Remove A Computer Virus“. Should you run into any problems during the process you should contact the professionals at IQ Computer Services for Virus Removal.


The best way for you to protect yourself against virus threats is to arm yourself with knowledge. Now that you know how the virus plans to attack you, it should be easy to take a few precautions to prevent infection.

  1. Avoid random suspicious emails
  2. Be very weary of downloads
  3. Always keep your Antivirus definitions up to date(If you do not have one,  an antivirus can be purchase at a discount through IQ Computer services website.)
  4. Browsers have add blockers and other add-ons that assist with virus prevention

One Response to Tips to Prevent Virus Infection

  1. […] We are able to help remove all types of viruses from your computer. Whether they have been on there for a while, or if you just had them added to the computer. Having a clean computer can put your mind at ease. […]

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