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USB 3.0 Explained

usb 3.0 port

Laptop USB 3.0 Port







USB 3.0 Comparision
USB 3.0 USB 2.0
Transfer Speed 5 gbit/s 480 mbit/s
Cable Length 2-5 m 2-5 m
Hot Pluggable Yes Yes
Electrical 5.00+0.25-0.55 V 5.00±0.25 V
Max Devices 127 127



USB 3.0 Connector and Cable



Tired Of Waiting On Slow File Transfers?

Welcome the latest edition in computer connectivity.  USB 3.0 is the newest revision to the Universal Serial Bus standard for computers and media devices. This improvement over USB 2.0 offers up to 10 times faster transfer speeds. Along with faster transfer speeds USB 3.0 boasts more efficient power management. The important thing to remember when taking advantage of USB 3.0 is that you must use USB 3.0 cables, ports, and devices. For example, if a USB 3.0 hard drive or flash drive is plugged in to a USB 2.0 port then the transfer speed will max out at the USB 2.0 capability. It is easy to tell when you are dealing with USB 3.0 because of the blue connection or SS(Super Speed) that is stamped on it.  Get started with a new flash drive today!