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Setting Up Bluetooth on Your Windows 10 Personal Computer

Bluetooth technology allows users to connect devices wirelessly to a Windows 10 computer. Without the use of USB ports, devices such as keyboard and mouse can be added. Many smartphones can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth for the use of the computers internet access. Bluetooth technology lets users remove much of the clutter from their desktop by connecting.

Set-up Bluetooth to Computer, Tablet, or Laptop with These Steps:

1. Be sure the Bluetooth device is powered on and ready to pair

The majority of Bluetooth devices are equipped with an ON/OFF switch. However, it is slightly more difficult to tell the Bluetooth device to begin pairing. In some cases, flipping a switch is all that is needs to be done. While others require the user to hold a button down until a light begins to flash.

The Bluetooth device is ready to be paired with another, such as the computer when you notice a flashing light.

2. Start>Settings>Devices

Select the Start button on the personal computer, choose Settings, and select the Devices app shown in the computer settings. A list of devices currently installed is shown on the Devices page.

3. From the left side of the Devices app page, select the Bluetooth option

The personal computer quickly starts to search for any Bluetooth devices located in the nearby vicinity that you want to be connected, otherwise known as paired.

If the device you want to be paired fails to appear, return to Step 1 to ensure the Bluetooth device has been powered on and is ready to be paired. Many devices power themselves off after thirty seconds of waiting to pair and may need to be ready again.

4. Select the name of the Bluetooth device when it appears beneath the Add a Device button

5. If necessary, enter the Bluetooth device’s code while also selecting the Pair button if requested

This is when setup may become slightly complex. Due to security reasons, you are required to prove that you are not a stranger attempting to hack and that you are, in fact, sitting in front of your personal computer. However, to prove your innocence, many Bluetooth devices use somewhat different strategies.

In some cases, users are required to enter a passcode into both the personal computer and the Bluetooth device. Usually, the passcode is located in the devices user’s manual. The passcode must be entered quickly to ensure the other device is still waiting.

Some devices, such as Bluetooth mice, require a small push button located on the underside to be held in during this step. Sometimes, cell phones require users to select a Pair button when identical passcodes appear on both the cellphone and computer.

When unsure, type 0000 and hit enter on the keyboard for a universal passcode.

The name and icon appear in the Setting app once a Bluetooth device is successfully paired.

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Free Disk Space in Windows 10 with These Quick Easy Tips

Img: www.Pexels.com

Img: www.Pexels.com

Free Up Some Extra Disc Space on Windows 10

No matter what size hard drive we may have, it seems to fill up quickly. High-definition movies, high-resolution photos, songs, games tend to take up space faster than we might think, making you reach the limit of space on your hard drive before you know it. However, by utilizing some quick easy tips, you can reclaim some of that needs space.

1. Remove Older Versions of Microsoft Windows

When upgrading Microsoft Windows, data from the older version of Windows is saved automatically. By saving this data, users have the ability to return to the previous version is desired. However, this saved data uses up a ton of space on your hard drive. To delete these files, go to Settings > System > Storage then select your primary drive. You will notice several categories and how much space each one is using. Look for Temporary Files and select it. Next, put a check mark in the box Previous Versions of Windows then select Remove Files

2. Cleaning Update Cache

Copies are stored in the update cache of the installation files. If the time ever comes that an update needs to be reapplied, the OS will use these without the need of downloading them once again. But, these files take up a lot of space of your hard drive. To remove them, first, the Windows Update service must be stopped. Go to Services then select the top result by right-clicking on it to Run as administrator. Head down the list until you find Windows Update and right-click on it and select Stop.

Next, to delete these files the run box needs to be opened by pushing Windows Key + R. Now you want to type C:\Windows\SoftwareDistibution\ then select Enter. Everything within the download folder can be deleted. When finished be sure to re-enable Windows Update by heading back to Services.

3. Delivery Optimization Files Removal

With the introduction of Windows 10, a new update feature was added. This feature is called Delivery Optimization and allows your PC to take updates from nearby machines. This feature has received several complaints stating there is increased usage of memory and bandwidth, however, this is to allow for faster delivery of updates.

To remove these files, the feature needs to be disabled first. Without doing so, accumulation of these files will continue to occur. First, go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options > Choose How Updates Are Delivered and ensure slider is in the OFF position.

Next, open Disk Clean-up. Go to Delivery Optimization File and put a check mark. Lastly, hit OK.

After using these tips for your Windows 10 PC, if you still lack hard drive space, it may be time for an upgraded hard drive. If you’re not yet to Windows 10, use these Windows 8 tips to your advantage.

Convenient Windows Tricks Everyone Should Know


Check Out These Easy Windows Tricks

There are so many features within Windows that bring convenience to one’s life, but some people do not know they even exist. Microsoft did not hide them, many people just tend to overlook them.

Alternative Start Menu

With Windows 10 came the big overhaul of the Start Menu, one of the many reasons why someone should upgrade. Many people tend to forget they can right-click on the Start Menu, and this brings up an alternative Start Menu. This has many shortcuts that are quite useful, such as Control Panel, Power Options, and Device Manager.

Bypass Login Screen on Startup

Many people see typing their password each time their PC starts up as an inconvenience, unless of course they are used in public areas. But if you have a desktop or laptop that is unshared and security is not an issue, boot directly into Windows without having to deal with a login screen.

Push Windows Key + R this bring the Run window up. Next, enter netplwiz and push Ok. Go to Users tab, choose your account, and look for option Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Unclick box and push Apply. Enter your username and password this one time. This is last time you see this until you re-enable this feature.

Quick Tasks with Windows Keys

Windows keys does more tasks than opening the Start Menu. Example, Win + E opens up Windows Explorer, Win + D shows the desktop and hides all windows, and Win + X open up the alternative Start Menu. One for Windows 10 users Win + C to activate listening mode for Cortana.

Administrator Account Unlocked

During the day of Windows XP and before, Windows had Administrator accounts that full control over the whole system. In Windows 8, Microsoft added User Account Controls, and they no longer had Administrator accounts, which is when the ability “Run as Administrator” was given to us.

However, Administrator accounts are not actually gone, they are just hidden. Keep in mind so unlocking this is a huge security risk.

In the search bar type CMD , on Command Prompt, right-click and then choose Run as Administrator. Next, type this entire line:

net user administrator /active:yes

When you restart your PC or log out next time, you will see you have Administrator account to use. If you plan on using this, set a password. There are security vulnerabilities with this, unless this account is needed for specific reasons it is recommended not to use it as your primary account.

There are many more tricks that are lost or forgotten out there, and more are being discovered all the time! Here are some more you might be interested in!

Use These Tips to Save on Computer Power

Utilize your power more effectively.

Utilize your power more effectively.

Tips To Make Your Computer Use Less Power

Computers often suck up power, but they do not need to. Ones most thirsty for energy are desktops which are high-powered with graphics hardware dedicated to gaming, but modern PCs are more energy-efficient than older ones.

There are numerous tips for saving computer power on your PC to assist you in using much less power.

  1. Do not use screensavers. Rather than using a screensaver, have your monitor move into suspend mode automatically when not using it. There is almost no power used during this state, and you are able to immediately return to the desktop by touching keyboard or moving mouse cursor.
  2. Brightness level. Brightness level needs to be set appropriately for your room. You are using unnecessary power if it is brighter than need be.
  3. Use hibernate and sleep modes. You do not need to shut down your computer and reboot each time you walk away and back again. However, your computer should not be left on at all times either. Instead, use your computer’s hibernate or sleep modes when it is not in use. You either can have your computer go into hibernation or sleep from the Start menu instead of shutting down, or have your computer automatically sleep when not in use. There is almost no power used when in sleep mode, and within a few seconds return to your open programs on your desktop. If you decide to use hibernation mode instead, there is almost no power used still, but returning to your desktop may take slightly longer than with sleep mode.
  4. Use SmartStrip to plug in all equipment. In majority of homes, computers are used in evenings for a bit of gaming, web surfing, and other miscellaneous activities or work. Many times people need several peripheral for this to be achieved, such as a monitor, speakers, router, printer, and so forth. When the evening ends, people tend to shut their computers off but leave these other pieces of equipment running, draining electricity. When using a SmartStrip, users are able to plug their computer into the master outlet, while other slots on the strip have all other devices plugged into them. Then, other outlets receive energy when computer is turned on, and when turned off, power to other outlets is shut off automatically. Now, when you shut power off each night to your computer, all power to your peripherals is shut off as well.
  5. When replacing equipment, “go green” with EnergyStar 4.0 compliant. You want to replace your older equipment with ones that use minimal energy when time to replace them. EnergyStar 4.0 compliant computers compared to machines that are non-EnergyStar use 25% less energy. That can be a huge savings for people using computers over time.

These are five simple ways of saving power with your computer, making them kilowatt hours add up. Make sure to know how to care for the power cord on your PC.

Learn These Tips Before a New Laptop Purchase


Money-Saving Tips to Learn Before Purchasing a New Laptop

When your laptop dies, make this experience less painful by not letting your replacement purchase break the bank. While shopping for a new laptop, remember these money-saving tips to help you not fall into debt.

Do Not Pay For Unnecessary Features

Laptops today come loaded with features. Some features such as graphic cards that are high-end, backlit keyboards, and extra-large solid-state drives are great to have, but prior to dropping that extra thousand dollars on that notebook which is top-of-the-line, ask yourself if you need all these extra features.

Graphic cards which are more powerful can benefit video and photo editing. If a person that travels quite a bit, it is handy to have a large battery. More CPU and RAM is needed for complicated calculations and programs. You will need a solid-state or hard drive that is big if you have plenty of music. Most likely, there is no need to have all of these and you can save money not taking them all.

Chromebook is a great solution if you only do basics. They are affordable, do not come loaded with features, but can handle everyday tasks.

Purchase Refurbished

Unlike their brand-new counterparts, purchasing a refurbished laptop can cost several hundred dollars less. There are some people that think there might be a huge sacrifice in longevity or quality, however, with a purchase of certified refurbished laptops they can feel confident their machine is extremely close to being like new. There are testing processes that are rigorous manufacturers perform, ensuring each and every refurbished laptop performs correctly. There is usually a warranty with all refurbished models, helping to ease customer’s minds.

Shop Around – Never Buy Straight From Manufacturer

When purchasing a new laptop, you may think it is wise to buy straight from the manufacturer, however, you will end up paying more in almost every case than it costs at an authorized dealer. Best Buy in most situations beats prices of manufacturers, Wal-Mart and Costco in almost every case undercuts manufactures prices. When shopping at Amazon, you most likely can get a price that is lower than a manufactures.

There are also many websites selling laptops for prices that are unbeatable, including some with auctions. When purchasing from any of website you are not sure of, do your research.

When purchasing a laptop from an authorized dealer, you need to be careful of their warranty. Be sure to examine details of their warranty, making sure if a problem occurs within a year that you are able to return the laptop. Most unexpected problems occur in first couple of months, making extended warranties usually not worth the extra money.

Never Pay Full Price

It is unnecessary to ever pay full price for a laptop, whether from an authorized dealer or manufacturer. Consider what specs are needed, compare several retailers, checking out all the good deals.

Just make sure you know how to choose the right laptop for you!

Computer Repair Safety Tips

Computer Repair Safety Tips

Safely Repair Computers

When trying to fix your laptop, being as careful as possible is essential. Not only to prevent breaking your computer, but for your own. It can be dangerous to work on computers due to the amount of electricity that runs through them. You need to make sure that you keep these computer repair safety tips in mind when it comes to repairing your own computer.

Computer Repair Safety

  1. Always unplug the computer! – Many people start working and do not think about the electricity running through the computer when it is still plugged into the wall. Even just a little can get through, even if the computer is off.
  2. Use a strap or mat to remove any static electric shock. Even if this doesn’t really hurt you, it can fry the components within the computer such as memory, hard drives and motherboard. So by finding those special items to ground yourself, you’re able to stay safe while working on the inside. Also, do not work on the carpet, this creates more static.
  3. Do not work on a computer while wearing jewelry. This metal can make electricity come to your body and it can harm both you and the computer. Make sure you have nothing on your hands during this time.
  4. It is best to never work in the area of the power supply. Do not move it, try to replace it or touch it for any reason. If you need to work in that area, you might want to speak with a professional computer repair office where they can let you know safety tips or even have you bring it in.
  5. Reduce the damages that happen inside the computer by being careful. You should know what you are doing, where everything is and how to go about the entire process before starting. You want to be prepared, instead of sorry. Also, if the parts are burnt – they cannot be replaced and if you try, you might be risking the other parts in the laptop as well.
  6. While cleaning your computer, make sure that you do not spray liquids directly onto them, including the keyboard and smaller areas. This can damage the parts of the computer. You also want to ensure that compressed air is never held upside down, always vertical. Use short bursts of air to clean out the inside of the computer so that nothing inside is damaged by the high winds that the can makes.
  7. Do not attempt to clean the inside of a computer monitor or screen. There is constantly electricity flowing throughout the screen and you want to protect yourself at all costs in case something was to happen. The inside of these screens are best left to a professional that knows how to clean them.
  8. Do you smell smoke while you’re inside the computer? Stop what you’re doing. You do not want to risk any further damage. Try to see if you can find where the parts are burning. You do not want to mess with these parts since it can be dangerous. Always, always, always stop what you’re doing if you smell or see smoke, however. Call a professional.

If you find that it is difficult to repair the computer, consider speaking with a professional. IQ Computer Services is able to fix the computer problem and knows all the safety precautions that should be taken. This can provide you with a way to rest easy and know that your computer will be back working shortly, without putting yourself in danger or damaging your computer.