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Have Your Data Drive Backup Ready Before a Hard Drive Failure

External hard drive can provide additional storage solutions.

Always Back Up Your Data for Safety and Security.

Always Back Up Your Data In Case Something Happens

The time to consider if your data is securely backed up is now. Eventually, all hard drives fail, and when this happens, any data will no longer be there. Your personal photos, music, and work documents – GONE.

However, your hard drive loss would be a simple inconvenience when you restore your data to another machine if the data was backed up. A good data drive is all that is needed for backing up. Check out what to look for to make sure you purchase the right one.

External Hard Drives for Data Drive Backup

The majority of computer users prefer the use of external hard drives for their backup solutions.


When looking for a drive to run regular backups, such as daily or weekly, you want a drive that is a little larger than the size of your PC’s internal drive. This will allow each file to store more than one copy, saving you in case some become corrupted.


Speed is not extremely important in backup data drives. The initial backup would be to create a copy of each file on your internal drive. Each backup following would be to save any files that have changed since last time. What this means, any time there is data being backed up, it is very small.


One of the most crucial factors when selecting your backup data drive is reliability. Surveys show a majority of drives that undergo heavy use last at least four years. However, it is challenging to determine reliability. Prior to purchasing a backup data drive, read reviews and learn about different brands.

Optional Features

There are some helpful optional features in many backup data drives. These may include software that can manage, or even encrypt data on your backups. There are built-in backup tools in operating systems, such as Time Machine for Mac and on Windows there is File History.

Backup Using Cloud Storage

Some users decide against an external hard drive or choose to have a second backup method by using the Cloud. To have enough room on the cloud to store an entire hard drive, you will need to pay a monthly storage fee. In addition, due to the amount of data being transferred to the cloud, you will want an internet connection with fast upload speeds.

When storing your data on the cloud, you want to be aware of potential security implications. Before making a final decision on providers, read their privacy policy thoroughly and check their service guarantees.

Bear in mind, due to changing of technology and wearing down of hardware, choose a backup data drive that fits your needs of today but does not be surprised by the technology of tomorrow. There are also a lot of backup services you can use.

Life Without a Computer, How Difficult?

Computers are used everywhere, each and every day.

Computers are used everywhere, each and every day.

Computers in Our Every Day Lives

Computers have become a part of our everyday life. We have come to depend on them for many aspects including professional, educational, socializing, and so much more. Majority of things in our life have been made by or run by computers. Imagining how life would be without computers in this day and age, is almost impossible. Know how to treat your computer, as well.

Professional Reasons Making Life Easier

The majority of jobs use computers in one way or another. One job that uses computers and has an impact worldwide, is the banking sector. Banking transactions are completed in seconds between countries with the use of computers. Your personal banking needs can be handled on the computer. People have their pay deposited directly, pay bills, and transfer money from their banks website. There is almost no need to carry cash anymore, with the use of debit cards. Debit machines at stores and banks, use computers.

Used as Tools for Education

Computers are used as a tool with education. Children are presented with learning how to use a computer, as soon as they start school. Many already have some knowledge how to operate them. Research is completed with ease, rather than going through tons of books in the library. Students write essays on the computer, and sometimes have the option of e-mailing completed work to their teacher. When wanting extra help about a particular subject, there is software available they can practice with. Some education is done completely on the computer, with virtual campuses.

Personal Benefits Computers Provide

Use of computers help us stay in touch with family and friends, in a more personal way. This makes it easier, living far from close family and friends. Video chatting gives the feeling they are there with you. Pictures can be sent instantly using computers. Facebook and Twitter gives a platform that people can use to interact with people around the world, in real-time. Meeting new people through their use is easy, as well.

Medical Ways to make Life Easier

Many medical advancements have been made, thanks to computers. Treatments and therapies can be performed with computers, giving our lives more quality. Tests can be completed faster and simpler, thus helping treatment to begin earlier. Our medical records are stored on computers, making it easy to send them to specialists, if needed. They make taking care of your health easier.

Managing Our Life

Computers make managing our life easy, in many ways. Shopping, banking, researching, communicating can all be done easily with their use. Time, money and energy are all saved with the use of them. With the many things going on in life these days, we need all the time we can save.

Computers help to make things easier, and if you think back years from now; they didn’t have them. What would you have been doing, where would you have been? Life without computers now seems weird to think that they once were not an everyday part of our lives before.


What is Networking?


Networks make connectivity much easier.

Networks make connectivity much easier.

Networking in Computer Technology

In computer technology networking is when there are at least two computers linked together for sharing resources and data. There are many benefits to networking in homes, schools, governments, and business. These include efficiency, money, convenience, and time saving,  just a few of them. With mixing computer software, and the computer hardware the network is able to be built. Networking plays a huge part in technology today.

What Can You Do With Networking?

You can do many exciting things by networking computers.  For example your can share photos, files, documents, and music. To do this you would use one computer to store these items, on a second computer that is connected to the same network, you will be able to access these items. Several computers that are connected to a network can also share faxes, scanners, or even printers, that are hooked up to one of the computers. For instance, if you find a web page you would like to print out on one computer, but it is not connected to a printer directly, as long as a printer is directly connected to a different computer on the network, you can print that page from the computer you are on, by accessing the printer through the use of the network.

Remember – All computers are vulnerable to viruses, especially when open to connectivity with other computers. Run the necessary virus scans, and programs to reduce the chances of having any or all of the computers infected.

Hardware Used in Networking

There are several different pieces of hardware that are used together to create a network. What hardware, and how much depends on what type of network you are building. Prior to the creation, the network should be planned out, to make sure you have everything you need prior, and that it can be done within the place you are using. The network can be wired, or wireless depending on the hardware used.

Small Office Network Setup

Two or more computers, a printer, a fax, and scanner, are some of the stuff that might be needed for a small office network. With this in the office, each of these items will be able to be accessed from one of the computers. This saves money by not needing several printers, scanners, or faxes. The time is saved, by being able to stay at just the one computer that is being used by that person. If information is needed that is stored on a co-workers computer for business, they will be able to retrieve it right from their desk.

Network Professionals and Non-Professionals

Many networks can be created by non professionals, but when a large one is needed, professionals are required. Larger computer networks usually need a router, hub, and ethernet network cables in addition to the computers being networked together. A home network can be done relatively easily, and finished within a few minutes, also is inexpensive. Now everybody in the home can enjoy all the accessories that were purchased for the computers, with one needing one of each.

Networking provides an easier way for professionals, non professionals, family and friends and many other people to share information easily. With the use of networking, many projects can be completed, people can stay close together and professionals can transfer important files where they need them to go.


Best Laptop Technology of 2015

SD Slots are one of the newest technology innovations for laptops.

New Laptop Technology in 2015

2015 is bringing a lot more to the table when it comes to the technology they are able to provide everyone. This technology is something that stands out and makes us want more, higher grade, newer and more updated technology to replace the old models that we once loved. However, even with these new laptops of the year, consider having yours repaired and kept for an additional home computer, or perhaps just stay with the familiar and have it updated, upgrades and repaired to keep it for many years to come.

Here are some of the best laptop technologies of 2015

Super Thin Laptops

The super thin hybrid laptops out there that are thinner than a Macbook Air with just as long, if not longer battery life then them too. This is one of the biggest advancements that so many people found throughout the year, and one that really stood out compared to all of the other changes throughout the market.

With more sustainable shells and cases around them, these new laptops are making their rounds throughout the market because they can withstand wear and tear throughout the time that you’re using it. It provides class, looks great but is also pretty durable so you do not have to worry as much about dropping it.

Touch Screen

Touchscreen is another innovation of the year. It has gotten bigger, better and much more sensitive than the touch screens of the previous year. They are also more captivating and lively than what you would find in other computers in the market. You wouldn’t be surprised with this though, because touch screens seemed to have been moving this way. If you’re ever worried about having to press hard on the screen; you shouldn’t have to worry any longer.

Lower Price Laptops

More affordable laptop options are available than what we have previously seen. The prices for so many of the laptops out there have gone down substantially. This is a big change from what we have seen in the past where people are not able to afford those super cool computers that they have always wanted. This is good news for those out there that want to upgrade but do not want to spend thousands of dollars to do so.

Here are a few examples…

  • Lenovo N20 – $329.99
  • HP Stream 11.6 – $199.99 to $209.99
  • Toshiba Chromebook 2 – $346.98 to $358.99
  • Asus Transformer Book T100 – $259.99 to $379.99

The laptop that you choose to go with is one that should stand out and make you feel confident about purchasing it, bringing it home and using it for all of the computer needs that you have. 2015 will bring many more technology innovations and we cannot wait to see what they are all going to be!

Increase Your Computer Productivity

woman at desktop computer


Get More From Your Computer

If you use your computer for work , you know how important it is to have everything in perfect working order. You don’t want to run into any complications while you are trying to get things done. If something were to happen and your computer stops working, that could potentially affect your ability to do your job, and will make it harder for you to make money and support your family.

Of course, that is one of many possible scenarios and one of a million different things can happen as a result of a problem with your computer. Not only demonstrating how much people in general depend on them, but also how useful they are with so many facets of our everyday life. We use our computers for everything nowadays, and when they aren’t performing at their best, we can tell.

Don’t Get Frustrated

Our attention spans are getting shorter and our expectations are getting higher, but there is no need to just deal with a computer that is causing you problems. Instead, you can do something about it, and you don’t even need to take it in to a computer repair shop to do so. If your internet isn’t going as fast as you’d like, then you may want to look to enhance your current system with new hardware.

Though it doesn’t look like much, these network interface cards have a great impact on the amount of data your computer is able to send and receive via the internet. They only take a few minutes to replace before you’re back up and running, just like new. You can also just as easily choose a GLC-T transceiver and increase your speed even more, giving you the ability to stream video and music faster than ever, and allowing you to get your work done faster with fewer setbacks.

What is it Worth to You?

The value of a well-performing computer cannot be underestimated, and not only must we always be doing preventive maintenance in order to ensure its longevity, we also need to make sure that the capabilities of current technology don’t leave your particular computer in the dust. It doesn’t take much money or effort to keep your computer up to date, and when you start to see the difference for yourself, you will gain a new appreciation for your new hobby, and you’ll be more knowledgeable when you continue your work in the future.