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Is There Malware on Your Mac? Different Ways It May Have Got Infected

Malware can be harmful, if not prevented.

Malware can be harmful, if not prevented.

Is Your Mac Infected?

If you’re a Mac owner, you probably already know it is more difficult for a Mac to become infected with malware than a Microsoft Windows PC. However, as more people begin to use Mac’s, it has become more common than ever for your Mac to be infected with a virus. Third-party software is the most common way a Mac becomes infected.

Some common ways for your Mac to become compromised include the following:

Java Browser Extension Enabled

One way for your Mac to become infected is by installing Java as well as its browser extension. With this extension, you are able to run Java written software from within your browser. Keep in mind, this is not the same a JavaScript.

The good news is, you likely will no longer use websites which rely on Java browser plugin with today’s modern technology. Many browsers have already dropped the use of Java plugins. To disable the use in Apple’s Safari browser head to Preferences > Security > Plug-in Settings and uncheck the relevant boxes. In many cases, it is totally safe to uninstall Java and its browser extension.

Pirated Software Download

Downloading pirated software is one of the easiest ways for your Mac or Windows PC to become infected. Due to Apple’s OS being considered quite safe, the majority of individuals do not have a virus scanner on their Mac. However, whenever you install the software you open your Mac up to third-parties. And by downloading pirated software, you have no way to know if it has been tampered with. Stay safe by buying software from legitimate sources or use free alternatives.

Unpatched Flash

Adobe’s Flash browser plugin has been the cause of numerous security issues. The good news is with modern technology such as HTML5 which performs the same job as Flash, it has been becoming more obsolete.

Google Chrome has a Flash version which is sandboxed, allowing it to run in a without harming your PC by keeping it contained in a secure environment. However, if you are a Safari user, you can have the browser ask when running websites with Flash by going to Preferences > Security >Plug-in Settings.

Keep in mind, even the most updated version of Flash can pose a risk to your Mac. The best way to protect yourself is by disabling Flash in Safari. Go to Preferences > Security >Plug-in Settings and uncheck Flash.

Apple Security

The pattern of Mac infections shows the most common way to put your PC at risk is with third-party software. Apple has always been excellent with their security, but by using additional security software, you can add another layer of protection to your Mac.

Evernote -VS- OneNote

OneNote and Evernote have many differences.

OneNote and Evernote have many differences.

Evernote -VS- OneNote Differences and Similarity

Apps for taking notes are handy and practical in several situations. You can make lists or when a good idea pops into your head, you can write it down just in case you forget. OneNote and Evernote are two software solutions that takes notes and offer features that are useful for everybody needing to keep information on track. Both are offered for free. Both offer features for individual and businesses. We will look at each of these apps to see their comparison.

Some Features of OneNote

OneNote division of pages and notebooks are neat. Many platforms are supported. However, features are inconsistent across various platforms. Few of the features that Evernote lacks, OneNote has an integrated thesaurus and dictionary. Desktop apps give the ability for the user to position text where they want, and draw diagrams. Sections can be assigned a password, individual pages cannot have one. Media content can be added, for instance audio and video recordings. Screenshots, pictures, and scanned images taken from Facebook, OneDrive, the hard drive, and Flickr can be added.

Main advantage for the OneNote app is its system, Optical Character recognition (OCR). OneNote identifies automatically imported pictures, screenshots, and scanned images. On the image that is in the note, right click and copy its text, now paste wherever you want. Paragraphs and text from documents are extracted easily.

Notes can be shared through e-mail with the desktop version, web version can be shared by e-mail and URL. Extracting text is done well with documents or scanned book, but not well with websites. Screenshots can be captured but not the text directly. Web and desktop versions are basically the same, with some features missing from the web app.

OneNote is a practical solution with a nice selection of features.

Some Features of Evernote

Features across various platforms are consistent and simple. Third party support for Evernote is wider than OneNote. Features for web clipping are excellent. You can have several notebooks for storing separate sections of images, audio, and notes. Video files can be stored but there is not an option for capturing video notes.

Plugins for browsers, named Evernote Clearly and Evernote Web Clipper allows you to organize and save copies of webpages. This is handy for researching online, storing updates and conversations from e-mails and social media, and capturing articles.

Desktop version of Evernote has a section displaying a list of what is in selected folders. You create and see your content on the right. Evernote does not offer as organization of sections or pages as clear as OneNote. Web version is similar but cleaner.

Main advantage is with its mobile app, being able to capture audio and combine with other notes.

Evernote is a good solution for notes with more consistency over platforms than OneNote. Evernote is better for general notes, and for better video features, consider OneNote.

All About Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi provides the functionality and specs you're after.

Raspberry Pi provides the functionality and specs you’re after.

Raspberry Pi: The Pocket Sized PC

Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a credit card, at a low price. This computer will cost you only $35. Televisions, computer monitors, mouse, and standard keyboards can be used with this device. This little computer can do everything that would be expected from desktop computers. It is capable of browsing the internet, playing games, word processing, making spreadsheets, and can play high-definition video. Raspberry Pi 2 was just introduced into the world in February 2015.

 The Beginning

Raspberry Pi was built in hopes kids would be inspired with programming. Best way to accomplish this was providing computers that were cheap enough, as well as easy to hack for kids. Coders of the next generation being nurtured, was born when Ebon Upton, Raspberry Pi designer, felt frustrated. This came about while helping to manage undergraduates at Cambridge University, study computer science. These students did not carry with them much knowledge of programming. And so the vision with Raspberry Pi came to life.


Raspberry Pi 2 can come with some specifications that have improved quite a bit. Here is a list of specifications of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B:

• 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 CPU

• 1 GB RAM that is shared with GPU

• 4 USB ports

• 15 pin MIPI camera interface (CSI) connector

• HDMI port, composite video (PAL and NTSC) via 3.5mm jack

• Micro SD card slot

• Ethernet port

• Broadcom VideoCore IV 250 MHz

• composite video and 3.5mm audio jack combined

 Amazing Benefits of Raspberry Pi

With the weight of only 1.6 ounces, it measures at 85.60mm by 56.5mm. Windows 10 and Ubuntu will be able to run on this new version of Raspberry Pi.

Amazingly you can overclock Raspberry Pi 2. This is done by going into what is called, turbo-mode. Overvolting/overclocking options can be changed by editing boot-time parameters or at run-time using raspi-config tool. Your warranty will not be void by changing these options.

There is no heat sink needed with this computer. The chip that is used in a cell phone is similar to the Raspberry Pi chip, and therefore does not get hot enough to use special cooling. If you desire to attach a heat sink, nothing will be hurt by doing so.

Amount of memory that Raspberry Pi comes with can not be swapped or removed. The amount of RAM installed should be enough for running anything it is made to run.

This small computer comes at an extremely low price. If you want to learn programming this is an excellent tool to use. With the price this low, purchasing and trying it out should be a fun learning experience computer enthusiasts from all over will enjoy.


Best Gaming Laptops of 2015

Gaming laptops allow you to bring the games with you.

Top Gaming Laptop Computers in 2015

When looking for a gaming laptop computer to keep up with this day and age in technology, you want to get the best there is to offer in 2015. Laptops can be just as capable as the best desktop computer you can purchase. When doing your research on a gaming laptop, you want to do research to see what each can handle and what is being said about some of the best gaming laptops being offered in 2015.

Asus ROG GL551JM-DH71

One of the best gaming laptops for 2015 is Asus ROG GL551JM-DH71, for high quality gaming. This model has a 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7-710HQ processor installed. The amount of ram is 16 GB. This machine sports a NVIDEA GeForce GTX 860M for amazing graphics. The hard drive is large enough to hold several games with the size of 1 TB.

MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012

Another laptop best for gaming in 2015 is MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 laptop, with the hardware that is installed is state of the art. The processor is the Intel Core i7-7100HQ, this can be boosted to 3,4 GHz, but the lifespan will be shortened if done. 12 GB DDR3L RAM helps to be lag free while you’re enjoying your games. The graphics card has 2GB GDDR5 video memory in the NVIDEA GeForce GTX860M. The keyboard is back-lit with color, which can be helpful with gaming.

Lenovo Y50 59418222

The Lenovo Y50 59418222 gaming laptop does not disappoint with the features that can help you with purposes other than gaming, like video and photo editing. The manufacturer wants to make sure that every game played will run smooth with having with the processor that is i5-4200H at 2,8 GHz. The 8 GB RAM helps to support the processor. The hard drive has plenty of room with being 1 TB. 2GB memory for the graphic card installed for stunning graphics.

HP OMEN 15-5010nr

Reviews on the best gaming laptops also include HP OMEN 15-5010nr, with the weight that is only 4.5 pounds. This comes with 8 GB RAM, a solid state drive that is 256 GB. The processor can handle your games with being a 4th generation i7-4710HQ Intel Core. The graphics card has 2GB RAM, being a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M for graphics that are amazing.

MSI GT70 20C-059US

A laptop that has been called one of the best gaming laptops for 2015 is the MSI GT70 20C-059US. This comes with 16 GB DDR3 RAM, and a hard drive that is 750 GB. The display is 17.3 inches, so you will have the chance to play all kinds of games. Being one of the strong points of this model is the graphic card that holds 3 GB GDDR5 VRAM in the NVIDEA GeForce GTX 770M. This machine should be able to handle all the new and old games you wish to play.

Whether you’re playing games for fun, for work or for anything else; play on a computer that truly stands out from the competition. Play on a computer that is able to perform the best that it possibly can so you’re not left behind with game lag.



How to Fix Computers

Computer Maintenance – How to Fix Computers

Has your computer stopped working?

laptop computer

frustrated woman at laptop

Computers require maintenance on a regular basis. Maintaining and repairing your computer ensures it operates error-free instead of making you frustrated. Read these free computer repair tips:

Defragmentation of the computer system is necessary to prevent it from slowing down on performance.  Neglecting this results longer wait times when searching for files and opening programs. Defragmenting also streamlines bits of other programs and files that have been deleted or uninstalled, and that have been distributed randomly in the system, taking up unnecessary memory space.

Installing anti-virus software helps prevent system crashes and theft of private information by online criminals. Many cyber-threats such as viruses, trojans, spyware could cause problems if left unchecked. It’s necessary ensure that antivirus programs are updated to deal with the newest cyber-threats.

Delete unnecessary temporary files and programs from the computer. These junk files waste hard disk space which also slows down performance.  Also remove software programs that you no longer use.

PC physical cleaning keeps the machine free from dirt and dust. Over time tiny particles and dust collect on the machine which cause it to overheat and malfunction. When working on a PC it’s best to keep food and liquids away from it.

Ensure the machine’s programs and software are updated. There are numerous software that can do this automatically. The main thing to remember is that computers need care and attention to work properly. These are some basic but important tips regarding computer repair and maintenance that users ought to keep in mind.

If you are unsure about how to do any of these tasks yourself, don’t risk damaging your computer system.  Consult a professional computer technician. Contact  IQ Computer Services certified computer technician to fix any computer problem.