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Is It Time To Replace Your Mac?

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Know if it is Time to Replace Your Mac

Everyone already knows hardware from Apple lasts a long time. However, as with everything, there comes a time when your Mac will no longer be useful and become obsolete. You may want to think about taking the time to replace your Mac with a newer model.

The majority of the time when a computer needs replacing, it is obvious. If unsure when you may be in need of a replacement for your Mac, here are some signs:

Slower Applications Show You Should Replace Your Mac

As time goes on applications are getting more demanding and bigger. Eventually, the Mac you currently own will no longer have the capable to keep up with demands. To help with performance in short-term, you can use an earlier software version. Unfortunately, if you want new functionality and features this option becomes unreasonable.

The Latest OS X Will Not Run On Your Mac

Apple provides their users with the latest version of OS X for free to be sure we are all using it. However, when Mac’s are unable to run their latest version, a new purchase soon becomes necessary.

Each fall a new version of OS X is released by Apple, with the current version being OS X 10.11 EL Capitan, and is compatible with the majority of Mac’s since 2007.

If your Mac is unable to run El Capitan, Apple likely has downgraded it to obsolete or vintage status. For these products, repairing them will not come cheaply. Points of non-Apple service may be able to work on vintage products, however.

For products with a status of obsolete, parts can no longer be ordered by service providers.

Components Are Too Expensive; Do Not Work

Mac parts are expensive, and thankfully they generally last for long periods of time. You must decide if a new part is worth the cost or a better solution would be to purchase a new Mac when a part needs to be replaced.

If the issue is when your battery dies, you are able to continue using the Mac by plugging it in. Keep in mind, faulty batteries are typically signs of other system components on the verge of breaking. Apple’s battery replacement program can be rather expensive.

It is almost impossible for end users to replace parts on Mac’s, including their batteries which are glued to their logic board. Apple has steadily increased prices for these components, on top of their labor costs.

When faced with a choice of whether to purchase a new Mac or pay a bill for a new laptop display or logic board, where would you rather put this kind of money?

Enjoying Your Mac for the Long Haul

Luckily, Macs do not need replacing that often, they are generally very high-quality machines. If you need to buy one, however, this experience can be an enjoyable one.

How to Extend the Life of Your Computer

Maintenance for your computer is important.

Maintenance for your computer is important.

Computers are Essential – Make Yours Last

Your computer is an investment you worked hard for. As with any investment, you want to get the most out of it. This requires a little work on your part, to keep the computer running for years. Here are some steps you can take, ensuring a longer life of your investment.

Power Supply

Protect your computer’s power supply with a surge protector. These are an inexpensive purchase, that can save you money. Surge protectors should be changed every couple of years, due to them wearing out. If you are unable to use one, unplug your computer during any power outages or storms.

Remove the Plug 

If using a laptop, do not leave it plugged in at all times. Remove the battery when fully charged and are able to use A/C power. Constant heat can place stress on the battery, when there is no feature available for battery saving.

Shut the Computer Down

Desktop computers should not be shut down several times a day. They should not be left running at all times, either. Constant heating up and cooling down, will shorten the life of components. It is suggested to find a balance between them. This is usually every couple of days.

Hard Surfaces Never Blocking Vents

Laptops should be used on a hard surface, so the air vent will remain unobstructed. Laptops generate a lot of heat, and when used on soft surfaces they are unable to vent properly. This includes you lap, it is considered soft while also generating more heat. Vents on desktops and laptops need to be blown out on a regular basis. Air that moves into these vents, bring dust with it. When wanting to extend the life of the computer, internal components need to stay cool. Dust collected inside will clog fans, and form a layer on top of components preventing proper cooling. Never use a vacuum.

Keep Them Out in the Open

Although, desktop computers placed inside enclosed cabinets looks nice, it can shorten its life. Computer need go air-flow for cooling, they will be unable to inside the cabinet. Laptops need to breathe also, which is why there are feet to let the air reach underneath.

Smoking and Snacking

Do not smoke, drink or eat near your computer. This can not be stressed enough when using laptops. If a drink accidentally is spilled on it, expect to have a fried motherboard. Smoke from cigarettes leave a nasty sticky residue on internal components causing damage to them. Dust will stick to this residue, making it difficult to remove.
Keep your anti-virus and malware software up to date, and run regular scans. You want to have both of these programs installed on your computer.

Following these steps can help to extend the life of your computer, in addition to making it run smoother. Enjoy being able to use your computer without the problems that might come along with it.

Computer Repair Safety Tips

Computer Repair Safety Tips

Safely Repair Computers

When trying to fix your laptop, being as careful as possible is essential. Not only to prevent breaking your computer, but for your own. It can be dangerous to work on computers due to the amount of electricity that runs through them. You need to make sure that you keep these computer repair safety tips in mind when it comes to repairing your own computer.

Computer Repair Safety

  1. Always unplug the computer! – Many people start working and do not think about the electricity running through the computer when it is still plugged into the wall. Even just a little can get through, even if the computer is off.
  2. Use a strap or mat to remove any static electric shock. Even if this doesn’t really hurt you, it can fry the components within the computer such as memory, hard drives and motherboard. So by finding those special items to ground yourself, you’re able to stay safe while working on the inside. Also, do not work on the carpet, this creates more static.
  3. Do not work on a computer while wearing jewelry. This metal can make electricity come to your body and it can harm both you and the computer. Make sure you have nothing on your hands during this time.
  4. It is best to never work in the area of the power supply. Do not move it, try to replace it or touch it for any reason. If you need to work in that area, you might want to speak with a professional computer repair office where they can let you know safety tips or even have you bring it in.
  5. Reduce the damages that happen inside the computer by being careful. You should know what you are doing, where everything is and how to go about the entire process before starting. You want to be prepared, instead of sorry. Also, if the parts are burnt – they cannot be replaced and if you try, you might be risking the other parts in the laptop as well.
  6. While cleaning your computer, make sure that you do not spray liquids directly onto them, including the keyboard and smaller areas. This can damage the parts of the computer. You also want to ensure that compressed air is never held upside down, always vertical. Use short bursts of air to clean out the inside of the computer so that nothing inside is damaged by the high winds that the can makes.
  7. Do not attempt to clean the inside of a computer monitor or screen. There is constantly electricity flowing throughout the screen and you want to protect yourself at all costs in case something was to happen. The inside of these screens are best left to a professional that knows how to clean them.
  8. Do you smell smoke while you’re inside the computer? Stop what you’re doing. You do not want to risk any further damage. Try to see if you can find where the parts are burning. You do not want to mess with these parts since it can be dangerous. Always, always, always stop what you’re doing if you smell or see smoke, however. Call a professional.

If you find that it is difficult to repair the computer, consider speaking with a professional. IQ Computer Services is able to fix the computer problem and knows all the safety precautions that should be taken. This can provide you with a way to rest easy and know that your computer will be back working shortly, without putting yourself in danger or damaging your computer.

How to Fix Common Laptop Problems

How to Fix Common Laptop Problems

Laptops are just one of those things that takes a lot of abuse. You carry it around with you often and use it a lot for many different purposes. Your laptop definitely gets used more than your desktop computer. So when your laptop breaks, you’re unsure of what to do to fix the problem. Here are some of the more common computer problems that you may face by being a laptop owner and how to fix them.

Frayed or Broken Charger Cord

This is one problem that should go without saying – buy a new one! They are relatively cheap through the internet or at a local store and you can fix the problem within the time it takes you to get there and back. You’re able to find the laptop power adapter that is a perfect match for your computer, as well. Never use a cord that has exposed, frayed wires since this can be dangerous. Not only to you, by causing electrical shock, but you can end up frying your laptop or starting a fire.

Fixing a Bad Fan

If your laptop cooling fan does not work correctly, you may be facing a lot of overheating problems. This is not going to be good if you’re in the middle of work or a game. You need to replace that fan and guess what – you can spend around $15 to do it yourself! You just need a new fan, compressed air and a screwdriver. Using the compressed air to blow out the inside of the computer completely may fix the fan problem. This cleans out the dust, dirt and debris from inside so the fan is able to move once again. If it doesn’t fix the problem though, you’ll have to replace the fan. Carefully open the case with the screwdriver and replace the original fan with the new one. Once you close it back up, you’re then able to let the air cool the computer once again.  This is a more advanced task, so if you are not comfortable with opening up the laptop, you should contact a computer repair technician.

Laptop Doesn’t Start

When the laptop doesn’t start, you may feel panicked inside, but don’t. Plug it in and see if there is a light on the side of the laptop. You want to find out if it is able to get a charge. If there is a light then you can turn it on and it should work properly. If you unplug it while it is in use and it shuts off – you may need a new battery. If the light doesn’t come on while it is plugged in then you may just need to buy a new cord. Of course, if none of these solve the problem – ASK A PROFESSIONAL!

My Laptop is Running Slow

When the laptop is running slow, you might be feeling anxious. You want to get things done and you want to get them done, NOW! The reason for this is because over time, laptops get a lot of data stored in them. This data then slows the computer down over time because of how much junk files inside it. Windows added a defragmentation option to help with this. Go to the Start Menu, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and then on Disk Defragmenter. This should solve the problem. It moves your items, compacts them and cleans your computer from any clutter that is no longer needed. You do not have to feel like a hoarder anymore!

If you have tried everything that we recommended and you still cannot get it to work, consider speaking with a professional laptop repair specialist. They are able to fix the laptop and get you back on your way to having the freedom of using it for all of the needs that you may have.