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Access Your Router When You Forgot the Password


Know how to get into your router, without your password.

Forgot Your Router Password? No Problem…

Web interfaces are protected by routers, where parental control, port forwarding, and network settings are configured with username and password. Router’s settings can be protected by changing the password.

You can reset a routers password if for some reason you do not know it. You can possibly forward ports also without having the password.

Default Username and Password

Default username and password must be tried for logging on prior to resetting the router to default settings. If resetting to default settings, you will need both of these anyway. There is more than one way of finding this information:

  • Router’s manual has username and password located inside. If lost, Google “manual” and model number of router.
  • Search router for sticker. There are some router’s that have password printed on sticker placed on router.
  • It may be a username and password which is common, for instance “admin” is used for password by many routers. Leave username blank, or try “admin” and username and password blank, or both as “admin”.
  • If unable to get these to work, go to next section.

Reset to Factory Defaults

There is a button located on routers to reset them to default factory settings. Any configuration settings you may have made, such as network settings, custom passwords, and forwarded ports will be cleared. You can now access your router using default username and password, however, it may take some time to configure your router if you had changes cleared before reset.

Reset process varies with routers, reset button location as well. To find specific result for your model, check owner’s manual. Most routers reset process is very similar however.

Look to your router’s back or bottom for a button labeled Reset. Most often this button is in a depressed hole to avoid accidental resetting.

Hold button down for approximately 10 seconds to reset router. After release of this button, your router will reboot, resetting itself back to factory settings. You may need to use a pin, or bent paperclip to press the button if in a depressed hole.

After router has rebooted, you should be able to log in using default username and password.

Forward Ports Without Password

Reason for this working is many routers supporting Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which if enabled on router port will automatically open.

If this option is supported with a program, it normally would be found in its connection settings next to port configuration. Smaller amount of routers support NAT-PMP, you may notice, which is a similar way of opening ports automatically.

After resetting router’s settings, you can log in using default username and password. Go to its web interface to change your routers password if wanted.

Now make sure you know some tips for choosing, and purchasing the right router for the job.

Free Tools to Convert Any File Format Online


Use These Free Tools for Conversions

There is no need to download any software when wanting to convert a PDF into a DOC or a FLAC into an MP3. You only need to go to the computer, open your browser, go to one of these sites mentioned below, and be done in a hurry.

When using apps on the web, you do not need to worry about malware being installed as it does with software. In addition, there is no need to uninstall or clean this stuff out of your computer.

Zamzar: Convert Anything to Anything

Zamzar is one of the most popular and oldest online conversion tools. More than 1200 different format conversions are supported. It is safe to convert video files, audio files, images, documents, and many more. Size needs to be below 100MB.

After a file is added, the extension is analyzed and file formats in which it could be converted to will be shown next.

Interface is easy to use, with an option for a notification to be sent by email, which can be a nice way to send a friend your file link. There is no need to sign up.

Cloud Convert: Convert Cloud Based Files

Zamzar has two limitations making it worth to look at Cloud Convert. You are able to convert up to 1GB of files when you sign up for a free account, and you are able to connect it to cloud storage such as Google Drive. OneDrive, Box and Dropbox to download and upload files automatically from them accounts.

Although Cloud Convert only supports 208 file formats rather than the 1200+ that Zamzar supports, majority of formats you regularly use, including video, audio, image, and office-suite formats. Compared to Zamzar’s interface, it is more appealing and modern.

Small PDF: Convert To and From PDF

In many cases PDF files are not able to be edited, they need to be converted first for program use such as PowerPoint and Word. You cannot easily combine 2 PDF’s into 1, or only take one page out. Special software is usually needed for these actions, however, Small PDF takes care of this need.

It is possible to also convert a PDF file into PDF, so you will be able to compress and reduce the size of the PDF. You are able to split and merge two separate PDF files using Small PDF. The user interface is the most simplest ever.

Google Docs: Convert Images to Text

Google Drive is the best tool to use online for converting images to text. Go to Google Drive, click “Settings” under the cog wheel icon, and check the box “Convert Uploads”. This brings uploads to Google Docs. Upload a PDF or image to Google Drive, right-click, select Open With > Google Docs.

Very simple to convert files without having to download any software.

Learn So Many Apps on One Program

Learn what One Note provides.

Learn what One Note provides.

Learn How to Use OneNote to Share Notebooks, To-Do-Lists, and More

Sharing digital notes is an excellent way of distributing notebooks, to-do-lists, shopping lists, home renovation notes, Christmas party lists, and so forth with your friends and family. The only problem you may have is persuading them to sign up for an account on your preferred service to receive all note-sharing capabilities.

There are several services offering digital note sharing, but most likely you and everyone that you will be sharing with has a Microsoft account. This makes using OneNote to share much easier.

To Begin

First, download from Windows store or use the web app version at Office.com. If you have Windows 10, the store version is already pre-installed for you.

After signing in, if using OneNote for the first time you will see a “Personal” notebook. We want to make another notebook to place our family stuff in because it is wise to maintain your own personal notebook.

OneNote works in the same way as a physical notebook with tabs does. A notebook itself is a gathering of notes gathered together, then there are section (tabs) to separate subjects such as gift idea, shopping lists, recipes, gardening plans, etc. Finally, each tabbed section has actual pages where the notes are kept.

Create Notebook

To create a notebook, select File in upper left corner then select New. A box now opens letting you name your new notebook. You can name it “My Notebook” or use your imagination to come up with something creative. After you enter this, select Create Notebook.

Within a couple of seconds, OneNote displays an invite for you to share this notebook you just created with others. Since we want to prep ours prior to sharing, we can say Not now. OneNote now opens up the notebook you have just created, which has one tab named “New Section 1” at top. Go to the tab and Right-click, then select Rename, enter “Shopping lists” and select Enter. Select the “plus” sign located next to the first section, to create addition sections.

The section for shopping list has a list of pages running down the notebooks right side. There is one untitled page which you can rename by default.

Adding a date to the name helps to tell you old from new notes from a glance. To select it, click on the main part of page. To make a list that has check boxes, choose Home > To Do Tag. Enter lists name and click Enter following each item for the creation new check boxes.

To begin sharing, have notebook, section, and your first page aligned. Select File > Share > Invite People, enter email addresses of whom you want this list shared with, making sure “Can edit” is stated next to these addresses in the drop down menu. Check the box stating, “Require user to sign in before accessing document,” just to be safe. Finally, click Share.

Now it is simple for everyone to create and share notebooks with OneNote.

Microsoft Office Online vs Google Docs


What is the Difference Between the Two?

At one time Microsoft Word was the go to for all your word processing needs. Then LibreOffice and OpenOffice came along which knocked Microsoft slightly down from their perch. Now that we have the Cloud, solutions online have become normal, which brings us to Microsoft Office Online and Google Docs. These are both free productivity suites for the cloud.

Google Docs consist of Docs for word processing, Slides for slideshows, and Sheets for spreadsheet apps.

Applications for Microsoft Office Online include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.


Excel Online and Google Sheets have key functionality much the same that is expected from spreadsheet apps. Both have the ability to carry out equations. Excel Online is your choice if you want complicated functions inserted.

Clicking on “more Functions” in Excel Online opens a pop-up menu with an excessive amount of possible functions.

In Sheets “more functions” opens a new tab where possible functions will be listed, however you need to determine which function you want and manually type it.

Word processing functionality with both Word Online and Google Docs are similar. However, Google Doc is missing spell checking for any language other than US English.

To edit with Word Online you need to choose it, whereas with Google Docs you can go straight to it.

PowerPoint Online and Google Slides are also similar. Slides have a more graphical appearance, but PowerPoint Online much has much more themes for users to choose from.



When it comes to navigation, Office Online is easier than Google Docs. You have the familiarity of the user interface for Microsoft Office and it is easier navigating between apps.

You have the ability to open a menu of all the apps by clicking the corner on top left-hand side when using Microsoft Office. Your browser opens a new tab so can continue working on your document that you first were viewing.

You will be navigated to where all the documents of that type are stored. Clicking in same area brings a sidebar up where you can go to the other apps, or Google Drive.


When signing up for Gmail or Outlook.com, you also get their other cloud services that are free thrown in.

Both their cloud storages have easy access for you to retrieve documents you created as well as anything else you store in there.

Upper hand is given to Office with their note taking app OneNote including in their productivity suite. Google Keep, Google’s app for taking notes is buried. You would not even know it is there unless you go looking for it.

Which suite you choose to use may depend on what email service you use. However, if you have neither, both, or are still unsure, Office Online seems to give an overall better experience.