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Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection with These Tips

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

With the growing number of online gaming platforms, smart home devices, and streaming video services, keeping a strong internet connection up at home which more important now than it has been in the past. If you are playing World of Warcraft and experience lag, or downloading music is taking forever, the issue is likely not on your Internet Service Providers (ISP) side, but on yours instead.

1. Are you able to ping it?

To see if it is possible to connect to the outside, perform a Ping test. There are many free utilities available, but an easy way to do it when using Windows is by opening command prompt and enter “Ping” then enter the sites IP address you want to ping. If IP address is unknown, enter full address. For example, to ping Bing, enter Ping bing.com. This measures the speed of your connection, if successful you receive times results. If it fails continually, try pinging numerous sites. There many an issue with your router or modem, or possibly your ISP if you still get no results.

2. Channel Change

One of fourteen frequencies, or channels a router can use to send and receive data over 2.4GHz band. Many of these channels are overlapping, but one, six, and eleven do not and are the ones used most frequently. There may be channel interference if experiencing spotty connection. Using the router-management console, change your Wi-Fi channel.

3. Is your firmware current?

Look in your router-management console for a firmware update tool in System section. Be sure all directions are followed carefully, and firmware version installing is correct one. Never download from a third-party site.

4. Begin Fresh with your internet connection

When a reboot of your router does not work, try a reset to factory defaults performing a fresh install. Majority of routers this is simply done by pressing and holding down a small reset button located on the rear panel. This button must be held for several seconds until you see the LED lights flashing. After reset, use the disc that came with the router or a web-based setup utility for your router to be reinstalled.

5. Are there issues with your PC?

Check your PC for possible viruses, malware, and spyware. These programs can be downloaded easily onto your PC without you ever knowing. These can play a significant role on your system performance. There are many free and subscription utilities available that can be used for detection and eradication of these types of programs. These utilities can even prevent them from being downloaded in the first place.

Check out these other top problems that come with using IE, and how you might be able to fix them.

These are just a handful of issues which could be having an impact on your internet connection. Contact your ISP if not resolved.

How Windows 10 System Restore and Factory Reset Work

Windows 10 can easily be rebooted.

Windows 10 can easily be rebooted.

Restore and Reset Everything

With Windows 8 is was possible to restore the operating system by using a recovery image on a hidden disk partition, with Windows 10 this can no longer be done. A recovery petition is no longer available. Microsoft wanted to allow uses to increase their disk space availability, which over 6 GB can be saved on 64-bits systems with Windows 10.

Windows 10 System Restore

If you experience issues with Windows 10, first you want to look at your restore point list. If you see one that coincides with the time your issues began, use System Restore tool to restore your settings as they were at that time.

Click Start > Settings in search box enter create a restore point. Select your matching result, choose which drive you wish your restore point to be stored on (generally, system drive) then click Configure > Turn on system protection. System restore functionality is now activated. Now click OK. Next click Create… for a restore point to be created, and name it.

This makes a restore point in which you can use on a later date with System Restore and follow the wizard to restore your computer setting to that state.

If you ae not able to boot into Windows 10 and need to do a system restore to a saved point, you can get there through Advanced Startup. This is accessible by using Windows installation media or recovery drive (when Windows Setup begins, select Repair your computer).

Next go to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > System Restore, and follow the wizard.

Windows 10 Reset

Reset is the best way to get Windows back to the best way it was. By doing this, your operating system is restored to “factory settings.” Prior to reset, back up any personal data. Keep in mind, all bloatware will be reinstalled, even ones you removed.

Click Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Get Started > Remove everything. There are two options, first one is Remove files and clean the drive; this one is more secure but takes longer (this option is great if giving or selling you PC and need to wipe it), and the other option is  Just remove my files; which is for a quick reset.

When completed, your operating system will be as if it has been newly installed. You need to input your account information again (or if desired, create a new profile), and all your data needs to be restored.

System Restore or Reset?

System Restore is the least reliable solution, however it is the fastest. Reset is more reliable, but more time consuming. It is recommended to try System Restore before Reset to see if this resolves your issues. Always know how to reboot your Windows programs so you can have the best functionality of your computer.

Report Problems and Check Solutions Windows 8

Let Microsoft know where there is an error.

Let Microsoft know where there is an error.

Fix Windows 8 Problems Yourself

There are numerous problems that you might encounter with the software and programs on Windows 8. Some of these just need to restart themselves, while others might require more work on your end. If this should happen to you — you’re going to want to know what it is that you should do. You might also want to report these issues to Microsoft. That way, they will receive the problem and be able to update the system so you do not have them any longer.

Here are the ways to check for solutions to your common Windows 8 problems, as well as how to report them to Microsoft.

Report Problems and Solutions Center

Open up the Problem Reports and Solutions Center by clicking on the Start button. There, you will see the Control Panel. You will want to click on that and then System and Maintenance that is found in that panel. Click on the Problem Reports and Solutions button.

Look at the left panel and click on the Change Settings button.

Click on the Check for Solutions Automatically (this is recommended for all computers) and then click on OK. If there is a problem that is found on the system, you are going to be notified via a pop up box on your screen. They will let you know what the problem is and the necessary steps needed to solve and prevent the problem in the future. Microsoft might also let you know that they need more information in order to find or create a specific solution for your computer.

If there is a problem and there is no solution that is given to you, or you’ve already tried them all — a new pop up window is going to come on the screen. This is where it is going to ask you whether or not you’d like to send a notification to Microsoft letting them know about this problem that you’ve been having. You can either click ‘Not at this time’ or ‘OK and depending on what you’d like to do. You’re able to either send or wait it out until the next time it happens.

It is recommended that you send a notification over to Microsoft. This will better allow them to help you with the problem you’re having and even come up with solutions and fixes for the problem. Most likely it is a bug within the system that needs to be smoothed out.

5 Common Windows 8 Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Common Windows 8 Problems and How to Fix Them

Fix Windows 8 Problems

There are many smaller annoyances that can get on anyone’s nerves in Windows 8. The system has that polished look, but under all that polish, you’re going to find some of the smaller things that will push your buttons. Here are some of those things and ways that you can fix them. Take control of your computer or device again, don’t let Windows 8 run the show.

1. You Don’t Want That Lock Screen

Having a lock screen on a tablet, laptop or other device that you bring around with you makes sense. Putting one on your desktop might be a bit of an annoyance. Here is how you can disable Windows 8 lock screen and get back to work once and for all.

Search for “Run”, click to open the Run Command box. You can also move your mouse down to the lower-left corner of the screen, right click in that area and then selecting Run.

Type in gpedit.msc and hit Enter. This opens the Local Group Policy Editor. You will then want to go to Computer Configuration, then to Administrative Templates, Control Panel and Personalization. Double click on Do Not Display the Lock Screen. This will open up a new window. Select Enabled and then OK.

Your lock screen should be gone now.

2. I Can’t Have POP?

Windows 8 has a lack of POP email support in their mail app. This was something that I found irritating because most email servers are use this. Their IMAP server fits the cloud better, but if you do not have an IMAP system for mail – you’re not going to be able to use it with their system.

One of the best ways to fix this problem is to download the Thunderbird email app, this is through Mozilla. You can then use it on your desktop to receive POP emails. Outlook and Gmail are both able to be ran on this system. Just create a free account with them, add your emails and you’re ready to get going.

3. Bing is Not Your Favorite Browser

No problem! A lot of people choose to use Google as their primary. However, Bing is the strong point for Windows 8 and it seems to be on just about everything that you use. Not only that, but when you click on the Bing app if you want to search for something – it pops up the Internet Explorer. This is an annoyance for some if you like to use a different browser.

Just pin the Bing website to the start screen. Then go to Bing.com, click Pin This Site on the toolbar above and then Pin to Start. This fixes it all.

4. Your Resolution is Great, But Can’t Read it

This is a problem when you’re trying to do something on your computer. The software was made to provide more friendly text and graphics to tablets and other devices, but it is not necessarily the best for a computer. The 1080p resolution is a nice additive, but it also means it is harder to read. Since it is so sharp, squeezing it into such a small place makes it harder to read.

There is a way around this, however.

Right click on the desktop – anywhere is fine. Select Screen Resolution and then click on the Make Text and Other Items Larger and Smaller. You can then personalize these items to your own liking. If you like to touch the items on the screen – if you have a touchscreen – this can make touching them much easier when you make them larger. You can also choose a text type that suits your needs from the drop down menu that is given.

5. More Than One Account?

Perhaps you have a few different accounts, some for the computer, some for your Xbox and so on. You might have points on a few of them that you’re able to use. However, Microsoft lets everyone know that you cannot merge the accounts into one account that you use for everything. Life cannot be that simple. You have to create your account and use them separately for all of the things that you’d like to do. Unfortunately, there is no way around this one. This is the one that just cannot be won.