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Troubleshooting Memory Leaks or Low RAM Issues in Windows

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Troubleshoot Common RAM Issues

Throughout the last several years RAM amount available has increased on personal computers. Memory usage increases due to many factors, and laptops are commonly shipped with 8 GB RAM.

The capabilities of your system are limited by how much RAM is being used. What should you do when experiencing low RAM or a memory leak?

About RAM

Random Access Memory or RAM, is a type of storage, which is different than a hard-drive. This storage is not maintained when systems are powered down. You likely have 2-8 GB RAM, depending on the age of your system.

What Uses RAM

Some RAM is used for every application opened on a device, some using more than others. The performance of a system is limited by how much RAM is available and how much is in use.

Checking What Is Using RAM

Task manager is one of the several programs allowing your to check what you RAM is being used on. Right-click on Taskbar and select Task Manager. Click on Processes. Here you will see each process using RAM, with the cumulative system usage shown at the bottom of the panel. Clicking on the Performance tab shows a system overview, where you can see CPU Usage and Memory.

If not happy with Task Manager, access Resource Manager in the Performance Tab. Look under the Memory tab for a look at active memory processes.

Commonly Seen RAM Issues

RAM can be fast and efficient, most times, but there are some issues that are commonly seen that have easy fixes.

System is Slow When Several Programs Opened

The reason could be resource heavy applications using all available RAM. If you see this issue often, it is recommended to purchase and install more RAM.

Plenty of RAM But System Is Slow

This can have different meanings on different systems or software being used.

An example would be in 2014, Mozilla Firefox browser had a memory leak issue. A memory leak is when RAM memory allocations are managed incorrectly by an application, causing unneeded memory to be retained by the application, store objects that are no longer able to be reached in the memory. Either way, system memory can be drained completely by the application. If you believe a memory leak is using all your RAM, give this a try. Open Task Manager > Performance tab. Keep open Task Manager, and open most commonly used applications one at a time, monitoring it for about 1-2 hours. If you notice the blue line in Physical Memory Usage Graph rising continually when you are not using the system, there may be a memory leak. This is one of the RAM issues that can be found.

Get the facts on RAM and ROM here.

This covers only a few memory issues and explains what a memory leak is. If you still have issues or are unsure what to do, bring your computer to a professional.

Ways to Boost Your Gaming PC

The performance of your PC matters.

The performance of your PC matters.


Boost the Performance of Your Gaming PC

Having a gaming PC sometimes requires a little work to get the best performance. You can get the best from your hardware, with a few steps. No need to have any tech experience, these are very simple to follow. In no time at all, your gaming PC will have boosted performance.

Driver Update for GPU

First thing to get the boost you are looking for, update GPU drivers. Doing this can give a boost in speed instantly. Graphic cards have regular updates for performance improvement. As new games are released, the more demanding they are on your graphic card. There have been some games that failed to play, until updates of graphic drivers were ready. Majority of times, you will be notified there is an upgrade available. You should also keep an eye out on AMD’s and Nvidia’s driver page, to ensure you have the latest.

Stop Background Applications That are Not Necessary

When you are gaming, you want as much system resources possible, dedicated to the game. Applications running in the background tend to slow computer performance. While all applications should not be disabled, there are some that can. You can choose to get an add-on for instance, Game Booster which disables what is not needed automatically. If there are applications you want left running, you can tell this program to ignore them.

You can also disable apps on your own without an add-on, if preferred. Open your task manager and select start up, uncheck each application that is uncritical. Beware if using this method, you may uncheck an application that is needed by your operating system. Game Booster knows which applications are safe to disable. If you believe an application is related to any hardware, or Windows, do not disable it.

Optimize Your Settings

AMD and Nvidia provide software that will optimize your game. Through much research they have learned scalable game presets, and hardware configuration that is distinct. This allows users to easily tailor settings in their game, with a slider using AMD Gaming Evolved or Nvidia GeForce Experience. This slider targets visual quality and performance. Some games have presets of their own, if you are not sure what settings to use.

Make sure you’re doing the necessary maintenance!

Hardware Upgrade if Still Not Boosted

If you have done everything suggested and not noticing a game boost, it may mean it is time for hardware upgrade. At some point you will have to update your hardware, in order to game on the PC. Games are starting to need more RAM in order to run, this is your cheapest upgrade. If you GPU is several years old, you want to upgrade that, as well. If you are confused what RAM or graphic card your PC can handle, contact a computer technician for assistance.

You can get the most out of the computer that you have, including high tech gaming. You just have to ensure you’re PC is ready and willing to handle it when the time comes.

Nvidia or Radeon Graphics Card for Gaming

The latest and greatest on the market.

The latest and greatest on the market.

Graphic Cards are Important

If you are a gamer, the graphic card is most likely the most important piece to you. You want the richest, smoothest graphics you can find. You should have a visual experience, that puts you in the game. As you know, the games of today can put a graphic card to the test.

When shopping for a new graphic card, a gamer looks for performance and price being balanced. The two cards competing for your business for years, are Nvidia and AMD Radeon. Although these cards are quite similar, there are differences that set them apart. We will look at high-end cards from both makers, to decide the better gaming card. These include AMD Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X. From Nvidia, the GTX 980 and 970 cards.

Testing the Cards

Lets take a look first at frame rates, by testing the cards on the game Bioshock Infinite. This game is not a benchmark hog. The resolution is set at 1080p. The AMD Radeon R9 290 has 65.62 FPS (frames per second), the R9 290X FPS is 66.93. While these are great numbers, Nvidia comes out on top with their frame rate. 82.87 for the Nvidia GTX 980, and 79.51 for GTX 970. The difference is quite large. The numbers for Nvidia with resolution set at 2560, still beat AMD Radeon.

Engine That is Built to Last

A game that can put any system to the test, uses the Crytek engine. One of the games that used this engine, was Crysis. The visual beauty using this engine, surpasses all others. Testing with a game that has the Crytek engine, will show the cards at their best. The game the FPS test is being done on is, Ryse: Call of Rome. Nvidia comes out on top, but the difference is not as much this time. The R9 290 has 54.19, the R9 290X has 54.6 FPS. Both good numbers. Nvidia GTX 970 has 55.15, and the GTX 980 has 57.98.

Performance that Lasts

With performance, Nvidia comes out the winner. Another test that is performed for these graphic cards is power efficiency. With this AMD Radeon, loses again. They use almost twice as much power than the Nvidia, when under full load. The temperature and noise with the Nvidia graphic cards, are much lower than the Radeon cards. Through all the testing done, both cards remained stable.

AMD Radeon had lost out when it comes to noise, speed, and temperature. Now we look at pricing for the cards. The Nvidia GTX 980 comes out as the most expensive or the four, costing approximately $550. The cost of the other three are approximately $300. Check to see if gaming laptops have either of these cards in them.

The winner when you look at all these factors, would be the Nvidia GTX 970. If you are willing to pay $200 more for a graphic card, then the Nvidia GTX 980 is the way to go. Find out what to do if your video card ever fails.

Let us know your experience with the graphics card that you have in your current computer, and how it is working for you. Also! Don’t forget to let us know what graphics card you want to upgrade too! Share your insight!

Stand Out Features of HP Computers

HP computers provide reliability when it is needed most.

HP Computers

HP is a well-known brand of the computer industry. They are exceptional at creating long-lasting computers that perform at great speeds, and have timing responses that are some of the fastest out there. HP and Compaq joined forces in 2002 to create some of the best computers that you’re able to find on the market. They allow you to choose to specs that you want to use, and then enjoy the computer of your choice.

Features of HP Computers 

There are many features of HP computers that you can make use of, depending on what type of computer you’re looking to purchase. You can go with any of them and know you’re getting superior performance.

  • They make some of the lightest, yet most durable computers on the market. They have many different options to choose from but know that it is going to make it out alive if something happens where it is dropped or tipped over.
  • They come in many different colors and styles, so you can get a computer that fits you and your style. This is one of the biggest reasons why people choose HP computers, they like the style that they come in.
  • The display resolution for many of their laptops and touchscreen computers are impeccable. You’re able to get the ideal picture quality that you’re after while ensuring that you have the ideal way to keep ahead of your game, watch movies or just browse the net.
  • They sell touchscreen computers for you to make use of, and they have great response times each time the spots are touched, allowing you to not have to worry about lag or other issues that come with some of the touch screens on the market.
  • They are one of the leaders in the industry, even having a computer that has a built-in 3D printer that you’re able to use. You do not have to worry about hooking one up, and the computer also comes with the software that you need to design the item that you’d like to print out.
  • Some of the computers come with a back light, so you’re able to work, even when it is dark out. This is something that cannot be found on many different laptops, so when you find one that does, you’re in luck.

One of the greatest possible things about HP computers is that they are surprisingly affordable for almost any budget. This means you’re able to have a high quality, working computer without having to spend a lot of money to get it. Not only that, but with all of these great features, you can choose one that fits you and your needs.


Toshiba – The Features That Stand Out

Toshiba laptops ranked one of the best.

Toshiba is one of the hardiest laptop makers out there, which is why so many people choose to use them for their personal or work reasons. However, you may be considering a new laptop and want to know what is so good about these laptops that everyone and their brother keeps recommending to you. Here are some of the features that stand out, and why you might want to purchase a Toshiba laptop over all others.

Features of the Toshiba Laptops

  • The finishes of the Toshiba laptops are some of the best in it’s class. Not only are you able to get that smooth texture, the gleaming silvers and golds, but you can customize the look and even get some of the best durability that comes on a laptop. Who knew you could be able to drop your laptop and still have it looking good.
  • Be able to connect just about anything. From many different USB drives, to a memory card reader, to HDMI and beyond, you’re able to get a little something extra out of the laptops that provide it for you.
  • The large screens with brilliant displays will also amaze you. Be able to watch movies, listen to music and do just about anything on the laptop that you bring home. It is not only fun, but it provides additional benefits when you’re looking to get more out of your multi-media.
  • Hybrid drives in the computers make storage and performance much better. You usually can only choose between the traditional hard drive and a solid state one, but with a Toshiba, you can have the best of both worlds and it shows when you go to use the laptop for anything. Smooth, dependable and outlasting performance each and every time.
  • They live much longer than the traditional computers on the market. There are many old Toshibas that continue to be used. Just update and you’re on your way to still having a great computer. You just have to keep it in good shape and you’re set for most of your life. Imagine not having to keep buying a laptop every time yours has a problem. The simple life some would call it.

Toshiba laptops have come a long way and continue to make it through the busy computer world. As technology advances, so do the laptops. If you’re looking for the most from your buck, then the Toshiba might be the best way to go for a rugged, sleek looking, high performance laptop.

If you’re considering a Toshiba laptop, you can purchase new, used or refurbished. If you’re having a problem with your Toshiba laptop, speak with us here at IQ Computer Repair, and we can diagnose the problem for you.

dell ultrabook -Ultrabooks Explained – Do I Need One?

Ultrabooks Explained – Do I Need One?

The Ultrabook is designed to compete with the ever-growing demand for a smaller and faster computing devices. Competing against smartphones and tablets, these .8 inch thick laptops were defiantly built with portability in mind. That is not all that was improved on, the battery life of the Ultrabook is designed to last significantly longer than normal laptops.  The Ultrabook isn’t just a name for a laptop, it is a new class of laptop.

The Difference

While most portable computers are deemed laptops, only a select few earn the right to be called Ultrabook. What sets these portable systems apart from the rest? It is the high standards to which they are held. In order to be named an Ultrabook the system must have a battery life that can play 6 hours of HD video and 9 hours of windows 8 idle time at minimum.  It must have Intel Anti Theft and Intel Identity Protection Technology. They awake from hibernation quickly,  in as fast a 3 seconds or less. All Ultrabooks have USB 3.0 and SSD (Solid  State Drive). The SSD makes the system access stored music, movies, and other data with great speed. Every newer Ultrabook comes with an Intel Core i5 processor at minimum. These processors are extremely fast and can multitask like people breathe. They also are touch screen and seem really like tablets without giving up the laptop feel. These are just a few of the specifications that govern the Ultrabooks.


These high-powered systems are meant to be the cream of the crop in today’s portable systems. They have very quick processors that can handle almost anything you put them through.  These laptops are very responsive and very slim to perfectly suit today’s business professional. So if you are in the market for a new laptop and want the most out of your investment, you can’t go wrong with an Ultrabook.


The people who would most benefit from an Ultrabook are those that travel frequently and have a need for a powerful machine to complete their tasks. This includes professionals such as software developers, photographers, engineers, and music producers.  Some earlier models cost around 650 dollars but newer models are around 1300 dollars. So these systems are pricey but in the computer world you really get what you pay for. These systems are worth every penny with their many features and system performance.