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Setting Up Bluetooth on Your Windows 10 Personal Computer

Bluetooth technology allows users to connect devices wirelessly to a Windows 10 computer. Without the use of USB ports, devices such as keyboard and mouse can be added. Many smartphones can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth for the use of the computers internet access. Bluetooth technology lets users remove much of the clutter from their desktop by connecting.

Set-up Bluetooth to Computer, Tablet, or Laptop with These Steps:

1. Be sure the Bluetooth device is powered on and ready to pair

The majority of Bluetooth devices are equipped with an ON/OFF switch. However, it is slightly more difficult to tell the Bluetooth device to begin pairing. In some cases, flipping a switch is all that is needs to be done. While others require the user to hold a button down until a light begins to flash.

The Bluetooth device is ready to be paired with another, such as the computer when you notice a flashing light.

2. Start>Settings>Devices

Select the Start button on the personal computer, choose Settings, and select the Devices app shown in the computer settings. A list of devices currently installed is shown on the Devices page.

3. From the left side of the Devices app page, select the Bluetooth option

The personal computer quickly starts to search for any Bluetooth devices located in the nearby vicinity that you want to be connected, otherwise known as paired.

If the device you want to be paired fails to appear, return to Step 1 to ensure the Bluetooth device has been powered on and is ready to be paired. Many devices power themselves off after thirty seconds of waiting to pair and may need to be ready again.

4. Select the name of the Bluetooth device when it appears beneath the Add a Device button

5. If necessary, enter the Bluetooth device’s code while also selecting the Pair button if requested

This is when setup may become slightly complex. Due to security reasons, you are required to prove that you are not a stranger attempting to hack and that you are, in fact, sitting in front of your personal computer. However, to prove your innocence, many Bluetooth devices use somewhat different strategies.

In some cases, users are required to enter a passcode into both the personal computer and the Bluetooth device. Usually, the passcode is located in the devices user’s manual. The passcode must be entered quickly to ensure the other device is still waiting.

Some devices, such as Bluetooth mice, require a small push button located on the underside to be held in during this step. Sometimes, cell phones require users to select a Pair button when identical passcodes appear on both the cellphone and computer.

When unsure, type 0000 and hit enter on the keyboard for a universal passcode.

The name and icon appear in the Setting app once a Bluetooth device is successfully paired.

Make sure to check out some more useful Windows 10 tips to make your PC continue to run strong while giving you even more productivity.

Tired of Windows? Newbie Mac Keyboard Tips

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Mac Navigation is Different From PC

Switching to a Mac after being a Window user can be a shocker for many users. Windows shortcuts which you have been accustomed to using no longer work, helpful keys are missing from the Mac keyboard such as End and Home. Functions of Apple’s ctrl key are unlike Windows.

No need to worry! In no time at all your memory will adjust to the Mac keyboard, and when you understand some simple differences between Windows and Mac, expect it to be quicker.

Equivalent to Window Keys

On Mac, command or cmd key, located on either side of the spacebar is equivalent to Windows Control key. Several Window shortcuts work on Mac as well when cmd is used instead of Control. For example, Windows shortcuts for cut-copy-paste is ctrl+x, ctrl+c, ctrl+v and when used on Mac they become cmd+x, cmd+c, and cmd+v. 

There is a key named control (ctrl) on OS X. This is placed between option and fn keys on the spacebars left. Mac’s ctrl key is used for some keyboard shortcuts you soon will discover.

(Windows) Alt+Tab = (OS X) Command+Tab

Switching applications on Mac with cmd+tab is just as simple as it was on Windows with Alt+Tab. With OS X cmd key in the same location as Windows alt key, this shortcut is already memorized for you.

(Windows) Home/End = (OS X) Command+Arrow Keys

Mac keyboards are missing the helpful Home and End keys which are located on PC keyboards. For Home use cmd+left arrow and for End use cmd+right arrow. Using cmd+down arrow to bring you to a selections bottom and to go the beginning use cmd+up arrow. 

Using Enter on OS X to Rename Files

When working on Windows, hitting the Enter key opens the file in the default application. When hitting Enter on Mac while having a folder or file selected allows it to be renamed. When selecting cmd+o the file can be opened by use of the keyboard.

(Windows) Alt = (OS X) Option

The option key is one that will be used often, giving the ability to type special symbol, diacritical marks, and characters. Many but not all shortcuts using alt on Windows are replaced with option. 

There are hidden options you are given access to by way of the option key. For example, using a Word document, if you open the File menu and hold down the option key, there is a new option available – Save As… – when option key is released this new option goes away.

This is just a handful of handy Mac shortcuts available to you. A Mac keyboard may feel strange to you as of now, but after first few weeks of use, you will feel right at home. Of course, if you need a refresher for PC shortcuts, here is the list you can follow.

7 Tasks Command Prompt Makes Fast and Simple

Command prompt is easier than you thought.

Command prompt is easier than you thought.

Make Your Life Easier, More Efficient and Effective with These Commands

Do not let command prompt intimidate you. It is more useful and simpler than you may think. There are times when running a specific command is faster to perform certain tasks. Most likely, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish using a couple of keystrokes.

Run Programs Easily

Running programs from command prompt is easy. First, create a folder with the name Shortcuts. You will use this folder to hold shortcuts allowing quick access to programs on your computer. After this folder is created, it needs to be added to the computers PATH environmental variable:

  • Select Properties after right clicking on My Computer
  • Select Advanced System Settings
  • Select Environment Variables on the Advanced tab
  • Below System Variables, edit the variable named PATH. On the end of variables value, add ;C:\Shortcuts 
  • Below System Variables, edit the variable named PATHEXT. On the end of variables value, add ;.LNK
  • Select OK

Next, create shortcuts for the programs you want to use placing them in the folder you created. Rename these shortcuts as a command with one word. When command prompt is now opened, these programs will run using these shortcut names.

Local Drives Renamed

A fast way for changing your computers drives names is by using label command like so:

  • label [drive:] [name]

For instance, if I want to change the name of the drive to “iqcomputerservice” I would enter this command:

  • label C: iqcomputerservice

Hard Drives Defragmented

Although not used as much as it used to be, defragmenting is still important for older systems. Solid state drives do not need defragmenting. Command for defrag is done as follows.

  • defrag [drive]

That’s it. You can have progressed printed out to the prompt with:

  • defrag [drive] /u

To add even more information, verbose switch can be toggled:

  • defrag [drive] /u /v

Health of Hard Drive Monitored

Command that checks the disk (chkdsk) scans the hard drive testing it for possible issues such as physical damage or corrupted data.

  • chkdsk [drive:]

To set it to fix and recover is simple:

  • chkdsk [drive:] /F /R

Eject Eternal Drives

For times when there is no other possible choices to open drives you can use disk partition command (diskpart command). When this prompt is ready, type list volume. Note each drives ###. Type select volume [###] having the drive you want opened entered here. Type remove all dismount and then exit. Be sure only drives that are removable are selected.

File Contents Searched

You can find files by what text is located in them by using findstr command. Here is an overview of the several ways it can be changed https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490907.aspx

File Associations Changed

Windows uses file formats to associate programs. To edit and view these file associations, assoc command is used.

View extension association:

assoc [.ext]

Clear extension association:

assoc [.ext]=

Set extension association to a different filetype:

assoc [.ext]=[filetype]

This is only scratching the surface of what can be done with command prompt. You can take control of just about every aspect that there is when you put your mind to it. Make sure you’re keeping up on your computer’s maintenance and get the most for what it provides you with.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Windows


Shortcuts can be found everywhere.

Shortcuts can be found everywhere.

Navigate Through Windows Using These Easy Shortcuts

Many computer geeks love keyboard shortcuts, and rightfully so. Without wasting time using a mouse they are able to make their way around Windows. Another reason why keyboard shortcuts are important is, if your mouse is malfunctioning. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts you may find useful.

Maximize Window

Using the up arrow and Windows key together will maximize a window.

Move Window

To move a window, you need to maximize it first. Have the window go into window mode by pressing spacebar and Alt together. Now move up to Restore and hit Enter. After in window mode, move the window pressing the spacebar and Alt at the same time, go to Move and hit Enter. Now you are able to move the window with the arrow keys.

Minimize Window

Use down arrow and Windows key at the same time.

Close a Window

Press at the same time the F4 and Ctrl keys to close a widow you currently have open.

Close Tab

In the majority of programs, pressing F4 and Ctrl together to close tabs.

Switching between Tabs

In the window selected, to move from left tab to right tab press Tab and Ctrl together.

To move from right tab to left tab, press Ctrl, Shift, and Tab together.

Move Between Applications and Open Windows

Hold down Alt then press the Tab key to move between applications and open windows. When done successfully, a box showing each program that is open on the computer will be displayed. Continue holding Alt while repeatedly clicking Tab to move from program to program. Let both of the keys go when the program you want is selected to change to it.

Open Program on Desktop

If there is an icon on your desktop of a program you would like to run, get to your desktop by hitting the Tab Key. The Tab key switches you between your desktop, Start Button, and every icon on your taskbar.

Most times, you have to hit the Tab key many times before getting to the icons on the desktop. When you have selected a desktop icon, use the arrow keys to move to between icons.

After you have selected the correct icon, hit Enter and the program will open.

Moving and Manipulating Through Text

When working with a documents text, there are different ways you can move throughout it without using a mouse.

Move the cursor in a document left, right, up, and down by use of the arrow keys.

Move your cursor in a document one word at a time by pressing right or left arrow key and Ctrl together.

Move from one paragraph to another by pushing up or down arrow key and Ctrl together.

Highlight text by using the Shift key.

These are just a few of the many keyboard shortcuts available. Once you start using them more regularly, you’re able to get a whole new outlook on what can be done right from one click of a button on your keyboard. Whether you have Windows 10, or a later version; be prepared for the shortcuts you could take.

How To Clean Your Laptop

clean laptop screen

laptop screen cleaning

Cleaning A Laptop Computer

Cleaning a laptop computer is not as hard as one may think. You can clean the LCD screen, battery connections, keyboard, touch pad, and USB ports  as needed without opening the laptop casing.  You may need to clean your laptop monthly, depending on the area the computer is kept .  For the average home cleaning your laptop is recommended once to twice a year as preventative maintenance. Keeping to this plan can save you a lot of time and money by extending the life span of your laptop.
Safety First
Always unplug the system before cleaning any laptop computer. Remove the battery and press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to discharge any voltage left in the PC.
Laptop Screen Cleaning

Clean the LCD screen with a soft dry cloth. If the screen is really dirty, use distilled water, applying limited amounts to the cloth, never spray water or any liquid directly onto a computer screen or use a laptop screen cleaning kit. Apply light pressure as you wipe the screen because LCD screens can crack under direct concentrated pressure.  Some people say to use a mixture of water and alcohol but manufacturers recommend against it.
How To Clean Laptop
Use a can of Compressed Gas Duster, 10oz Can, 2/Pack compressed air to blow dust and other particles out of the keyboard and touch pad. When using compressed air make sure not to shake or turn the can upside down because cool liquid may spray out of the can which can hurt you and damage the computer.  Turn the computer at an angle and use the compressed air to blow out from under the keyboard and make sure no keys are sticking or dirty. Then, if needed  you can take a damp cloth and wipe down the lid, keyboard and touch pad. If that doesn’t fix the keys that are sticking you should take the laptop to a professional to remove the keyboard or key caps to better clear out any remaining problems. Use the compressed air to clear out anything obstructing the ventilation of the laptop. You  can do this by blowing out the vents and ports on the sides and back of the laptop. Next, you should clean the battery connections. All that is needed for this is contact cleaner and something non-abrasive to clean the contacts such as a cotton swab. Remove the battery and clean the copper contacts.  Remember, it is not a good idea to just spray any liquid on the computer. Spray the cleaning cloth you are using and not the computer itself.  If you would need a professional to take care of this task for you, contact the computer experts at IQ Computer Services.

Increase Your Computer Productivity

woman at desktop computer


Get More From Your Computer

If you use your computer for work , you know how important it is to have everything in perfect working order. You don’t want to run into any complications while you are trying to get things done. If something were to happen and your computer stops working, that could potentially affect your ability to do your job, and will make it harder for you to make money and support your family.

Of course, that is one of many possible scenarios and one of a million different things can happen as a result of a problem with your computer. Not only demonstrating how much people in general depend on them, but also how useful they are with so many facets of our everyday life. We use our computers for everything nowadays, and when they aren’t performing at their best, we can tell.

Don’t Get Frustrated

Our attention spans are getting shorter and our expectations are getting higher, but there is no need to just deal with a computer that is causing you problems. Instead, you can do something about it, and you don’t even need to take it in to a computer repair shop to do so. If your internet isn’t going as fast as you’d like, then you may want to look to enhance your current system with new hardware.

Though it doesn’t look like much, these network interface cards have a great impact on the amount of data your computer is able to send and receive via the internet. They only take a few minutes to replace before you’re back up and running, just like new. You can also just as easily choose a GLC-T transceiver and increase your speed even more, giving you the ability to stream video and music faster than ever, and allowing you to get your work done faster with fewer setbacks.

What is it Worth to You?

The value of a well-performing computer cannot be underestimated, and not only must we always be doing preventive maintenance in order to ensure its longevity, we also need to make sure that the capabilities of current technology don’t leave your particular computer in the dust. It doesn’t take much money or effort to keep your computer up to date, and when you start to see the difference for yourself, you will gain a new appreciation for your new hobby, and you’ll be more knowledgeable when you continue your work in the future.


Pets and PC’s Don’t Mix

pet on laptop pcIf you are an animal lover, this article is for you. The adorable feeling you have for your pet is wonderful. Pets are one of life’s joys, but don’t mix with computers.

Countless times I’ve seen desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mini laptops ruined by fury little friends. Here are a couple of computer tips to help keep your PC running great while keeping your pets happy.

First, don’t leave your computer in a place where your pet can get to it. A laptop bag is a great place to store your mobile PC to keep in safe from harm. Often, cats and dogs climb on keyboards, chew on power cords, and soil computers with messes meant for outside or a litter box.

Second, take turns by not handling your pet and the PC at the same time. Fur, hair and pet dander in keyboards and cooling fans quickly end the life of a new computer.

Remember, pets and PCs don’t mix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a life with both.