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Best Tablets for Windows of 2016

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Get These Tablets That are Rated the Best of 2016

With Windows 10 now here on tablets, focus for them to double as our PC keeps growing. There is a wide range of devices, where simple tablets are no longer your only option. No matter what needs you are looking for in a tablet, there is one available with Windows 10 as the operating system. Before heading out for that new Windows tablet, check out what is hot so far this year.

1) Surface Pro 4

Undoubtedly, the best Windows tablet available. Surface Pro 4 may be costlier than other tablets, but worth it with the built in quality it comes with. Microsoft outdid themselves with a sharper and larger screen than before and a feeling like typing on a real laptop with an island that’s redesigned. After using the Surface Pro 4, you may want to give up your laptop.

2.4GHz Intel Core i5 CPU – Intel HD Graphics 520 – 8GB RAM – 256GB SSD Storage – 12.3” Display

2) HP Spectre x2

There is a resemblance between Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and HP’s Spectre x2, but HP weighs less and is thinner. This is due a processor with no fan powering it, the Intel Core M. This tablet includes a keyboard, and comes at a cost quite less than Surface Pro 4. HP Spectre x2 has a battery life that is efficient, allowing you more time for work or play than on other model tablets.

1.2GHz Intel Core m7 CPU – Intel HD Graphics 515 – 8GB RAM – 256GB SSD Storage – 12” Display

3) Surface 3

If you are looking for something less that what Surface Pro 4 offers, check out what Surface 3 provides. Smaller than the 12” form with a display of 10.8”, this tablet is an excellent tablet rather than a laptop replacement. Surface 3 provides you with a quiet, lighter solution at a more affordable price.

1.6GHz Quad Core Intel Atom CPU – Integrated Intel HD Graphics – 4GB RAM – 128GB SSD Storage – 10.8” Display

4) HP Pavilion x2

An extremely affordable Windows tablet. HP Pavilion x2 is a 10” convertible tablet, with lots of punch. This tablet is equipped with an HD screen, making editing photos a simple task. HP Pavilion x2 has plenty of power to see you through an entire day of simple web browsing. Take the 10” works off when you feel like relaxing with streaming media. No need to stick with 10” of the screen if you’re looking for more, check out HP Pavilion x2 12” model.

1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU – Intel HD Graphics – 2GB RAM – 32GB eMMC Storage – 10.1” Display

No need to change operating systems when purchasing a tablet, one with Windows 10 is all you’ll need.

Become an Internet Pro with These Awesome Browser Tricks

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Awesome Browser Tricks Everyone Should Know

The majority of us put Internet browsers to use on a daily basis. They are a way for us to see and discover everything the world wide web has to offer.

Due to the amount of time we spend on our browsers, it can be assumed you’re an Internet pro. However, not very many of us are. There is always more browser tricks for you to learn to enhance your skills.

Here are some awesome browser tricks to help you surf like a pro:

1) Dead Webpages

While searching online, you may stumble across some sites which are no longer online. This happens for various reasons. Paste the dead link into archive.org if you have this problem. Many times they have old versions of sites available to view.

2) Tab Restore

Everyone has accidentally closed a tab, and many times you may not remember what site you were on. This can be frustrating, and in the past, you would have had to go through your browser’s history to find and reload it. This is no longer the case with most browsers who offer “Recently Closed Tabs” list.

A faster way than going through history, press ctrl + shift + T and your tab will reload.

3) Use Your Browser as a Notepad

We all have been in need of paper and pen, but there is none to be found.

Bookmark this code to use the browser window for a notepad:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Simply enter this code into your browser address next time you’re in need.

Be sure to copy any notes taken before closing any windows, these are not able to be saved.

4) Google’s Reverse Image Search

You may have an image saved someplace on your PC, but have no memory of where it came from. You can find out with Google’s reverse image search. Go to images.google.com and either drag and drop the image you have saved or click the camera icon.

5) Clearing Cache

A cache is a temporary storage of such things as images and web pages, with a purpose of reducing lag, bandwidth, and server load. There are times that sites are able to be loaded from the cache. However, a cache can end up corrupted. When this happens, you can simply clear and reload the proper version of the cache. To do so press ctrl + shift + R. 

6) URL Highlight Browser Tricks

Oftentimes, keyboard shortcuts are quicker to use than a mouse. Everyone knows the popular ones, such as cut and copy, but try this awesome one.

Highlight the current website URL by pressing ctrl + L. Easily share your links with friends or co-workers.

After learning these neat tricks, you can take to your browser like a pro. Make sure to also check out how to configure and set up your Microsoft 10 browser.

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection with These Tips

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

With the growing number of online gaming platforms, smart home devices, and streaming video services, keeping a strong internet connection up at home which more important now than it has been in the past. If you are playing World of Warcraft and experience lag, or downloading music is taking forever, the issue is likely not on your Internet Service Providers (ISP) side, but on yours instead.

1. Are you able to ping it?

To see if it is possible to connect to the outside, perform a Ping test. There are many free utilities available, but an easy way to do it when using Windows is by opening command prompt and enter “Ping” then enter the sites IP address you want to ping. If IP address is unknown, enter full address. For example, to ping Bing, enter Ping bing.com. This measures the speed of your connection, if successful you receive times results. If it fails continually, try pinging numerous sites. There many an issue with your router or modem, or possibly your ISP if you still get no results.

2. Channel Change

One of fourteen frequencies, or channels a router can use to send and receive data over 2.4GHz band. Many of these channels are overlapping, but one, six, and eleven do not and are the ones used most frequently. There may be channel interference if experiencing spotty connection. Using the router-management console, change your Wi-Fi channel.

3. Is your firmware current?

Look in your router-management console for a firmware update tool in System section. Be sure all directions are followed carefully, and firmware version installing is correct one. Never download from a third-party site.

4. Begin Fresh with your internet connection

When a reboot of your router does not work, try a reset to factory defaults performing a fresh install. Majority of routers this is simply done by pressing and holding down a small reset button located on the rear panel. This button must be held for several seconds until you see the LED lights flashing. After reset, use the disc that came with the router or a web-based setup utility for your router to be reinstalled.

5. Are there issues with your PC?

Check your PC for possible viruses, malware, and spyware. These programs can be downloaded easily onto your PC without you ever knowing. These can play a significant role on your system performance. There are many free and subscription utilities available that can be used for detection and eradication of these types of programs. These utilities can even prevent them from being downloaded in the first place.

Check out these other top problems that come with using IE, and how you might be able to fix them.

These are just a handful of issues which could be having an impact on your internet connection. Contact your ISP if not resolved.

Answers Needed for Your New Router

Your wireless router matters.

Your wireless router matters.

What Questions You Need to Answered When Purchasing a New Wireless Router

When shopping for a new wireless router you may feel overwhelmed with the many options they come with. It can take a long time going through so much information. But when asking the correct questions, it can be easier and you will be pleased with your purchase.

The following are some questions to ask what purchasing a new wireless router:

What will it be used for?

This likely is the most important question. A basic wireless router is fine if you only check stock prices or send emails when using the internet. If you use a streaming service for movies or TV, you need something with more power. If you work at home online or play online games which are demanding, you may want a router with maximum speed.

How many bands?

Routers come in single, duel, and tri-band. This gives you 3 networks which are different in your home. Single-band give 2.4GHz network, duel gives 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It is harder however for higher signal to penetrate through obstacles such as walls. Tri-band give 2.4 GHz along with two 5GHz. The faster ones are not slowed down with a tri-band.

Duel-band is most versatile and offers highest speed. If you have several wireless devices (maybe 10) a tri-band would be better.

Which wireless standard do you need?

There are several wireless standards such as 802.11a, 802.11b/g/n, and 802.11ac. If you want to connect to an 802.11n network, you should have no issue if you purchased your computer in last couple of years. This has been the primary standard for last 6 years.

Fastest of the standards is the newer 802.11ac, which several computers are unable to handle due to it still evolving. If you have plans to upgrade to support wireless-AC, a router with 802.11ac standard is probably best for you.

What speed is needed?

Having a router which has a higher speed than what your internet has will not make it faster. To know what speed internet you have, run s speed test. This shows both upload and download speeds. You do not need to purchase a wireless router faster than your internet, unless you have plans on your connection being upgraded in the close future.

You may want a faster router if you stream files often between devices, or watch movies via a Raspberry Pi media center.

Which type of security?

You need security setting which are strong when sending sensitive information over the network. Be sure your new router supports the latest security standard, WPA2. Most likely is does, however if purchasing a used one you want to make sure.

Asking these questions will give you a good idea of what the best router for you is.

Consider These When Purchasing a Modem

New modems should be carefully chosen.

New modems should be carefully chosen.

When Purchasing a New Cable Modem, Seriously Consider These Things

Most internet service providers charge a rental fee for use of their modem. Knowing you need a modem for online usage, you agree. With some research, you can save lots of money with buying your own modem.

Many companies have you believe you have to rent their modem, but you do not. If you would like to purchase a cable modem, consider these things, and know there are many things to consider when you’re a computer owner.

1. Be Sure the Modem Works With Your Cable Provider

Majority of modems work for almost all providers, but with some exceptions. An example is, Motorola Surfboard SB6141, it does not work with AT&T U-verse or Verizon FIOS. Majority of provider have a page listing modems which work with their services. It is not always easy to find for every provider, which you can conduct a search online, look on customer forums, or contact their customer representatives.

2. Be Sure it is Fast Enough for Your Internet

Cable providers is a standard DOCSIS for sending information over wires, with 3 different repetitions: 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x. Best performance will be received if you purchase DOCSIS 3.0 compatible (or higher). Mid-range modem DOCSIS 3.0, gives up to 340 Mbps download speeds and 130 Mbps upload speeds. Higher download speeds are offered on higher-end modems.

Keep in mind, it does not matter how fast a modem is, it will not give you a faster internet connection. If you purchase a modem that is 300 Mbps and your plan you are subscribed to is 100 Mbps, the max internet connection you will receive is 100 Mbps.

For approximately half the cost of the 3.0, you can purchase a DOCSIS 2.0 that would work well if you subscribe to a plan of 30 or 50 Mbps.

3. Confirm Your Ethernet Port Speed

When running a router separately from your modem, if the Ethernet port is slow your connection will be slowed down even if you have a fast router. For your computer to receive the internet connection, the signal goes from lines from your cable company, through the modem, to the router from going across an Ethernet cord, finally thought air ending at your computer.

Internet speed can be limited from some choke points, which one of these can be the Ethernet cord. There would be no issues if your modem supports a Ethernet of a gigabit.

4. Think about if you want to purchase a modem/router combination.

Modem/router combination boxes may seem useful due to less clutter, and fewer wires, but you may want to choose against this choice. Your flexibly is limited with one box. If you want your wireless router upgraded, the whole device would need to be replaced. It is a cheaper way when only having to replace your router when wanting to upgrade.

You Have Control

Save money, and possibly have your internet connection improved at the same time when purchasing a new cable modem for yourself.

Top Problems with Internet Explorer, And Ways to Fix Them


Know the Answers to All of Your Internet Explorer Problems

Although Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 has come with their new browser, Microsoft Edge, there are still time when Internet Explorer is needed. There are some people that have decided not to upgrade, at least not yet. Internet Explorer has been improved greatly which has brought many users back, however as with any technology there are glitches and problems. Here are some common problems and how to solve them:

First thing, always want to do is check for Windows update, there is a possibility you have missed one.

404 Error: Page Cannot Be Displayed

If having 404 Error try resetting your browser. Go to Tools, and select Internet Options>Advanced>Reset. A dialog box will appear “Reset Internet Explorer Settings” and select Reset>Close>OK. Restart your computer for default setting to take effect for Internet Explorer.

Issues with Display

If a website images are not displaying or it is blank, text is jumbled or broken, or menus are out of place, there might be an issue with compatibility between the website and IE. In the Compatibility View list you can add this website. Go to tools, Compatibility View setting, the text field will automatically have the website you are on displayed, click Add.

If there are still issues, clear your browser cache. Doing so also deletes your Compatibility View list. Go to Tools, then Internet Options>General, click Delete underneath Browsing history. Put a check in the box Temporary Internet files and website files the select Delete.

Videos Will Not Play

There may be an add-on required in your browser to play the video you are trying. Also be sure you are not trying to view the video while InPrivate Browsing is being used. This may block required add-ons or info needed to play the video.

Another way to try fixing the issue is using Compatibility View.

Freezes or Crashes

There are many ways of addressing this problem. One way is by turning hardware acceleration off. Your computers graphic card is used for accelerating tasks which are graphics-extensive, such as online games or streaming video. Go to Tools, Internet Options>Advanced, now put a check in the box Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. Hit OK, and restart your browser so the changes will take effect.

Another way is by running Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter. So a search and hit Troubleshooting. Select View All>Internet Explorer Performance. Using the Advanced link you want to Run as administrator. You receive result that are more accurate when ran in admin mode. Make sure there is a check in the box Apply repairs automatically, hit Next and follow all directions that follow.

These solutions should fix your issues, and if they do not, you can reset IE back to its default settings described in “404 Error”. Internet Explorer can be a pain, but with the right knowledge; you’re able to handle the problems without a worry.

Windows 10 Start Menu Guide

Improved start menu is ready to go.

Improved start menu is ready to go.

Windows 10 Start Menu Has Changed

Windows 10 has brought back the Start Menu. However, there are some changes that were made from the last Start Menu we saw. There is more options for customization and functionality than there has ever been, and these ways may not be obvious to the user immediately. This guide will show you a few of the basics.

Look at the Start Menu

On the bottom left side of your screen there is a Windows icon that you can click on to open the Start Menu, or you can simply use the Windows key. The column on the left contains quick access for utilities and apps, similar to Windows other Start Menus. The rest of the area has Live Tiles that you can toggle whether the tile updates on its own when you have an active internet connection by right-clicking it. You are also able to resize or remove the tile.

Access to Start Menu Settings

To get an in-depth customization, you need access for options of personalization that are located in Settings. To open Settings, right-click on your Desktop and select Personalize, and finally choose Start. This is where you choose what content is shown and what is not on the Start Menu. To see the many options available, be sure you select “Choose which folders appear on Start.”

Change Colors

Right-click on your Desktop and select Personalize, then select Colors. Once there, pick the color you want from the palette.

Pin Settings Commonly Used to the Start Menu

Windows 10 allows you to pin settings to your Start Menu for quick access. When you find items that you would like placed in your Start Menu, right-click and select Pin to Start.

Switch to Tablet Mode

To have Tablet Mode activated, go to Settings > System > Tablet Mode where you will find the modes toggle. Using the dropdown menu beneath, When I sign in, you can choose what happens according to your own personal taste. You can go by default to desktop or tablet mode, or use what you last used.
The Start Menu will have a personal feeling when you are done customizing it to your taste. Who said that Windows 10 couldn’t be yours? Now you can customize and make it your own with the click of a mouse.

Hot Spots – What are They?

Connect easily with a hot spot.

Connect easily with a hot spot.

What are Hot Spots

Hot spots offer users access to the internet at a physical location over a (WLAN) wireless local area network, by going through a router that is connected to a link to an Internet service provider. In almost all cases the technology used for hot spots is Wi-Fi. This can be used on your laptop, smartphone, etc. as long as it is Wi-Fi enabled, or you can purchase a wireless adapter that plugs into a USB port or PC card slot. There are many places that hot spots are located throughout public places throughout the world. Some of the most typical spots are located at libraries, coffee shops, hotels, airports, or hospitals. Many of these public places let their customers use the hot spot free of charge.

Connecting to a Hot Spot

In order for you to connect to the hot spot if it is hidden or encrypted, you would need the SSID information and get the security code, to establish network connectivity to the hot spot provider. Accepting the terms and condition of the service provider of the hot spot is sometimes required.

To connect to a hot spot it usually requires the same steps if you were home and connecting to a wireless connection. Most times smart phones, laptops, iPod’s, etc. will automatically inform you when you are in range of any wireless networks that are available in range. Also as another option, is to go into your settings for your network to see what available wireless networks are in range. The next step, to initiate is choose which wireless connection you would like to connect to, if there is more than one, and accept it. The wireless connections are named by either the name of the location you are located at, or by numbers or letters usually. It is generally better to manually connect to the wireless network, instead of automatically connecting for reasons of security. Now you will be able to use the internet connection that you chose that is in range.

Check Your Settings

To help lower your security risk for your device and personal information, you should check the settings so that you do not connect automatically to a wireless internet connection and that the connection will need your permission to connect. You will need to verify that automatic connections to wireless networks are not allowed by going into the control panel on your PC and look for Network Connections and select that. Next choose the properties of the wireless network connection by right clicking and choosing it. Next select the advanced settings. You will see a choice to automatically connect to non preferred networks, uncheck this if it is so it will not be enabled. Some devices or operating systems have it set by default not to connect automatically, but it will be best to check.

Hot spots help people remain connected in those places where they may not have been connected before. By providing a hot spot in certain public places, people can then work, do school or other web surfing wherever they are.