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Top Problems with Internet Explorer, And Ways to Fix Them


Know the Answers to All of Your Internet Explorer Problems

Although Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 has come with their new browser, Microsoft Edge, there are still time when Internet Explorer is needed. There are some people that have decided not to upgrade, at least not yet. Internet Explorer has been improved greatly which has brought many users back, however as with any technology there are glitches and problems. Here are some common problems and how to solve them:

First thing, always want to do is check for Windows update, there is a possibility you have missed one.

404 Error: Page Cannot Be Displayed

If having 404 Error try resetting your browser. Go to Tools, and select Internet Options>Advanced>Reset. A dialog box will appear “Reset Internet Explorer Settings” and select Reset>Close>OK. Restart your computer for default setting to take effect for Internet Explorer.

Issues with Display

If a website images are not displaying or it is blank, text is jumbled or broken, or menus are out of place, there might be an issue with compatibility between the website and IE. In the Compatibility View list you can add this website. Go to tools, Compatibility View setting, the text field will automatically have the website you are on displayed, click Add.

If there are still issues, clear your browser cache. Doing so also deletes your Compatibility View list. Go to Tools, then Internet Options>General, click Delete underneath Browsing history. Put a check in the box Temporary Internet files and website files the select Delete.

Videos Will Not Play

There may be an add-on required in your browser to play the video you are trying. Also be sure you are not trying to view the video while InPrivate Browsing is being used. This may block required add-ons or info needed to play the video.

Another way to try fixing the issue is using Compatibility View.

Freezes or Crashes

There are many ways of addressing this problem. One way is by turning hardware acceleration off. Your computers graphic card is used for accelerating tasks which are graphics-extensive, such as online games or streaming video. Go to Tools, Internet Options>Advanced, now put a check in the box Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. Hit OK, and restart your browser so the changes will take effect.

Another way is by running Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter. So a search and hit Troubleshooting. Select View All>Internet Explorer Performance. Using the Advanced link you want to Run as administrator. You receive result that are more accurate when ran in admin mode. Make sure there is a check in the box Apply repairs automatically, hit Next and follow all directions that follow.

These solutions should fix your issues, and if they do not, you can reset IE back to its default settings described in “404 Error”. Internet Explorer can be a pain, but with the right knowledge; you’re able to handle the problems without a worry.

Which Internet Browser Should You Use?

Analyze which internet browser is customized to meet your needs.

Which internet browser is the best?

You’ve probably wondered which internet browser is the best to use. There are a lot of options out there, so it’s important to analyze the features of each one before choosing which one to go with. The four main internet browsers are Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

A few important factors to look at when deciding an internet browser is the speed, compliance, javascript performance, and memory usage of the browser. Mozilla Firefox comes first in speed. Google Chrome comes first in compliance. Google Chrome comes first in javascript performance. Internet Explorer 11 comes first in memory usage.

When deciding an internet browser, you should analyze each browsers benefits. Mozilla Firefox offers a fast performance. While Mozilla Firefox is said to be the fastest, Firefox and Chrome are equally as fast. Google Chrome has an very simple layout and is the best browser for Windows. However, Internet Explorer 11 is the best internet browser to use with Windows 8. Internet Explorer is also very standard to use as it is the original internet browser. Safari is the best internet browser to use with Apple.

HTML5Test.com is one of the main websites that tests each browsers capabilities and gives a score. The scores read Chrome 463, Firefox 393, Internet Explorer 11 320, and Safari 302. Numerous amounts of tests always come up showing Google Chrome as number one, Mozilla Firefox as number two, Internet Explorer 11 as number three, and Safari as number four.

People use internet browsers for many things. They can access their bank accounts, keep in touch with friends on Facebook, or access their email account. The internet browser that is best to use for these things is totally up to you. Each one offers performance in certain areas. Find one that meets the needs of the websites you use.

Certain websites don’t work on certain browsers. Also, pages might appear differently on separate browsers. What you see on a website on one browser will be different on another. Again, it is important to analyze which one meets your needs and use that one.

Privacy is important to many people. You need to research the privacy settings of each internet browser. Internet Explorer is the safest internet browser to use. It tops Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, sand Safari because it offers a built-in tracking protection list and blocks the most third party cookies by default.

The design of an internet browser is important. Google Chrome has a very simple layout. There are no extra toolbars and links everywhere at the top of your browser. The only things you’ll see on Google Chrome is a back button, forward button and an address bar. Using the Chrome browser is simple. Internet Explorer 11 is the smoothest Microsoft’s Internet Explorer by far. The Internet Explorer 11 browser serves as a address bar and a search bar. However, it places your new tabs to the right of the address bar, making it a little more crowded than the other browsers. Mozilla Firefox uses two bars, one for URL addresses and one for search. Mozilla internet offers single-click bookmarking. The Safari has a small amount of design features and uses a classic Apple layout to assist older apple users. Safari also offers single-click bookmarking. These are all free browsers and have update options.

Which internet browser should you use? Google Chrome has been known to be the leader in many tests conducted of all the browsers. It’s speed and simplicity puts it above all other internet browsers. However, when you are a choosing a browser you should go with the one that is customized to meet your needs. If you don’t like the one you’re using, try a new browser.

How to Fix Internet Explorer “Page Cannot Be Displayed”

webpage cannot be displayed

Internet Explorer Cannot Display Page

Most people have witnessed the horror and pain of the Internet Explorer error “Page Cannot Be Displayed”. I’m going to share some tips to remedy this problem and get you back to  web-surfing with relative ease. First verify that you do have a good internet connection. You can check by hovering your mouse over the network icon in your system tray (bottom right-hand corner of your desktop). This should show you what network you are connected to and the connection status of the network. Some common causes of the error include virus infection, incorrect settings, or multiple anti-virus software. Make sure you are not running multiple anti viruses because they may conflict with each other and  prevent Internet Explorer from working correctly. Temporarily disable your anti-virus for diagnostic purposes and check to see if your browser is working properly. If you are unable to open Internet Explorer, you can access the internet options page through these steps:

  • Go to Start 
  • Control panel (Needs to be in classic view)
  • Select Internet Options

Clear Cookies and Delete History

The fastest option is to clear cookies and delete history.

  • Go to Tools
  • Select internet options
  • (Under browsing history) Click Delete
  • From here select Temporary internet files, Cookies and History
  • Click delete

Now check Internet Explorer by trying to pull up a web page.

Check Proxy Server Setting

  • Go to Tools
  • Internet options
  • Connections Tab
  • Click LAN Settings
  • (Under Proxy Server Area) ensure the Use a proxy server option is unchecked
  • Click OK
  • Click OK

Check again to see if that has resolved the issue. The next option is to be used if you have exhausted all other options and still can’t load a website. This option will erase any saved passwords and accounts that your computer may normally remember for you. If you do have to use this option you need to make sure you know or have all your log-in information written down. Any add-ons you use will be disabled as well as any personal settings you may have configured.

Reset Internet Explorer to Default Settings

  • Go to Tools 
  • Internet Options 
  • Select Advanced Tab
  • Go to the bottom and click Reset
  • Select Delete Personal Settings 
  • Click Close ( Now you will need to restart your browser)
  • Click OK

Try to verify functionality of the browser. If you are still having problems then it’s possibly more severe and you can contact IQ Computer Services for any of your network trouble shooting needs.