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Answers Needed for Your New Router

Your wireless router matters.

Your wireless router matters.

What Questions You Need to Answered When Purchasing a New Wireless Router

When shopping for a new wireless router you may feel overwhelmed with the many options they come with. It can take a long time going through so much information. But when asking the correct questions, it can be easier and you will be pleased with your purchase.

The following are some questions to ask what purchasing a new wireless router:

What will it be used for?

This likely is the most important question. A basic wireless router is fine if you only check stock prices or send emails when using the internet. If you use a streaming service for movies or TV, you need something with more power. If you work at home online or play online games which are demanding, you may want a router with maximum speed.

How many bands?

Routers come in single, duel, and tri-band. This gives you 3 networks which are different in your home. Single-band give 2.4GHz network, duel gives 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It is harder however for higher signal to penetrate through obstacles such as walls. Tri-band give 2.4 GHz along with two 5GHz. The faster ones are not slowed down with a tri-band.

Duel-band is most versatile and offers highest speed. If you have several wireless devices (maybe 10) a tri-band would be better.

Which wireless standard do you need?

There are several wireless standards such as 802.11a, 802.11b/g/n, and 802.11ac. If you want to connect to an 802.11n network, you should have no issue if you purchased your computer in last couple of years. This has been the primary standard for last 6 years.

Fastest of the standards is the newer 802.11ac, which several computers are unable to handle due to it still evolving. If you have plans to upgrade to support wireless-AC, a router with 802.11ac standard is probably best for you.

What speed is needed?

Having a router which has a higher speed than what your internet has will not make it faster. To know what speed internet you have, run s speed test. This shows both upload and download speeds. You do not need to purchase a wireless router faster than your internet, unless you have plans on your connection being upgraded in the close future.

You may want a faster router if you stream files often between devices, or watch movies via a Raspberry Pi media center.

Which type of security?

You need security setting which are strong when sending sensitive information over the network. Be sure your new router supports the latest security standard, WPA2. Most likely is does, however if purchasing a used one you want to make sure.

Asking these questions will give you a good idea of what the best router for you is.

Access and Recover Office Files

Fix corrupt files on your Windows software.

Fix corrupt files on your Windows software.

Tips to Access and Recover Office Files that are Corrupt

Everybody that has used Microsoft Office knows that data corruption can happen to anybody. If one of your files in Office is corrupt, there are ways to save it. Sometimes, Office will repair the corrupt file by itself with an automatic repair feature built into the program. When this does not happen there are other ways to recover it.

Open and Repair the Data

When Office fails to repair the file automatically, there is a way for you to ensure the program is trying to repair the data. Open the Office program that has the corrupt file and go to File, then Open. Find the file you want repaired, and select it. Using the dropdown menu, select Open and Repair. With minor corruptions, this method is usually successful.

AutoRecover When Office Shuts Down Unexpectedly

There are times that Office shots down unexpectedly on us, such as from a power outage or a system reboot that is forced. When this happens, it may cause your data to be corrupt. However, with a feature Office has called AutoRecover your data might be recovered. When Office is loaded back up there should be an option that offers you the recovered data. If this does not happen there is a way for you to do it manually.

Launch the Office program that has the corrupt data and select, file. Next, select recent. Recover Unsaved Documents is what needs to be selected next. The wording may be different depending on what program in Office you are using. After making that selection, you will be brought to a folder where the automatic backups are created. Try each one, checking if it contains what you are looking for. If you find it, save the data to a different location.

Previous Version Tab

Your system might have stored a backup of the data, depending on what the settings of your system are. Right click on the Office file, selecting Properties then Previous Versions. You will then be shown a list of previous versions, if any exist. Open each one, checking each to see if there is any with all your data and is not corrupted. If you have found one, select Restore.

Check Temporary Files

You want to do a search of your system by loading your search options, and type *.tmp. All files that end with the extension, temporary file will be found. If any results are found, save them to a different location. Names of the files will most likely not help, the size might be able to though. Load them into your Office program to check if this is your data.

If still unable to find the data, you may want to try a third party program and hope for results.

This can be something that is preventable if you back up your files when maintenance is required on your computer. By doing this, you’ll always have copies of important information on your computer.


Choosing an Online Backup Service

Backing up your data is an important part of computer maintenance.

Backing up your data is an important part of computer maintenance.

Backing Up Is an Important Aspect

Having an online backup service is a wise choice. This ensures your data is saved, and will not get lost in cases of hard drive failures, or other disasters to your data. Choosing which service to use may seem difficult, perhaps impossible. While there are many services out there, none are perfect. Which service to choose depends on what your needs are, and what these services offer.

If you are searching for a service to back up your data, you already are wise enough to know having an external hard drive is not enough. Damage can happen to your internal and external hard drives. Without the use of saving your data off site, it will all be lost. Prior to choosing which provider to use, there are a few questions to ask yourself.

How Much Storage is Needed

With the main reason you pay for this backup service, is your data is stored on servers owned by the company. You basically are paying rent to occupy space, in the same way you would for an apartment. So, first thing to do is find out how much space you will need to occupy. Check sizes of folders that music, photos, and other documents are placed. Another way to see how much space you need, see how much space is in use on the hard drive.

Features That are Needed by You

What do you need and want the online backup service to provide? Some questions to ask yourself include: Will you be sharing files with family or friends? Would you want synchronization of files? What amount of time would you want older versions of files retained? Many companies provide features that are similar, but with small differences. Several different companies should be compared to make sure you get all the features needed.

How Much are You Willing to Pay

How much online backup services charge per month/year should play a role in your decision, as well. There are services that provide small amount of storage free. When wanting to store everything from your computer or multiple computers, paid services are most likely needed. These prices usually range from $50 a year to $150. Some services offer an unlimited amount of storage, but be sure to check for any hitch. They might only allow protection for one computer. Some providers offer free trials for you to test. Use a trial if offered, to see if their service is what you want. Just try backup of few files to get a feel of their service.

Decide on What Plan to Use 

After you do what is suggested, pick the online backup service that you feel satisfied with. Remember, majority of these services do not offer money back guarantees, so be sure before your final decision. You can then feel confident knowing you’ve went through the steps to find out which is truly the best for you, and the needs that you have.


What is Networking?


Networks make connectivity much easier.

Networks make connectivity much easier.

Networking in Computer Technology

In computer technology networking is when there are at least two computers linked together for sharing resources and data. There are many benefits to networking in homes, schools, governments, and business. These include efficiency, money, convenience, and time saving,  just a few of them. With mixing computer software, and the computer hardware the network is able to be built. Networking plays a huge part in technology today.

What Can You Do With Networking?

You can do many exciting things by networking computers.  For example your can share photos, files, documents, and music. To do this you would use one computer to store these items, on a second computer that is connected to the same network, you will be able to access these items. Several computers that are connected to a network can also share faxes, scanners, or even printers, that are hooked up to one of the computers. For instance, if you find a web page you would like to print out on one computer, but it is not connected to a printer directly, as long as a printer is directly connected to a different computer on the network, you can print that page from the computer you are on, by accessing the printer through the use of the network.

Remember – All computers are vulnerable to viruses, especially when open to connectivity with other computers. Run the necessary virus scans, and programs to reduce the chances of having any or all of the computers infected.

Hardware Used in Networking

There are several different pieces of hardware that are used together to create a network. What hardware, and how much depends on what type of network you are building. Prior to the creation, the network should be planned out, to make sure you have everything you need prior, and that it can be done within the place you are using. The network can be wired, or wireless depending on the hardware used.

Small Office Network Setup

Two or more computers, a printer, a fax, and scanner, are some of the stuff that might be needed for a small office network. With this in the office, each of these items will be able to be accessed from one of the computers. This saves money by not needing several printers, scanners, or faxes. The time is saved, by being able to stay at just the one computer that is being used by that person. If information is needed that is stored on a co-workers computer for business, they will be able to retrieve it right from their desk.

Network Professionals and Non-Professionals

Many networks can be created by non professionals, but when a large one is needed, professionals are required. Larger computer networks usually need a router, hub, and ethernet network cables in addition to the computers being networked together. A home network can be done relatively easily, and finished within a few minutes, also is inexpensive. Now everybody in the home can enjoy all the accessories that were purchased for the computers, with one needing one of each.

Networking provides an easier way for professionals, non professionals, family and friends and many other people to share information easily. With the use of networking, many projects can be completed, people can stay close together and professionals can transfer important files where they need them to go.