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Common Features with Linux and Windows

Windows and Linux have many common features allowing both operating systems to effective and complete. The following are some of the biggest similarities shared between the two:

Alt + Tab Keys

Microsoft introduced Alt + Tab key feature back with Windows 1.0 in their year 1985. Back then, this feature was called “CoolSwitch” however it was later changed in Windows 95 to “Task Switcher” and for Windows Vista “Windows Flip”. Thanks to the usefulness of this feature, Linux later incorporated a version of their own into their operating system.

Users Account

For both productivity and organization, both give great control with user accounts. Users can create a different account for work, home, play, and also one for administration to make managing their accounts simple. This is a great feature for both operating systems.

Task View

It tends to be always said that one operating system steals features from another. Linux took Alt + Tab from Windows, but Task View began with them first.

Linux users were given awesome features for window management in 2006 with Compiz. This included the ability to spread any open windows across the screen and switching between them easily with just a click. Something similar was introduced in Windows 10 with the Task View feature. Users can get a quick look using shortcut Windows key + Tab. This feature is indispensable for users with several active apps. 


Software availability is one of the larger differences between Linux and Windows. Many commercial games and business apps run on the Windows operating system only. Also, there are many exclusive apps for Linux. However, this exclusiveness no longer matters for many users with cross-platform software.

For the rare instances when an app is found that is available on one platform, an alternative is easily found.

Desktop OS and Server OS

Many people think of Windows as a desktop OS while Linux is more for servers. In fact, these OS can be used for both purposes.

Since the year 2003 Windows Server has been used and has upgrades approximately every 4 years. Windows Server 2016 is Microsoft latest version. Several businesses use this version of Windows Server with great stability.

Additionally, many people use Linux for only writing papers or email and not as a server.

Vulnerabilities with Security with Linux

First and foremost, security with Windows is better than what many believe. Also, many people assume Linux is more secure than what it actually is.

Yes, Linux is safer than Microsoft Windows. Additionally, the amount of malware Windows computers receive has reduced in recent years.

With effective antivirus software, both these operating systems share the same amount of security issues.

Whether you use one or another, you are sure to find needed features.

2016 Best Security Suites

Img: www.itp.net

Security Suites for 2016

The best one of the security suites is needed today when one of our major concerns are cyber threats. With an all-in-one security suite, you should find all the features needed to keep your PC secure. Some security suites offer more features than others, with some optional and not necessary.

Features Looked for in Best Security Suites

When looking at Security Suites, the first thing to look at is its antivirus protection. Without this, there is no security for your PC. Another feature to look for is the firewall protection. Some security suites assume Windows Firewall handles what you want with a firewall, skipping this component.

Some suites include spam filters. Which you want a filter that does the job properly and not sifts out an important email message you’ve been waiting for. With reviewing Security Suites, letting spam into an email inbox is better than tossing valid mail away.

Privacy protection is crucial, and when security suites turn users away from phishing sites, it can be helpful. However, some also provide protection for specific sensitive data, such as bank accounts. By entering in this information, and the alarm is sounded with some, while offer credit card protection. There are some with a secure browser for you to do online banking.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016

This security suite comes out on top with a combination of the best antivirus, antispam, and antiphishing features along with many other integrated security items. With a password manager, parental control, secure browser, unobtrusive firewall, Bitdefender manages to keep your PC safe without bogging it down. For secure online financial transactions, be sure to use SafePay.

Kaspersky Internet Security (2017)

Kaspersky Internet Security (2017) is one of the best at keeping both your PC and devices safe. Software updates automatically, spam filter, phishing protection, no-fuss firewall, great parental control, and many bonus features.

Symantec Norton Security Premium

Protect up to 10 devices, 25GB of hosted online backup, along with the best parental control system with this security suite. Intelligent firewall, cross-platform, spam filter, password manager, top-scoring malicious URL blocking, antiphishing, system optimization tools, with an ability to run with no-hassle and high performance.

McAfee Internet Security (2016)

McAfee Internet Security (2016) is cross-platform protection ensuring every device in your household stays safe. This security suite is loaded with features and includes ones found in McAfee antivirus. Expect awesome spam filtering, award-winning True Key password protection with a multifactor authentication not to mess with, and parental controls.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete (2016)

This security suite is extremely powerful with unusual antivirus, system optimization, as well as 25GB hosted online backup, and your system resources will not be lagged down. Some features include Web Shield, USB Shield, and PUP Shield, antiphishing, anti-ransomware, along with the ability to erase online activity traces.

These are the best Security Suites available for 2016. These vary on features and cost but essentially offer the same amount of virus protection.

Learn These Tips Before a New Laptop Purchase


Money-Saving Tips to Learn Before Purchasing a New Laptop

When your laptop dies, make this experience less painful by not letting your replacement purchase break the bank. While shopping for a new laptop, remember these money-saving tips to help you not fall into debt.

Do Not Pay For Unnecessary Features

Laptops today come loaded with features. Some features such as graphic cards that are high-end, backlit keyboards, and extra-large solid-state drives are great to have, but prior to dropping that extra thousand dollars on that notebook which is top-of-the-line, ask yourself if you need all these extra features.

Graphic cards which are more powerful can benefit video and photo editing. If a person that travels quite a bit, it is handy to have a large battery. More CPU and RAM is needed for complicated calculations and programs. You will need a solid-state or hard drive that is big if you have plenty of music. Most likely, there is no need to have all of these and you can save money not taking them all.

Chromebook is a great solution if you only do basics. They are affordable, do not come loaded with features, but can handle everyday tasks.

Purchase Refurbished

Unlike their brand-new counterparts, purchasing a refurbished laptop can cost several hundred dollars less. There are some people that think there might be a huge sacrifice in longevity or quality, however, with a purchase of certified refurbished laptops they can feel confident their machine is extremely close to being like new. There are testing processes that are rigorous manufacturers perform, ensuring each and every refurbished laptop performs correctly. There is usually a warranty with all refurbished models, helping to ease customer’s minds.

Shop Around – Never Buy Straight From Manufacturer

When purchasing a new laptop, you may think it is wise to buy straight from the manufacturer, however, you will end up paying more in almost every case than it costs at an authorized dealer. Best Buy in most situations beats prices of manufacturers, Wal-Mart and Costco in almost every case undercuts manufactures prices. When shopping at Amazon, you most likely can get a price that is lower than a manufactures.

There are also many websites selling laptops for prices that are unbeatable, including some with auctions. When purchasing from any of website you are not sure of, do your research.

When purchasing a laptop from an authorized dealer, you need to be careful of their warranty. Be sure to examine details of their warranty, making sure if a problem occurs within a year that you are able to return the laptop. Most unexpected problems occur in first couple of months, making extended warranties usually not worth the extra money.

Never Pay Full Price

It is unnecessary to ever pay full price for a laptop, whether from an authorized dealer or manufacturer. Consider what specs are needed, compare several retailers, checking out all the good deals.

Just make sure you know how to choose the right laptop for you!

Make Life Easier Using Hidden Features in Word

So many features you might not have known about.

So many features you might not have known about.

Hidden Features Do Exist in Word

Majority of people only use the very basic and obvious features Microsoft Word offers. There are times when a feature that could of saved you time and frustration is pointed out to you by somebody that you did not know existed. Here are a few features you may not know about that can make life easier when working with Word:

1. Hide the Ribbon

When using Word you do not want distractions, and the ribbon can be one that we can make disappear. To toggle the view press Ctrl and F1 together. You can tweak this by selecting Ribbon Display Option > Auto-hide Ribbon. If you would like it set it read mode simple select from the Ribbon menu, View > Read Mode.

2. Outline View

From the Ribbon menu click on View > Outline. You can reorganize a report fast with the use of outline view. There is a special toolbar that comes up for demoting or promoting selected text.

3. Write Equations

Being able to write equations has always been in Word and was called “Equation Editor”, now known as “Equation”. This tool is more advanced now in the latest version. To get to it select Insert > Equation. Older documents can be converted to the new format and the equation editor used without a problem.

4. Convert Tables to Graphs

Easiest way to accomplish this is select Insert > Object. Choose Microsoft Graph Chart from the list that popped up. Easy as that!

5. 24 Items in the Clipboard

The place copied text is saved temporarily is known as the Clipboard. As you know already, you can only copy text one piece at a time before being replaced by the next selection you copy. In Microsoft Word however, this is not the case. Select the tiny dropdown arrow that is next to Clipboard on the Home tab, or press Ctrl and C twice for the shortcut to open your Clipboard Panel. This panel shows you up to 24 items previously copied. You can move these anywhere within your document. This works across all documents for Office.

6. Inspect the Document

When sharing documents it is wise to have any personal information removed that may be hidden. Users that are malicious might use it against you. Select File > Info > Check for Issues. Now select Inspect Document. After you choose what to look for hit OK. You are then shown what items were found and can select Remove All to remove the information from the document. Now you can share your document freely.

Hopefully, using these features make using Word more productive and easier for use.

Learn More About Intel Laptop Features

Intel Notebooks are more advanced than ever

Intel has always been the creators of some of the best technology out there that you can find on the market. With some of the fastest parts that are placed in other computers, you should feel confident about purchasing an Ultrabook to bring home and use to your advantage. Not only does it provide fast speeds but it is sleek and professional looking.

So before you consider Intel off the list for the laptop you’re after, remind yourself that these are the makers of the i3, i5 and i7.

Voice Control 

Control your entire notebook with gesture, voice or touch controls. This means that anyone is able to go on their notebook, open it up and use it like they would with a normal laptop or they can choose to control it through other means. This makes their technology stand out a bit more than the competitors in the field.

One of the biggest developments is because this is going to be a notebook that those who are not able to touch the screen can still surf the web, talk with friends and do all of the things that technology is enabling us to do without having to have the capabilities of touching the screen or clicking a mouse.

Intel is a leader in the computer technology industry and they will continue to be a leader as long as they are in the market. With innovative new approaches that allow so many more people to use technology how it was meant to be used. With so many good things that you’re able to do with just one laptop, you will find that choosing the right laptop is the only thing that can be done if you want to do everything in a high quality standard.

Looks and Durability 

With many different Intel computers to choose from though, all that have high processing speeds, rugged looks and ease of use with them, you’re able to choose one that fits the needs you have. Many businesses use these laptops since they are some of the best in the market. While they are a bit more expensive than some of the others out there, you’re paying for what you get when it comes to it.

If you’re searching for a new computer, speak with us here at IQ Computer where we can provide new computers with Intel processors for you.


Features of Dell Computers That Stand Out


Dell computers provide many different things, including high quality specs.

Dell Computers

Dell computers were some of the first ones on the market when it came to affordability and features that really stand out. Not only did this business start easily, but it quickly took flight to be one of the biggest names throughout the computer industry. Almost everyone has owned a Dell computer at least once in their lifetime.

Features of Dell

Dell computers come with many different features that stand out, and some of these are why people choose to purchase a Dell computer over all others.

  • They have outstanding battery life when used without a charger. You’re able to get hours upon hours with them. If you have to leave the office and run errands and meet clients, use the computer as you go without worrying about battery life.
  • They provide many touchscreen options, which many other computer manufacturers do not provide with their computers. If you’re considering touchscreen, Dell recommends their line with faster processing times and upgrading memory space.
  • Gamer Magazine did a review of the computers and stated that they had much faster processing times, along with greater graphics so you can play all of the games whenever you’d like. You do not have to worry about not being able to keep up with the guild, you can be the leader of it with the ideal graphics card.
  • The look and outside casing of the Dell computers are one of the biggest reasons why people choose to go with them. In addition to being some of the coolest out there, you can personalize your Dell in any color or pattern that you’d like when you purchase it. This makes your computer, your own.
  • The smooth, sleek and easy to use design of the computers allow you to quickly and efficiently do everything you need to do on them without a problem. There is no need to worry about learning the basic commands, because the computers can walk you through them.
  • They are compatible with almost every game, program or software that is needed. You can ensure that you have exactly what you need from the computer since the makers ensured that you’re covered. Many of the software requirements are already installed to allow you to get what is needed from them.
  • Dell has a spot where you’re able to make the computer that you want by choosing specific specs. This allows you to also control the price of the computer when you would like to get more or less out of it. This is one of the most popular ways for gamers to get the ideal computer.

Whether you want to purchase a new, used or refurbished Dell laptop is up to you but the critics all state that you will not be disappointed when it comes to owning one. You can feel confident and comfortable knowing that you have a top of the line, affordable and easy to use computer.


Should I Buy A Refurbished Laptop?

refurbished laptop

Refurbished Laptop PC

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Buying a new laptop can be a daunting task. All the options to consider are potentially overwhelming. One point to consider is buying a refurbished laptop. The term refurbished does not imply the same thing  as the term used. A refurbished laptop has passed functionality tests conducted by the manufacturer or vendor. I recommend considering this option because on average you cannot beat the two to three hundred dollars you will save compared to the original price. This will allow you to get some of the better features while still staying within your budget. Some features to keep in mind would be hard drive size, web cam, memory, software and what operating system is it running.

Things To Consider

Be careful when purchasing a refurbished computer.  Do your own inspection on the system. The laptop may look brand new or could possibly have some minor bumps or scratches that do not affect functionality. You want to make sure the cosmetics are acceptable to you. The most important thing to remember when shopping for a refurbished laptop is the warranty.  Find out how long the warranty lasts and what exactly it covers. Make sure to create a list of features you must have in your computer and be sure the ones you are looking at meet this standard. Always verify that it is in working condition from powering it on to the wireless connectivity.

Where To Look

Another problem would be where to find your refurbished laptop. Look to the manufacturers, authorized refurbishers and other stores for the best prices, warranty, return policies and ability for hands on inspection. While Craigslist and eBay have enticing prices, these items often tend to be used and instead of refurbished. Understanding these few tips can ensure you come out on top when buying a refurbished laptop.