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Best Tablets for Windows of 2016

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Get These Tablets That are Rated the Best of 2016

With Windows 10 now here on tablets, focus for them to double as our PC keeps growing. There is a wide range of devices, where simple tablets are no longer your only option. No matter what needs you are looking for in a tablet, there is one available with Windows 10 as the operating system. Before heading out for that new Windows tablet, check out what is hot so far this year.

1) Surface Pro 4

Undoubtedly, the best Windows tablet available. Surface Pro 4 may be costlier than other tablets, but worth it with the built in quality it comes with. Microsoft outdid themselves with a sharper and larger screen than before and a feeling like typing on a real laptop with an island that’s redesigned. After using the Surface Pro 4, you may want to give up your laptop.

2.4GHz Intel Core i5 CPU – Intel HD Graphics 520 – 8GB RAM – 256GB SSD Storage – 12.3” Display

2) HP Spectre x2

There is a resemblance between Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and HP’s Spectre x2, but HP weighs less and is thinner. This is due a processor with no fan powering it, the Intel Core M. This tablet includes a keyboard, and comes at a cost quite less than Surface Pro 4. HP Spectre x2 has a battery life that is efficient, allowing you more time for work or play than on other model tablets.

1.2GHz Intel Core m7 CPU – Intel HD Graphics 515 – 8GB RAM – 256GB SSD Storage – 12” Display

3) Surface 3

If you are looking for something less that what Surface Pro 4 offers, check out what Surface 3 provides. Smaller than the 12” form with a display of 10.8”, this tablet is an excellent tablet rather than a laptop replacement. Surface 3 provides you with a quiet, lighter solution at a more affordable price.

1.6GHz Quad Core Intel Atom CPU – Integrated Intel HD Graphics – 4GB RAM – 128GB SSD Storage – 10.8” Display

4) HP Pavilion x2

An extremely affordable Windows tablet. HP Pavilion x2 is a 10” convertible tablet, with lots of punch. This tablet is equipped with an HD screen, making editing photos a simple task. HP Pavilion x2 has plenty of power to see you through an entire day of simple web browsing. Take the 10” works off when you feel like relaxing with streaming media. No need to stick with 10” of the screen if you’re looking for more, check out HP Pavilion x2 12” model.

1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU – Intel HD Graphics – 2GB RAM – 32GB eMMC Storage – 10.1” Display

No need to change operating systems when purchasing a tablet, one with Windows 10 is all you’ll need.

Is It Time To Replace Your Mac?

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Know if it is Time to Replace Your Mac

Everyone already knows hardware from Apple lasts a long time. However, as with everything, there comes a time when your Mac will no longer be useful and become obsolete. You may want to think about taking the time to replace your Mac with a newer model.

The majority of the time when a computer needs replacing, it is obvious. If unsure when you may be in need of a replacement for your Mac, here are some signs:

Slower Applications Show You Should Replace Your Mac

As time goes on applications are getting more demanding and bigger. Eventually, the Mac you currently own will no longer have the capable to keep up with demands. To help with performance in short-term, you can use an earlier software version. Unfortunately, if you want new functionality and features this option becomes unreasonable.

The Latest OS X Will Not Run On Your Mac

Apple provides their users with the latest version of OS X for free to be sure we are all using it. However, when Mac’s are unable to run their latest version, a new purchase soon becomes necessary.

Each fall a new version of OS X is released by Apple, with the current version being OS X 10.11 EL Capitan, and is compatible with the majority of Mac’s since 2007.

If your Mac is unable to run El Capitan, Apple likely has downgraded it to obsolete or vintage status. For these products, repairing them will not come cheaply. Points of non-Apple service may be able to work on vintage products, however.

For products with a status of obsolete, parts can no longer be ordered by service providers.

Components Are Too Expensive; Do Not Work

Mac parts are expensive, and thankfully they generally last for long periods of time. You must decide if a new part is worth the cost or a better solution would be to purchase a new Mac when a part needs to be replaced.

If the issue is when your battery dies, you are able to continue using the Mac by plugging it in. Keep in mind, faulty batteries are typically signs of other system components on the verge of breaking. Apple’s battery replacement program can be rather expensive.

It is almost impossible for end users to replace parts on Mac’s, including their batteries which are glued to their logic board. Apple has steadily increased prices for these components, on top of their labor costs.

When faced with a choice of whether to purchase a new Mac or pay a bill for a new laptop display or logic board, where would you rather put this kind of money?

Enjoying Your Mac for the Long Haul

Luckily, Macs do not need replacing that often, they are generally very high-quality machines. If you need to buy one, however, this experience can be an enjoyable one.

Disable Microsoft Upload Center on Windows

Remove the upload center with ease.

Remove the upload center with ease.

Easily Disable the Microsoft Upload Center

A feature introduced in Microsoft Office 2010 is Microsoft Upload Center. This feature still lives on in Office 2013 and 2016. It is an add-on to Office.

Older versions of Microsoft Office were made to save documents, along with other Office files to the local hard drive. With the incorporation of OneDrive and cloud storage having so much emphasis in modern versions, Microsoft has included Upload Center. The purpose of it is to help when uploading documents to cloud storage, basically OneDrive.

When on default setting, if Save is clicked on a document, a copy is saved on your system while Microsoft Office tries to upload it to your OneDrive account. You may not notice anything unless you have a slow connection.

If you are one that uploads tons of documents to OneDrive at one time or you are frequently having to deal with weak wireless connections, MS Upload Center is most likely useful for you and you should probably not disable it. However, if you work only occasionally on a file in Office or never use OneDrive, t is irrelevant and to save resources you can disable it.

Removal of Notification Icon

If you want the icon removed from your system tray but do not mind Upload Center running in the background, you do not have to stop the program to remove the icon. Right-click Upload Center icon and select Settings, under Display Options, uncheck Display icon in notification area. Keep in mind that it is still running, use the start menu to access this program now.

Disabling the Microsoft Upload Center

There are different processes for disabling the Microsoft Upload Center depending on what version Windows and Office you are using.

If you are in use of Office 2010, type into the Search bar MSConfig on Startup tab check and disable the entry MSOSYNC. If any instance of Microsoft Office 2010 is noticed here, you can disable is since there is no reason for it to run at startup.

Another method reported to work for users on Windows 7, Office 2010 is editing the registry. This needs to be done with caution as to avoid damage to your computer.

Go to this location on the Registry:


Now you need to delete the value OfficeSyncProcess and restart.

For users of Office 2013, you can use Task Scheduler to attempt to remove Upload Center. In the Start menu enter Task Scheduler for it to open. In the left pane click Task Scheduler Library. Browse for Microsoft Office 15 Sync Maintenance for USERNAME and once found rick-click on it to disable.
Hopefully you have found a solution to disable Upload Center, however if you have not there are benefits of keeping your documents saved in the cloud.

Top Problems with Internet Explorer, And Ways to Fix Them


Know the Answers to All of Your Internet Explorer Problems

Although Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 has come with their new browser, Microsoft Edge, there are still time when Internet Explorer is needed. There are some people that have decided not to upgrade, at least not yet. Internet Explorer has been improved greatly which has brought many users back, however as with any technology there are glitches and problems. Here are some common problems and how to solve them:

First thing, always want to do is check for Windows update, there is a possibility you have missed one.

404 Error: Page Cannot Be Displayed

If having 404 Error try resetting your browser. Go to Tools, and select Internet Options>Advanced>Reset. A dialog box will appear “Reset Internet Explorer Settings” and select Reset>Close>OK. Restart your computer for default setting to take effect for Internet Explorer.

Issues with Display

If a website images are not displaying or it is blank, text is jumbled or broken, or menus are out of place, there might be an issue with compatibility between the website and IE. In the Compatibility View list you can add this website. Go to tools, Compatibility View setting, the text field will automatically have the website you are on displayed, click Add.

If there are still issues, clear your browser cache. Doing so also deletes your Compatibility View list. Go to Tools, then Internet Options>General, click Delete underneath Browsing history. Put a check in the box Temporary Internet files and website files the select Delete.

Videos Will Not Play

There may be an add-on required in your browser to play the video you are trying. Also be sure you are not trying to view the video while InPrivate Browsing is being used. This may block required add-ons or info needed to play the video.

Another way to try fixing the issue is using Compatibility View.

Freezes or Crashes

There are many ways of addressing this problem. One way is by turning hardware acceleration off. Your computers graphic card is used for accelerating tasks which are graphics-extensive, such as online games or streaming video. Go to Tools, Internet Options>Advanced, now put a check in the box Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. Hit OK, and restart your browser so the changes will take effect.

Another way is by running Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter. So a search and hit Troubleshooting. Select View All>Internet Explorer Performance. Using the Advanced link you want to Run as administrator. You receive result that are more accurate when ran in admin mode. Make sure there is a check in the box Apply repairs automatically, hit Next and follow all directions that follow.

These solutions should fix your issues, and if they do not, you can reset IE back to its default settings described in “404 Error”. Internet Explorer can be a pain, but with the right knowledge; you’re able to handle the problems without a worry.