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Become an Internet Pro with These Awesome Browser Tricks

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Awesome Browser Tricks Everyone Should Know

The majority of us put Internet browsers to use on a daily basis. They are a way for us to see and discover everything the world wide web has to offer.

Due to the amount of time we spend on our browsers, it can be assumed you’re an Internet pro. However, not very many of us are. There is always more browser tricks for you to learn to enhance your skills.

Here are some awesome browser tricks to help you surf like a pro:

1) Dead Webpages

While searching online, you may stumble across some sites which are no longer online. This happens for various reasons. Paste the dead link into archive.org if you have this problem. Many times they have old versions of sites available to view.

2) Tab Restore

Everyone has accidentally closed a tab, and many times you may not remember what site you were on. This can be frustrating, and in the past, you would have had to go through your browser’s history to find and reload it. This is no longer the case with most browsers who offer “Recently Closed Tabs” list.

A faster way than going through history, press ctrl + shift + T and your tab will reload.

3) Use Your Browser as a Notepad

We all have been in need of paper and pen, but there is none to be found.

Bookmark this code to use the browser window for a notepad:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Simply enter this code into your browser address next time you’re in need.

Be sure to copy any notes taken before closing any windows, these are not able to be saved.

4) Google’s Reverse Image Search

You may have an image saved someplace on your PC, but have no memory of where it came from. You can find out with Google’s reverse image search. Go to images.google.com and either drag and drop the image you have saved or click the camera icon.

5) Clearing Cache

A cache is a temporary storage of such things as images and web pages, with a purpose of reducing lag, bandwidth, and server load. There are times that sites are able to be loaded from the cache. However, a cache can end up corrupted. When this happens, you can simply clear and reload the proper version of the cache. To do so press ctrl + shift + R. 

6) URL Highlight Browser Tricks

Oftentimes, keyboard shortcuts are quicker to use than a mouse. Everyone knows the popular ones, such as cut and copy, but try this awesome one.

Highlight the current website URL by pressing ctrl + L. Easily share your links with friends or co-workers.

After learning these neat tricks, you can take to your browser like a pro. Make sure to also check out how to configure and set up your Microsoft 10 browser.

New PC? What You Want To Do Immediately

Keep up with your new PC

Keep up with your new PC

Do These Immediately with a New PC

You just brought home a new PC and that’s great! This box brings to you a full world of potential. If you need help keeping track of finances, having video chats with far away relatives, or jumping on to do some first person shooters, this PC can do it.

Even if possible to jump right on and go, you shouldn’t. There are a couple of tasks that you should do to ensure a faster, safer future when you get your new PC home.

Windows Update

First, Windows needs to be fully updated prior to messing around on the web. Unfortunately, this task can take anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours, depending on how long that PC was sitting on the shelf.

Be sure your PC is connected to the internet. From Windows 7 and 8, Windows Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates. From Windows 10, Settings > Update and security > Check for Updates. Continue until there are no more updates found.

Preferred Browser

Users tend to become familiar with certain browsers, and if Internet Explorer is not one you are comfortable with, you can download whatever one you prefer now.

Windows Security

By default, Windows Defender is enabled when shipped with Windows 8. This security solution is decent, even though an overly detailed. However, some PCs come with preinstalled premium security solution trialware, such as McAfee or Norton and Windows Defender disabled. At end of the trial period if you choose not to purchase it, be sure to reactivate Windows Defender.

Remove Unwanted/Unneeded Programs

Now that you have security in place, it is time to remove unwanted/unneeded programs from your PC. Of course, if your PC was built for you this step can be skipped, but when purchasing a PC from big-name makers, tons of bloatware comes along with it.

A program named PC Decrapifier can do this job for you. This programs completes a scan of your PC for all known bloatware, then with one swoop you are able to delete it. Much faster process than hunting down each individual program through Control Panel, and it is free!

Time for Your Stuff

One reason why you want that old stuff removed from your PC is to make room for your own stuff. This is a job that is totally up to you and quite personal. Put whatever programs you feel you want or need to have that fill your needs on your rig.

Create Image of Hard Drive

It is time for you to make an image of the primary hard drive. This is the one Windows boots from, and then save this to another disk. If you experience problems later on, this prevents you from having to do all these steps over again.


Setting Up Windows 10 Default Browser – Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has a new browser, are you ready for it?

Microsoft has a new browser, are you ready for it?

What is the Default Browser for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge, previously known as Project Spartan, is a new internet browser from Microsoft. This browser supports HTML5, along with parts of technologies that are outdated such as Silverlight and ActiveX.
Edge promises to be faster, modern, and reliable than Internet Explorer. With browser extensions being added at some point, Edge will be more completive with Firefox and Chrome.  So if you’re just getting used to that Start menu, make sure to have a browser to go with it.

Import Favorites

Click on your browsers top right corner three-point menu, next go to Settings > Import favorites from another browser, choose which browser you wish to import from, then click Import.

Set Custom Home Page

Microsoft Edge has the ability of opening more than one home page same as Internet Explorer.
Go to Settings > Open with and choose what you prefer from the four choices given. When choosing A specific page or pages > Custom you can enter multiple pages you want Edge to open each time it is launched.

Change Default Search Engine

Bing is the default search engine for Edge. To change this go to Settings > Advanced settings > Search in the address bar with. From the drop down menu, select < Add new > and choose one that is given. Search engines are added to this list by visiting their websites.

Add Home Button

There is no home button set by default on Edge. However, you are able to turn this feature on by going to Settings > View advanced settings > Show the home button. Beneath the on/off button is where you enter the site that is associated with the home button.

Your Top Sites Customized

Content can fill the New tab page like it does in Firefox and Chrome. To set this up, go to Settings > Open new tabs with you can choose either show Top sites, or A blank page, or Top sites and suggested content.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Efficiently browse using these keyboard shortcuts which Microsoft Edge supports:
CTRL + Enter when only entering a name for a website (e.g. computerrepairblob), this shortcut completes it with http:// and .com.
SHIFT + Enter to add …. and .net.
CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to complete an address with .org.
CTRL + 1 brings you to the first tab, CTRL + 2 bring you to the second tab, and so forth.
CTRL + D allows you to add a favorite.
CTRL + G opens up your reading list.
CTRL + H opens up the history.
CTRL + I to open favorites.
CTRL + J opens up Downloads.
CTRL + K to clone the tab you are currently on.
CTRL + N to open a new window.
CTRL + T to open a new tab.
With time, Microsoft will introduce more features similar to your favorite browsers such as Firefox and Chrome to Edge.