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Solid State Drive Advantages

Hard drives provide a lot of use for your computer.

SSDs provide the power and backing you’re looking for.


SSD Technology is Now

With technology moving forward, this means that our hardware will also move in the same direction. Instead of choosing to have a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), that is mechanical, people can now choose a solid state drive (SSD), or both in their computer. There are advantages that a SSD has over a HDD, while performing the same job.

Advantages of Solid State Drives

One advantage in a solid state drive is that the parts do not move, unlike in traditional ones. This gives it more reliability. With parts that move, HDD usually fail, and get worn out faster due to more usage. Without parts moving, there is no shock or vibration damage. The regular hard drive can not operate on temperatures as high as the SSD, also because parts moving. The heat that is generated will be less, and therefore the lifespan is increased.

 Solid State Drive Speed

The rates solid state drives read and write data, is at an increased speed. Accessing data from the HDD, can take approximately 100 times more time, than with the SSD. This helps when booting your system up or down, due to the solid state able to almost instantaneously read the data, because being stored on flash memory chips. Because traditional drives being mechanical, boot time is increased. The HDD takes more time for applications to open, and the performance is not as fast as an SDD. The power that is used to do this, is less than with HDD. Less power being used, will increase your laptops battery life.

There is almost no noise, so you will not have to hear it while watching a movie. With all the components in your computer, a HDD is the loudest, with the parts moving to read and write the data.

Small Form Factor

When you need space in your case, an SDD gives you more with the small size. There is more space available for other components. Even though the size is smaller, that does not interfere with capacity. They are available in the same capacity size as all the other hard drives. The weight is less, giving you a lighter laptop or desktop computer, to move or lift.

Solid state is cost efficient for businesses when it comes to the long run. They last longer, energy usage is less,  and with productivity being greater.

Some people choose to use an SSD for their operating system, and other programs that are important, and use an HDD for the storage of music, pictures, and other stuff that does not require the speed.

Overall a solid state drive beats out the traditional hard disk drive on noise, heat, speed, size, power and ruggedness. They can be placed into an existing computer, or purchased within a computer that you purchase and use.

2 Responses to Solid State Drive Advantages

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