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Should I Build A Gaming Machine or Buy A Prebuilt System?

A gaming system is usually going to be a substantial investment that requires careful consideration. For your average consumer buying a prebuilt system will probably be the easiest and least time-consuming should you be able to find a computer that meets the specs you desire and is within your budget. Though the advanced and tech savy consumers can save a bit of money by buying the parts and assembling the system they want.

Now days everyone is about cost and wants to save money anyway they can but the average person just doesn’t have the knowledge to properly design a system from scratch. From the motherboard to the RAM, you have to make sure everything is going to work together and be compatible while meet you high demand for gaming specifications.This is where consultants at IQ Computer Services can help you. We can design and build a performance PC based on the budget that is given.

 Advanced Consumers

When building your own system remember to check all parts for compatibility. Know that most of the time the most expensive thing you are going to buy for a gaming system is your Graphics Card. The next costly item would be your CPU and then your motherboard.

Graphics cards

I can not stress enough how important it is to do your research and make sure everything is going to be compatible. The graphics card is going to be the eyes of your machine, the faster your graphics cards is determines how your game looks. This is a top priority in most games. You want high graphics setting with no choppiness and no lag to optimize your gaming experience.  Be sure it has the connections that you need.


Your CPU is the brain of your computer. The faster your CPU the more your computer can run at one time. Make sure to look at the specs of a game you intend on playing to help advise you on the type and speed  of CPU you may require.  You can choose between dual core, and quad-core for top processing power.


This is the back bone of your computer, everything goes through your motherboard. When you buy your motherboard pay close attention to the speed of the motherboard and ask yourself, “Does it have all the functions that I am going to need?” Consider RAM slots, proper mounting for your new CPU, and is there room on the motherboard for your graphics card to fit.


Cases can be rather expensive as well. With all kinds of modification that can be made from lights to extra fans for cooling, cases are not so much for performance as they are for aesthetics.  Don’t misunderstand you need to get a case that will fit all the parts you have purchased and will allow for proper cooling of everything. When it comes to the amazing extra features on a case it is mostly about your own style and what you think looks good and still meets the necessary requirements for the system you have in mind.

These are a few things to consider when building your own gaming computer. There really is so much more than most people realize to designing a proper gaming system that will functionally run. Either way you choose to go good luck and game on.

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