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Why Do You Still Need That External Drive? There has been an incredible increase of storage options available which are cloud-based. For subscribers of Office 365, they can store up to 1 TB with the use of Microsoft’s OneDrive. Google offers 100 GB of cloud-based storage for a time period of two years when you purchase Chromebook. This is just a few of the enormous list of options available for cloud-based storage. You may beRead More
Malware can be harmful, if not prevented.
Is Your Mac Infected? If you’re a Mac owner, you probably already know it is more difficult for a Mac to become infected with malware than a Microsoft Windows PC. However, as more people begin to use Mac’s, it has become more common than ever for your Mac to be infected with a virus. Third-party software is the most common way a Mac becomes infected. Some common ways for your Mac to become compromised includeRead More
Free Up Some Extra Disc Space on Windows 10 No matter what size hard drive we may have, it seems to fill up quickly. High-definition movies, high-resolution photos, songs, games tend to take up space faster than we might think, making you reach the limit of space on your hard drive before you know it. However, by utilizing some quick easy tips, you can reclaim some of that needs space. 1. Remove Older Versions ofRead More
If you are a person that takes proper care of your tech devices, the majority of them will last for many years. Of course, electronic components will need replacing as time goes on. One of the most replaced components is RAM or Random Access Memory. The good news is, many times when your RAM is about to fail, there are signs and symptoms to warn you. Declining Performance Declining performance is one of the mostRead More
Around the time of Windows 10 one-year anniversary, Microsoft released a major update for the OS. Due to the timing of the update, it is being called ‘Windows 10 Anniversary Update’. This update includes some minor polishing to fix some hated annoyances, as well as adding some amazing new features. Smart Cortana Almost everyone knows Cortana on Windows 10 can be quite useful. Cortana allows users to set reminders, check your schedule, find and keepRead More
Know How to Customize Your Windows Lock Screen When turning on your Windows 10 PC, the first thing that comes into view is the Lock Screen. By either tapping or clicking on this screen, you’ll be taken to where you can sign into Windows. We know the Lock Screen may seem pointless, however, it has some information that can be helpful prior to launching Windows. There are options to view information from certain apps onRead More

How to Work Windows 10 Battery Saver

Posted on September 29, 2016
Battery saver is a great feature that was introduced with Windows 10. This feature adjusts hardware settings and limits background activity allowing you to conserve your computer’s battery. With the different settings, you can turn on Battery saver manually or you can set it to automatically turn on. Also, there are additional options that allow you to change settings of apps to “Always allowed in background”, “Managed by Windows”, or “Never allowed in background”. AllRead More

2016 Best Security Suites

Posted on August 21, 2016
Security Suites for 2016 The best security suite is needed today when one of our major concerns are cyber threats. With an all-in-one security suite, you should find all the features needed to keep your PC secure. Some suites offer more features than others, with some optional and not necessary. Features Looked for in Best Security Suites When looking at Security Suites, the first thing to look at is its antivirus protection. Without this, thereRead More

Guiding the Beginner about PC Backup

Posted on August 10, 2016
PC Backup Is Important: Here is Our Guide It is widely known, backing up our data is something we all must do. If not, unsaved data can be lost instantaneously. In today’s world, we feel much better when our data is saved. Unfortunately, as important as this may be, many people still do not bother to take the few minutes to back up. This is true even after they lose a crucial documents, financial records,Read More

Best Tablets for Windows of 2016

Posted on July 19, 2016
Get These Tablets That are Rated the Best of 2016 With Windows 10 now here on tablets, focus for them to double as our PC keeps growing. There is a wide range of devices, where simple tablets are no longer your only option. No matter what needs you are looking for in a tablet, there is one available with Windows 10 as the operating system. Before heading out for that new Windows tablet, check outRead More

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