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If you are a person that takes proper care of your tech devices, the majority of them will last for many years. Of course, electronic components will need replacing as time goes on. One of the most replaced components is RAM or Random Access Memory. The good news is, many times when your RAM is about to fail, there are

External hard drive can provide additional storage solutions.

Always Back Up Your Data for Safety and Security.

Always Back Up Your Data In Case Something Happens

The time to consider if your data is securely backed up is now. Eventually, all hard drives fail, and when this happens, any data will no longer be there. Your personal photos, music, and work documents – GONE. However,

Is It Time To Replace Your Mac?

Posted on April 16, 2016


Know if it is Time to Replace Your Mac

Everyone already knows hardware from Apple lasts a long time. However, as with everything, there comes a time when your Mac will no longer be useful and become obsolete. The majority of the time when a computer needs replacing, it is obvious. If unsure when you may be in need of a replacement for


Troubleshoot Common RAM Issues

Throughout the last several years RAM amount available has increased on personal computers. Memory usage increases due to many factors, and laptops are commonly shipped with 8 GB RAM. The capabilities of your system are limited by how much RAM is being used. What should you do when experiencing low RAM or a memory leak?

About RAM

Random Access

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

With the growing number of online gaming platforms, smart home devices, and streaming video services, keeping a strong internet connection up at home which more important now than it has been in the past. If you are playing World of Warcraft and experience lag, or downloading music is taking forever, the issue is

Inspecting Your Router for Malware

Posted on January 26, 2016
Clean of the Malware on the Router.

Clean of the Malware on the Router.

How to Inspect a Router for Malware

There are advantages made by attackers on routers with manufacturers that lack in router security. These devices are open to attack due manufactures producing large amounts of them but never updating them.

How Attackers Make Their Way to Your Router

The DNS server setting

Easily Reboot Your Windows

Posted on August 21, 2015


Reboot Windows like a Pro Using These Tips

Everybody know the way of rebooting their computer system by using the Start menu, but that is not the only way. There are several methods that can be used to reboot, with some of these offering more control and convenience. For example, you can set a specific amount of time until your computer reboots and you may

Windows Updates don't have to pop up on the screen.

Windows Updates don’t have to pop up on the screen.

If you are a user of Windows it has happened to you. While you are busy on your computer Windows decides it is time to reboot, bugging you continuously with pop-ups all day. If while away from your computer a pop-up occurs that you miss,

Hard drives can last a bit longer with these tricks.

Hard drives can last a bit longer with these tricks.

Who Wouldn’t Want Their Hard Drive to Last?

Every hard drive is bound to fail eventually, but not at rates that are identical. Six years is a hard drives average life span. There are times this is due to the manufacturer, other times the consumer

Update those drivers and take back your computer.

Update those drivers and take back your computer.

Replace Those Old Drivers

You may have drivers that are outdated and require updating, but how would you know? Drivers are software that correspond with your computer’s hardware so it will work with the operating system. A sign that you might have a driver that needs updating is

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