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Remedies for Common Computer Problems

The BSOD is a scary thing to come across.

Many common problems can be fixed easily.

Fix Common Computer Problems

Computers are used on a daily basis at work and at home. The majority of the time things run smoothly, however, eventually errors will occur. Some of these errors may bring your PC usage to an abrupt halt. Knowing what the problems are and how to fix them, can be tough. Here are remedies for some of the most common problems, associated with the computer.

 Unable to Install Application

Probably the most simple of the computer problems, having issues with an applications installation. One likely the cause is insufficient space on the hard drive. This is a fast and easy fix. Look at all the folders and files on your hard drive, remove any that are not used anymore or unwanted. These include temporary or duplicate files.

DLL File Missing

Dynamic Link Library or DLL files, retains information about how to execute certain functions of the operating system. At times, DLL files become damaged, or the computer will lose them. If the PC is unable to read the DLL file needed, it will not know how to react with certain situations. If an error message is received each time you try to perform a certain action, there may be a damaged or missing DLL file. If this is the problem, they can be downloaded back onto the computer.

Blue Screen of Death

People usually have tendency to panic, when they see the STOP Error, otherwise known as BSoD. With common computer problems, this is the scariest. However, you may just need to reboot to remedy this situation. There are several reasons why this error occurs. Some of them include damaged DLL files, hardware failure, driver issues, software problems, and more. The way to fix this, depends on the issue causing this error. The white text which appears on the screen, provide codes that may help you figure out and repair your PC problem.

Slow Running Applications

There is a variety of reasons applications may be running slow. Few of the reasons could possibly be your operating system, or hard drive. Check to see if there are updates missing with your OS, and install them. If the reason is the hard drive not having enough space, remove unnecessary files and optimize the drive.

Use Software for System Repair

If these remedies do not work, software for system repair may be of help. This software is able to fix issues with operating systems. Damaged or missing DLL files, can be replaced. When using software for system repair, space that may be needed will be freed up. This allows for the PC to run faster, and gives room for other applications to be installed.

If you use all of these remedies and find that none of them work, or you’re unsure of what needs to be done then please speak with us here. Not only can we walk you through the process, but we are able to fix the computer if needed.

3 Responses to Remedies for Common Computer Problems

  1. Revi.K says:

    when on my computer system , showing in screen that:-
    “Reboot or install any reboot device or press any other key”.
    when pressing a key same repeat itself.please suggest me the correct methode to run my system


    how can we change a language in a computer that is in french to english when the operating system is stored in french

  3. Deepan says:

    My computer totally slowed down and it showed 100 % disk was being used please help me with this

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