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Recognize Fake Antivirus and Ransom-ware



One day you are on your computer searching the internet, when all of a sudden your screen goes white and a message from the FBI pops up stating that you have been downloading or participating in someway in the trafficking of illegal content. This message has a picture of you sitting at your computer and displays your IP address and Internet Service Provide (ISP). The message also says your computer has been locked by the FBI and for a fee of 300 dollars your computer will be unlocked for you. Every time you try to restart your computer this message pops up. Now your computer is useless to you. This is a feeling many people have been encountering all over the U.S. This is Ransom-ware. A program that runs on your computer hijacking the entire system and demanding you send money to whatever agency to regain control of your computer. This is of course a scam, you would be better off just burning the money instead of sending it to the person that is the reason for your current predicament.

Fake Antivirus

A fake antivirus is the pop up you get that says you have a millions threats on your computer click here to remove them. These are normally scams and could potentially give you viruses any way. Trust the antivirus you have on your computer to let you know if your computer is infected. If you do not have an antivirus visit IQ Computer services for deals on antivirus software.

Damage Control

Once you find yourself in one of these two precarious positions it can very difficult and beyond most people’s skill set to remove these problems completely from your system. I wouldn’t advise you to try anything other than contacting professionals like IQ Computer Service to properly hand the issues with masterful precision.

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