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Passwords – When To Change It

save password screen

Saving Your Password?

Your password is the key to your digital home. For general safety we change the locks on our houses when they get old. The same should be done with your passwords. A password can be considered old generally after ninety days. After that amount of time the password should be changed. What you may not think of is the other times you should really change your passwords.

If you change jobs, you should change your passwords. This will prevent any unwanted activity on your accounts that may have been saved to computers you no longer use. This also keeps people that may have known your passwords for what ever reason out of your email and other accounts. Being “hacked” by a co-worker is not a fun experience and should be avoided at every turn.

Any time someone moves out of or into your house hold is a good time to change your password. Whether it be an ending relationship or an old roommate moving out this practice helps to keep honest people honest. It can also keep that spiteful ex out of your Facebook.

When you take your computer in for servicing some times the service technician will ask for passwords to the computer. If you have saved passwords on your computer, you may as well changed them just to be safe.

For whatever your reasons, changing your passwords plays a very important role in your digital security. Learn how to create a strong memorable password and whether you should rethink auto logging in with passwords saved in your browser.

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