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Open SSL and What You Should Know About it

Open SSL might not be as protected as you may think.

Vulnerability is something that comes with any computer. You’re going to come across bugs, viruses and many other problems along the way. It is inevitable, but with the right protection on your computer – you shouldn’t have to worry about something like this – but you should get information about it, so you’re more prepared to take on the problem at hand.

Open SSL is known for this problem called Heartbleed. It is a bug, or virus that is able to get into your computer and do some pretty bad stuff. We are going to give you an overview of what to look out for, and a better understanding of the system and the virus, so you can rest easy at night.

What this is exactly is the security system that processes information over the Internet such as credit card information, and other personal sensitive information. You will generally see a small lock on the web page url on the top of the page – that shows that the pages are secured while you’re filling out the forms. Generally, the page refreshes while you’re doing this, so the information is kept safe – this is the heart beat part of the encryption.

The Flaws

There are flaws in this system however, for some this can become a nightmare. The information that is entered into the system is kept in piles throughout the system. These piles are what can be copied, and copied again. This means that your information can be duplicated and then sent somewhere that it shouldn’t be going. This is a bad thing to happen – something you do not want to happen. These little wavelengths that are happening as you enter the information can leave the sensitive information wide open, causing the information to be stolen.

Always check the programs that you use, that also use Open SSL. You want to stay away from them whenever possible. This is to ensure that these small holes within the system are not allowing your personal information to be vulnerable. You can also add a virus protection program on your computer – that will alert you – when a website is not as it should be and can pose problems. Then it is up to you whether or not you’d like to put your information in. As a general rule, the Explorer on Microsoft Windows generally does not allow Open SSL due to the vulnerabilities that are there.

If you find that you’ve had a problem due to this, consider working with a computer professional that can install the protection on your computer, as well as remove any and all viruses to protect you and your information better.

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