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Nvidia or Radeon Graphics Card for Gaming

The latest and greatest on the market.

The latest and greatest on the market.

Graphic Cards are Important

If you are a gamer, the graphic card is most likely the most important piece to you. You want the richest, smoothest graphics you can find. You should have a visual experience, that puts you in the game. As you know, the games of today can put a graphic card to the test.

When shopping for a new graphic card, a gamer looks for performance and price being balanced. The two cards competing for your business for years, are Nvidia and AMD Radeon. Although these cards are quite similar, there are differences that set them apart. We will look at high-end cards from both makers, to decide the better gaming card. These include AMD Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X. From Nvidia, the GTX 980 and 970 cards.

Testing the Cards

Lets take a look first at frame rates, by testing the cards on the game Bioshock Infinite. This game is not a benchmark hog. The resolution is set at 1080p. The AMD Radeon R9 290 has 65.62 FPS (frames per second), the R9 290X FPS is 66.93. While these are great numbers, Nvidia comes out on top with their frame rate. 82.87 for the Nvidia GTX 980, and 79.51 for GTX 970. The difference is quite large. The numbers for Nvidia with resolution set at 2560, still beat AMD Radeon.

Engine That is Built to Last

A game that can put any system to the test, uses the Crytek engine. One of the games that used this engine, was Crysis. The visual beauty using this engine, surpasses all others. Testing with a game that has the Crytek engine, will show the cards at their best. The game the FPS test is being done on is, Ryse: Call of Rome. Nvidia comes out on top, but the difference is not as much this time. The R9 290 has 54.19, the R9 290X has 54.6 FPS. Both good numbers. Nvidia GTX 970 has 55.15, and the GTX 980 has 57.98.

Performance that Lasts

With performance, Nvidia comes out the winner. Another test that is performed for these graphic cards is power efficiency. With this AMD Radeon, loses again. They use almost twice as much power than the Nvidia, when under full load. The temperature and noise with the Nvidia graphic cards, are much lower than the Radeon cards. Through all the testing done, both cards remained stable.

AMD Radeon had lost out when it comes to noise, speed, and temperature. Now we look at pricing for the cards. The Nvidia GTX 980 comes out as the most expensive or the four, costing approximately $550. The cost of the other three are approximately $300. Check to see if gaming laptops have either of these cards in them.

The winner when you look at all these factors, would be the Nvidia GTX 970. If you are willing to pay $200 more for a graphic card, then the Nvidia GTX 980 is the way to go. Find out what to do if your video card ever fails.

Let us know your experience with the graphics card that you have in your current computer, and how it is working for you. Also! Don’t forget to let us know what graphics card you want to upgrade too! Share your insight!

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