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Media Center Alternatives in Windows 10

Media Center is phasing out.

Media Center is phasing out.

Media Center Might Be a Thing of the Past

With the release of Windows 10, there will no longer be support for Windows Media Center. If you have WMC, it will stop working when upgrading to Windows 10. Time has come to find a media center alternative compatible with Windows 10.


Kodi (formally XBMC) is thought of as the best alternative for many users, open source and free. Users can watch videos, podcasts, play music, and any digital media files stored. There are several plug-ins available that allow users to access to content online from websites such as YouTube, Grooveshark, Pandora Radio, and Spotify. Live TV recording is excellent. There are several skins available to give you the look you want.


Very popular choice of media players even though live TV shows are not able to be recorded. Users are able to watch videos, podcasts, and view photos. With plug-ins available for Plex, users can watch online content on Hulu, CNN video, and Netflix.


MediaPortal is free and open source with ability to record, play, and pause live TV, play music and videos, and show pictures stored on local storage or media card. Plug-in allow users to listen to music or watch videos online. This media center has skins available to change the way it looks. There is not much difference between Kodi and MediaPortal, which have been rivals for many years.

Freevo Media Center

Another open source alternative to Windows Media Center with functions including personal and digital recording, gaming, playing videos, listening to music, and much more. TV streams can be recorded and online videos can be streamed from websites such as Hulu, YouTube, and Flickr. Users are able to rewind or pause TV shows which are live. Freevo allows users to schedule recordings as well.


An open source alternative having almost every requirement a standard media center requires. PC’s can be converted into complete multimedia entertainment set-up. Uses have the ability to rewind, skip, and pause live TV, and schedule recordings.


Easily connect from any device to stream Live TV and manage your DVR. Users have the ability to share media and features for parental controls, and cloud sync. There is Chromecast support with an attractive user interface.

JRiver MediaCenter

Single license available for $49.98, and is a premium option. This alternative is a strong choice that offers supports for video, audio, photos, and DLNA devices also have network support. A huge selling point for this media center is playing music from any device.
With Windows 10 upgrade there are some superior alternatives to Windows Media Center. If using a PC for only media, there is no need to up upgrade to Windows 10.

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