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Make Life Easier Using Hidden Features in Word

So many features you might not have known about.

So many features you might not have known about.

Hidden Features Do Exist in Word

Majority of people only use the very basic and obvious features Microsoft Word offers. There are times when a feature that could of saved you time and frustration is pointed out to you by somebody that you did not know existed. Here are a few features you may not know about that can make life easier when working with Word:

1. Hide the Ribbon

When using Word you do not want distractions, and the ribbon can be one that we can make disappear. To toggle the view press Ctrl and F1 together. You can tweak this by selecting Ribbon Display Option > Auto-hide Ribbon. If you would like it set it read mode simple select from the Ribbon menu, View > Read Mode.

2. Outline View

From the Ribbon menu click on View > Outline. You can reorganize a report fast with the use of outline view. There is a special toolbar that comes up for demoting or promoting selected text.

3. Write Equations

Being able to write equations has always been in Word and was called “Equation Editor”, now known as “Equation”. This tool is more advanced now in the latest version. To get to it select Insert > Equation. Older documents can be converted to the new format and the equation editor used without a problem.

4. Convert Tables to Graphs

Easiest way to accomplish this is select Insert > Object. Choose Microsoft Graph Chart from the list that popped up. Easy as that!

5. 24 Items in the Clipboard

The place copied text is saved temporarily is known as the Clipboard. As you know already, you can only copy text one piece at a time before being replaced by the next selection you copy. In Microsoft Word however, this is not the case. Select the tiny dropdown arrow that is next to Clipboard on the Home tab, or press Ctrl and C twice for the shortcut to open your Clipboard Panel. This panel shows you up to 24 items previously copied. You can move these anywhere within your document. This works across all documents for Office.

6. Inspect the Document

When sharing documents it is wise to have any personal information removed that may be hidden. Users that are malicious might use it against you. Select File > Info > Check for Issues. Now select Inspect Document. After you choose what to look for hit OK. You are then shown what items were found and can select Remove All to remove the information from the document. Now you can share your document freely.

Hopefully, using these features make using Word more productive and easier for use.

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