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Report Problems and Check Solutions Windows 8

Let Microsoft know where there is an error.

Let Microsoft know where there is an error.

Fix Windows 8 Problems Yourself

There are numerous problems that you might encounter with the software and programs on Windows 8. Some of these just need to restart themselves, while others might require more work on your end. If this should happen to you — you’re going to want to know what it is that you should do. You might also want to report these issues to Microsoft. That way, they will receive the problem and be able to update the system so you do not have them any longer.

Here are the ways to check for solutions to your common Windows 8 problems, as well as how to report them to Microsoft.

Report Problems and Solutions Center

Open up the Problem Reports and Solutions Center by clicking on the Start button. There, you will see the Control Panel. You will want to click on that and then System and Maintenance that is found in that panel. Click on the Problem Reports and Solutions button.

Look at the left panel and click on the Change Settings button.

Click on the Check for Solutions Automatically (this is recommended for all computers) and then click on OK. If there is a problem that is found on the system, you are going to be notified via a pop up box on your screen. They will let you know what the problem is and the necessary steps needed to solve and prevent the problem in the future. Microsoft might also let you know that they need more information in order to find or create a specific solution for your computer.

If there is a problem and there is no solution that is given to you, or you’ve already tried them all — a new pop up window is going to come on the screen. This is where it is going to ask you whether or not you’d like to send a notification to Microsoft letting them know about this problem that you’ve been having. You can either click ‘Not at this time’ or ‘OK and depending on what you’d like to do. You’re able to either send or wait it out until the next time it happens.

It is recommended that you send a notification over to Microsoft. This will better allow them to help you with the problem you’re having and even come up with solutions and fixes for the problem. Most likely it is a bug within the system that needs to be smoothed out.

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