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Customize Your Windows 8.1 Start Screen – 6 Easy Tips

Personalize Your Start Screen

Personalize Your Start Screen

You have Windows 8 on your PC and upgraded Windows 8.1. Now you can customize Windows 8.1 start screen with a number of different features .  A lot of users have had difficulty finding their way through Windows 8.1 but here are a few tips which will teach you how to customize your Windows 8.1 desktop screen and you will start loving Windows 8.1, if you already don’t!

Tip 1# Boot Directly to Desktop Screen

With Windows 8.1, you can now boot directly to the Desktop rather than Start Screen.

Follow the following steps to set the settings for making your Desktop the default screen when you start your computer.

  • Right click on Desktop Toolbar.
  • Select Properties.
  • Select the Navigation Tab.
  • You will find an option under the Start Screen option which says “When I sign in or close all application on a screen, go to the Desktop instead of Start”. Click on it and you are ready to go.
Boot Directly to Desktop

Boot Directly to Desktop

Tip 2# Customize Your Tiles

You can easily customize your tiles on the Start Screen. You can change the tile size, add or delete tiles and group similar tiles under a single group.

In order to add an app to the Start Screen, simply click on the app and select Pin to Start from the app bar.

To delete an app, click on the app on the Start Screen and select Unpin from Start.

To group similar apps under a single name, drag the apps you want to group and drop them one by one to one place on the Start Screen. Then, right click on the icon on the Start Screen and click on ‘Customize’ option. Above each of the group, you will see a text field where you can put in names for the groups.

Organize Tiles Easily

Organize Tiles Easily

 Tip 3# Pin to Start With One Click

You can get quicker and easy access to folders, files or websites which you occasionally use by pinning them to the Start Screen. If you have some favorite people on your social media accounts, you can pin them too to get updates without having to open your account.

To pin files and folders on Windows 8.1, go to File Explorer, right click on the files and folders and select ’Pin to Stat’, one by one.

To pin your favorite websites, open the websites on the Internet Explorer from the Start Screen. Click on the ‘star’ icon and then click on the ‘Pin’ icon.

To pin your favorite people to see updates from them on your Start screen, click on the People app and connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media websites. Then click on the person you want to add to your Start Screen and click on ‘Pin’.

Pin to Start

Pin to Start

Tip 4# Add Slideshow to Your Lock Screen

You can create a slideshow of your favorite pictures and add it to your lock screen.

To do it, follow these easy steps –

  • Go to the Settings Charm menu
  • Click on Change PC Settings
  • Select PC and Devices
  • Click on Lock Screen
  • Enable the On option.
Add Slideshow to the Start Screen

Add Slideshow to the Start Screen

Tip 5#Advanced Search Option

In Windows 8.1, you can easily search for anything by just typing on the search bar at the Start Screen. Just start typing what you are looking for and it will auto completes it. Most of the time, the first search will be what you are looking for. Just hit enter and you open the app or file. Apart from your files and folders, you can even get results from the internet for what you are looking for by clicking on the magnifying glass icon just beside the search box.

Here are a few shortcuts which will make it easy for you to search for something on your Windows 8.1 –

Search Shortcuts for Windows 8.1

Open the Search charm to search everywhere Windows Key + S
Open the Search charm on the upper right side to search Settings Windows Key + W
Open the Search Charm to search Files Windows Key + F
Search within an open app Windows Key + Q


Search Search Search

Search Search Search

Tip 6# See and Organize All Programs and Apps at Once

If you want to see all the programs that are on your computer in just one click, you will find it easy to do so in Windows 8.1. On the Start screen, you will see a circle with a down arrow in it. Just click on it and you will be able to see each and every single program and app that are on your computer. What’s even better? You can group the programs together by category, name, date installed or most used by clicking on the down arrow next to the App title.

Organize your Apps and Programs

Organize your Apps and Programs

These are just a few easy tips on how to customize your Windows 8.1 start screen. If you have been reluctant about installing the new Windows update, do not delay any further. You will surely love it!

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