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Hard Drive Life Expectancy

How Long Do Computer Hard Drives Last?

The industry standard average hard drive life expectancy is from three to five years. That doesn’t mean your hard drive cannot fail sooner or last longer, it’s just an average estimation of use. A hard drive can last you ten years or two years depending on its use and care. The storage and physical characteristics of a hard drive have nothing to do with its life expectancy. Laptops are more susceptible to hard drive failure due to bumps, drops, and general jarring. Hard drive failure is a common issue in computers today. This is why backing up your files is so important.

Hard Drive Care

The more you move your hard drive the more you increase the risk of it failing. When moving your computer, handle it with care.  Bumping your computer may be the breaking point for your hard drive. Dust and overheating often cause hard drive failure.

Hard Drive Failure Symptoms

Symptoms of a failing hard drive can vary widely between hard drives. The hard drive may blue screen on boot or randomly throughout start-up process. Some hard drives may even blue screen randomly during use. Other hard drives could present a loss of data slowly. The worst instance is complete hard drive failure. Most of the time when this occurs your system will display an error message of “no boot device detected”.

     Recovering From Hard Drive Failure

Unfortunately, there is no way to repair a hard drive once it has crashed. The only real solution for hard drive failure is preventative maintenance. Backing up your files is your first line of defense.  The second line of defense is knowledge. Knowing that your hard drive may be having an issue can save you from permanent data loss. If you do find yourself in a situation where you need data recovery, IQ Computer Services offers Data Recovery Service that can help.

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