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Facts about RAM and ROM


There is a difference between RAM and ROM.

There is a difference between RAM and ROM.

Computer’s Memory

RAM and ROM are types of memory inside of a computer. These are integrated into the computer, to gain access to the information that is stored. They differ in the way they are used. Without having these two types of memory, the computer can not function properly.

All About ROM

ROM stands for, read only memory. The user can only read, and not easily alter the information stored. This memory has the instructions already stored, for starting up the computer. One example of already stored, is BIOS (basic input output system). BIOS is used for operation of keyboards, display screen, and other fundamental things. The data stored, is not lost without electricity. The information that is stored on this, is permanent. When you power down the computer, it does not get deleted. This makes ROM, non-volatile memory. Magnetic tape is what makes up this memory. This memory is not accessed directly from the processor.

Types of ROM

There are three types of this memory. PROM is programmable read only memory. PROM uses voltages that are high, and can be only programmed one time. EPROM is erasable programmable read only memory, UV radiation can be used to rewrite. EEPROM is electrically erasable programmable read only memory. Electrically is used to rewrite EEPROM. These type of ROM can be modified slightly. None of these have to be removed, to be rewritten.

All About RAM

RAM stands for, random access memory. Most people are familiar with RAM. This type of memory is used to store data, that is only temporary. RAM can be written, as well as read, unlike ROM. This makes this memory, volatile. The speed of the processor can be boosted, by this memory. To keep the information, electrically is needed. Access from the processor is easy. This memory is faster compared to ROM. Data can be read fast, to run computer applications. This memory is inserted in slots on the motherboard. RAM is a chip.

Types of RAM

so-dimm ddr3

Two of the main types of RAM. DRAM is dynamic random access memory. This type of memory can have more data that fits into a small space. Because of this, most personal computers, and gaming consoles use this type. Being dynamic, electricity is needed occasionally to maintain fresh memory. The other type is SRAM, static random access memory. Because this type is static, it does not need electrically shot through occasionally. This uses a smaller amount of power, than dynamic. Static is also faster. This is used more widely in smaller electronics, like cellphones.

When looking for a computer with 2GB RAM versus 4GB it can make it faster, but not necessarily twice as fast.  RAM is a big factor in computing speed because it determines how much information and at what speed that information in transferred within the system. RAM is not storage space like what you’d find on a hard drive, which is a common misconception.

When it comes to price, ROM is less expensive than RAM. No matter the price, both are needed for the computer. They can be replaced if they fail to work unless there is a SSD in your computer.

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  1. Knowable post. I agree for the better performance of our PC and laptops we should have sufficient memory, with high quality. Currently the DDR RAM in trend.

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