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How to Extend the Life of Your Computer

Maintenance for your computer is important.

Maintenance for your computer is important.

Computers are Essential – Make Yours Last

Your computer is an investment you worked hard for. As with any investment, you want to get the most out of it. This requires a little work on your part, to keep the computer running for years. Here are some steps you can take, ensuring a longer life of your investment.

Power Supply

Protect your computer’s power supply with a surge protector. These are an inexpensive purchase, that can save you money. Surge protectors should be changed every couple of years, due to them wearing out. If you are unable to use one, unplug your computer during any power outages or storms.

Remove the Plug 

If using a laptop, do not leave it plugged in at all times. Remove the battery when fully charged and are able to use A/C power. Constant heat can place stress on the battery, when there is no feature available for battery saving.

Shut the Computer Down

Desktop computers should not be shut down several times a day. They should not be left running at all times, either. Constant heating up and cooling down, will shorten the life of components. It is suggested to find a balance between them. This is usually every couple of days.

Hard Surfaces Never Blocking Vents

Laptops should be used on a hard surface, so the air vent will remain unobstructed. Laptops generate a lot of heat, and when used on soft surfaces they are unable to vent properly. This includes you lap, it is considered soft while also generating more heat. Vents on desktops and laptops need to be blown out on a regular basis. Air that moves into these vents, bring dust with it. When wanting to extend the life of the computer, internal components need to stay cool. Dust collected inside will clog fans, and form a layer on top of components preventing proper cooling. Never use a vacuum.

Keep Them Out in the Open

Although, desktop computers placed inside enclosed cabinets looks nice, it can shorten its life. Computer need go air-flow for cooling, they will be unable to inside the cabinet. Laptops need to breathe also, which is why there are feet to let the air reach underneath.

Smoking and Snacking

Do not smoke, drink or eat near your computer. This can not be stressed enough when using laptops. If a drink accidentally is spilled on it, expect to have a fried motherboard. Smoke from cigarettes leave a nasty sticky residue on internal components causing damage to them. Dust will stick to this residue, making it difficult to remove.
Keep your anti-virus and malware software up to date, and run regular scans. You want to have both of these programs installed on your computer.

Following these steps can help to extend the life of your computer, in addition to making it run smoother. Enjoy being able to use your computer without the problems that might come along with it.

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