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Evernote -VS- OneNote

OneNote and Evernote have many differences.

OneNote and Evernote have many differences.

Evernote -VS- OneNote Differences and Similarity

Apps for taking notes are handy and practical in several situations. You can make lists or when a good idea pops into your head, you can write it down just in case you forget. OneNote and Evernote are two software solutions that takes notes and offer features that are useful for everybody needing to keep information on track. Both are offered for free. Both offer features for individual and businesses. We will look at each of these apps to see their comparison.

Some Features of OneNote

OneNote division of pages and notebooks are neat. Many platforms are supported. However, features are inconsistent across various platforms. Few of the features that Evernote lacks, OneNote has an integrated thesaurus and dictionary. Desktop apps give the ability for the user to position text where they want, and draw diagrams. Sections can be assigned a password, individual pages cannot have one. Media content can be added, for instance audio and video recordings. Screenshots, pictures, and scanned images taken from Facebook, OneDrive, the hard drive, and Flickr can be added.

Main advantage for the OneNote app is its system, Optical Character recognition (OCR). OneNote identifies automatically imported pictures, screenshots, and scanned images. On the image that is in the note, right click and copy its text, now paste wherever you want. Paragraphs and text from documents are extracted easily.

Notes can be shared through e-mail with the desktop version, web version can be shared by e-mail and URL. Extracting text is done well with documents or scanned book, but not well with websites. Screenshots can be captured but not the text directly. Web and desktop versions are basically the same, with some features missing from the web app.

OneNote is a practical solution with a nice selection of features.

Some Features of Evernote

Features across various platforms are consistent and simple. Third party support for Evernote is wider than OneNote. Features for web clipping are excellent. You can have several notebooks for storing separate sections of images, audio, and notes. Video files can be stored but there is not an option for capturing video notes.

Plugins for browsers, named Evernote Clearly and Evernote Web Clipper allows you to organize and save copies of webpages. This is handy for researching online, storing updates and conversations from e-mails and social media, and capturing articles.

Desktop version of Evernote has a section displaying a list of what is in selected folders. You create and see your content on the right. Evernote does not offer as organization of sections or pages as clear as OneNote. Web version is similar but cleaner.

Main advantage is with its mobile app, being able to capture audio and combine with other notes.

Evernote is a good solution for notes with more consistency over platforms than OneNote. Evernote is better for general notes, and for better video features, consider OneNote.

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