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Dual Monitors for More Productivity

2 might be better than 1

2 might be better than 1

Increase Your Productivity with More Than One Monitor

You purchase a bigger desk and supplies are filed away to make more workspace. Things get piled over one another and cluttered when your area to work in is limited. Valuable time is wasted getting to needed items.

This is same for monitor space. No need to squeeze your workspace when you can expand it by using duel monitors. Here is a couple ways duel monitors can enhance your productivity.

Split Screen Option

Split screen option is almost the same as using duel monitors. Two applications are able to be opened side by side. There is basically nothing wrong with this approach except items are not full-size that are open. Your workspace is not expanded even though you have lessened your clicks to minimize or maximize applications.

If unable to use monitors for any reason, this option works great.

Piling of Items

When you have limited space, imagine having to pile items with taking split screen option off the table. Think of having your browser open to do research and Microsoft Word open for note taking. So, the article on the website you just read and then you select your Microsoft Word document to enter some notes. Now you must either select the web browser to bring it up or minimize your document. Now, this cycle keeps repeating. Click, up, down, click.

De-piling is the cycle you are doing. It would be simpler to have your document open in one monitor while your web browser is open in the other. Using duel monitors allows you to get a clear view of both applications and you are able to keep your fingers on the keyboard and eyes on the article, not wasting any of your time.

Risks of Errors Reduced

While you were busy minimizing, de-piling, and clicking, you may have accidentally closed an application out at one time. When you are able to view both applications in full-size at one time means a reduction of time-wasting mistakes of this type.

By using duel monitors it is easy to drag items from one desktop display to another. Have you made a mistake and not realized it until later when copying and pasting from one document to another? Just highlight the text in which you want moved on one screen and drag it to where you want it placed on the other screen with no need of using copy/paste.

With using duel monitors it is easier to glance over your work and spot mistakes faster with just using your eyes, no need to move your head.

Is Duel Monitors for You?

If you do not already use duel monitors, you should consider doing so to increase your productivity significantly. Consider how dual monitors might be able to help you on your future endeavors and consider adding one to your computer routine.

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