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Computer Repair Safety Tips

Computer Repair Safety Tips

Safely Repair Computers

When trying to fix your laptop, being as careful as possible is essential. Not only to prevent breaking your computer, but for your own. It can be dangerous to work on computers due to the amount of electricity that runs through them. You need to make sure that you keep these computer repair safety tips in mind when it comes to repairing your own computer.

Computer Repair Safety

  1. Always unplug the computer! – Many people start working and do not think about the electricity running through the computer when it is still plugged into the wall. Even just a little can get through, even if the computer is off.
  2. Use a strap or mat to remove any static electric shock. Even if this doesn’t really hurt you, it can fry the components within the computer such as memory, hard drives and motherboard. So by finding those special items to ground yourself, you’re able to stay safe while working on the inside. Also, do not work on the carpet, this creates more static.
  3. Do not work on a computer while wearing jewelry. This metal can make electricity come to your body and it can harm both you and the computer. Make sure you have nothing on your hands during this time.
  4. It is best to never work in the area of the power supply. Do not move it, try to replace it or touch it for any reason. If you need to work in that area, you might want to speak with a professional computer repair office where they can let you know safety tips or even have you bring it in.
  5. Reduce the damages that happen inside the computer by being careful. You should know what you are doing, where everything is and how to go about the entire process before starting. You want to be prepared, instead of sorry. Also, if the parts are burnt – they cannot be replaced and if you try, you might be risking the other parts in the laptop as well.
  6. While cleaning your computer, make sure that you do not spray liquids directly onto them, including the keyboard and smaller areas. This can damage the parts of the computer. You also want to ensure that compressed air is never held upside down, always vertical. Use short bursts of air to clean out the inside of the computer so that nothing inside is damaged by the high winds that the can makes.
  7. Do not attempt to clean the inside of a computer monitor or screen. There is constantly electricity flowing throughout the screen and you want to protect yourself at all costs in case something was to happen. The inside of these screens are best left to a professional that knows how to clean them.
  8. Do you smell smoke while you’re inside the computer? Stop what you’re doing. You do not want to risk any further damage. Try to see if you can find where the parts are burning. You do not want to mess with these parts since it can be dangerous. Always, always, always stop what you’re doing if you smell or see smoke, however. Call a professional.

If you find that it is difficult to repair the computer, consider speaking with a professional. IQ Computer Services is able to fix the computer problem and knows all the safety precautions that should be taken. This can provide you with a way to rest easy and know that your computer will be back working shortly, without putting yourself in danger or damaging your computer.

9 Responses to Computer Repair Safety Tips

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  2. Bertha says:

    The step by step procedure always helps to maintain or work properly. The points which are mentioned have importance in this. The computer repairing basic steps given in this page have wide relevance. These repairing factors will affect the durability of the computer. Thanks for sharing these information with us.

  3. These are some common tips to keep our computer safe. Most of the people don’t give much importance to these tips. That is why they frequently face with issues. I recommend that everyone must follow these tips provided here. Thank you for share it.

  4. Brian Wolf says:

    If only you could tell people, before they do it, not to try to clean the inside of their computer monitor – many depths.

  5. Bryan Hayes says:

    Great tips on computer repair safety. Tips mentioned here is not only useful for computer professional, but also useful for beginners. I am sure if anyone follow above tips, he or she must be safe from unwanted accident.

    This post is very informative. Thanks for knowledge sharing. Thanks.

  6. I didn’t know that you could shock your computer by not putting a mat underneath it while you do repairs. I wouldn’t have thought that static electricity could do so much damage. I might need to get my computer repaired and I think I might need to leave it to the professionals. I wouldn’t want to break anything.

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