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What is Networking?


Networks make connectivity much easier.

Networks make connectivity much easier.

Networking in Computer Technology

In computer technology networking is when there are at least two computers linked together for sharing resources and data. There are many benefits to networking in homes, schools, governments, and business. These include efficiency, money, convenience, and time saving,  just a few of them. With mixing computer software, and the computer hardware the network is able to be built. Networking plays a huge part in technology today.

What Can You Do With Networking?

You can do many exciting things by networking computers.  For example your can share photos, files, documents, and music. To do this you would use one computer to store these items, on a second computer that is connected to the same network, you will be able to access these items. Several computers that are connected to a network can also share faxes, scanners, or even printers, that are hooked up to one of the computers. For instance, if you find a web page you would like to print out on one computer, but it is not connected to a printer directly, as long as a printer is directly connected to a different computer on the network, you can print that page from the computer you are on, by accessing the printer through the use of the network.

Remember – All computers are vulnerable to viruses, especially when open to connectivity with other computers. Run the necessary virus scans, and programs to reduce the chances of having any or all of the computers infected.

Hardware Used in Networking

There are several different pieces of hardware that are used together to create a network. What hardware, and how much depends on what type of network you are building. Prior to the creation, the network should be planned out, to make sure you have everything you need prior, and that it can be done within the place you are using. The network can be wired, or wireless depending on the hardware used.

Small Office Network Setup

Two or more computers, a printer, a fax, and scanner, are some of the stuff that might be needed for a small office network. With this in the office, each of these items will be able to be accessed from one of the computers. This saves money by not needing several printers, scanners, or faxes. The time is saved, by being able to stay at just the one computer that is being used by that person. If information is needed that is stored on a co-workers computer for business, they will be able to retrieve it right from their desk.

Network Professionals and Non-Professionals

Many networks can be created by non professionals, but when a large one is needed, professionals are required. Larger computer networks usually need a router, hub, and ethernet network cables in addition to the computers being networked together. A home network can be done relatively easily, and finished within a few minutes, also is inexpensive. Now everybody in the home can enjoy all the accessories that were purchased for the computers, with one needing one of each.

Networking provides an easier way for professionals, non professionals, family and friends and many other people to share information easily. With the use of networking, many projects can be completed, people can stay close together and professionals can transfer important files where they need them to go.


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