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Clean Inside of a Computer

Cleaning the inside provides many benefits.

Cleaning the inside provides many benefits.

Why Clean the Inside of a Computer

Without proper cleaning, computers can overheat and operate faulty. Depending on the environment your computer is in, cleaning should be done every three to six months. A computer on the floor, needs cleaning more often than one that is not. With no pets, and no smoking, cleaning can be less often. Smoking will leave a very sticky residue inside the PC. The debris that gets in the case, will stick to it. If possible, do not smoke near your computer.

To prepare to clean your PC, turn off and unplug it. Remove any cables or plugs that are attached, including the power cable. Move the computer to an area that is convenient, and well-lit. Some people use a dust mask, but this is optional. The tools you need are screw drivers, clean cloth, small paintbrush, and a can of compressed air. Never use a vacuum inside of your PC.

Unscrew the side panel, and slide it off. Take out any hardware that is easy to remove, video card, RAM, or hard drive. Do not remove the CPU, unless completely necessary.

Using Compressed Air

Use your can of compressed air, on the outside vents, ports, and fan filters. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the outside of the case.

Use the can of air to spray each piece of hardware taken out, to remove dust. Hold the handle of the paintbrush in the fan blade, if the video card has one. This will prevent the air from moving the fan while blowing it.

Now that the hardware is cleaned off, use you can of air to blow the RAM slots. Move the trigger down the whole slot. Move the can to the power supply, and CPU fan. You can use the handle of the brush on this fan also. If you want, use a cotton ball on the fan blades, as well. Blow off any surface within the case, including the heat sink. Take the paintbrush, and dislodge any dust that is stuck. Use the can of air again, where the dust was lodged. Use the paintbrush and sweep off all the surfaces. The bottom of the case, will most likely be the most dusty. Blow out the dust on the bottom. You can also use a damp cloth, to get any dust that is stuck.

Replace the hardware that you removed. Make sure everything is in the right spot, and are secure. Slide the side panel back on, and screw it in. Put it back where it was. Plug all cables and cords back in.

Your computer should look like new now. The cleaning will help it run smoother, and cooler. You might want to mark your calendar, when the cleaning was done. Regular maintenance is essential for having your computer longer.


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