7 Ways to Improve Battery Life on Windows 8 Laptops


Improve Your Overall Battery Life With These Tips

Windows 8.1 has much of the same features for saving battery life that were found in earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. However, many are not found in the same places. Using these options will help your battery in your laptop or tablet last much longer.

1. Disabling Bluetooth

Most likely, your laptop or tablets Bluetooth support in Windows 8.1 is enabled by default. Leaving Bluetooth t=running can be a drain on your battery if not in use. If you are not using the Bluetooth, it is easily disabled. Access your charms and select Settings > Change PC settings. Go to PC and devices > Bluetooth and change it to off. You can easily enable it when you want to use Bluetooth.

2. Display Brightness Adjusted

The backlight of your screen uses a lot of power. Reducing the brightness of your display can save power. Although devices that have brightness sensors are automatically adjusted with Windows 8.1 you still have the option to set the brightness yourself.

Open your charms and choose Settings. Tap the brightness icon and adjust the slider to the brightness preferred.

3. Choosing a Power Plan

There are standard power plans in Windows 8.1 still. These are basically setting groups that can be changed at once. Example, Balanced is the default power plan, but you are able to change it to Power Saver to save power in your battery.

Additional options are exposed with power plans. By selecting this, you are capable of adjusting several power settings for controlling how your tablet or laptops power saving works. Unless you are familiar with the advanced setting, it is recommended you do not change them.

To find your power plans, open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options. Now choose what power plan you prefer.

 4. Computer Sleep Time and Display Adjusted

Although, you might not want to go far into power plan options, you might want adjustments made with “put the computer to sleep” and “turn off the display” times. To save time on your battery, you want the display to shut off quickly when not in use.

Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings to adjust times.

5. Unplug Devices

Any device that is plugged into your laptop, is consuming power, such as USB mouse. This does not use much power, but other devices do.

6. Airplane Mode

Using Airplane mode disables Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other data connections. If you are not in need of them, use Airplane mode by opening Charms, Settings, Wi-Fi icon then turn it on.

7. Automatic App Updates Disabled

You can save a small amount of power by disabling this feature. Open Windows Store app. Open charms and go to Settings > App updates. And switch off.

Now you can surf the web, watch movies, do work or school right on your laptop without having to worry about draining the battery so fast. Make sure your computer is set to last for quite some time.

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