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Best Tablets for Windows of 2016


Get These Tablets That are Rated the Best of 2016

With Windows 10 now here on tablets, focus for them to double as our PC keeps growing. There is a wide range of devices, where simple tablets are no longer your only option. No matter what needs you are looking for in a tablet, there is one available with Windows 10 as the operating system. Before heading out for that new Windows tablet, check out what is hot so far this year.

1) Surface Pro 4

Undoubtedly, the best Windows tablet available. Surface Pro 4 may be costlier than other tablets, but worth it with the built in quality it comes with. Microsoft outdid themselves with a sharper and larger screen than before and a feeling like typing on a real laptop with an island that’s redesigned. After using the Surface Pro 4, you may want to give up your laptop.

2.4GHz Intel Core i5 CPU – Intel HD Graphics 520 – 8GB RAM – 256GB SSD Storage – 12.3” Display

2) HP Spectre x2

There is a resemblance between Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and HP’s Spectre x2, but HP weighs less and is thinner. This is due a processor with no fan powering it, the Intel Core M. This tablet includes a keyboard, and comes at a cost quite less than Surface Pro 4. HP Spectre x2 has a battery life that is efficient, allowing you more time for work or play than on other model tablets.

1.2GHz Intel Core m7 CPU – Intel HD Graphics 515 – 8GB RAM – 256GB SSD Storage – 12” Display

3) Surface 3

If you are looking for something less that what Surface Pro 4 offers, check out what Surface 3 provides. Smaller than the 12” form with a display of 10.8”, this tablet is an excellent tablet rather than a laptop replacement. Surface 3 provides you with a quiet, lighter solution at a more affordable price.

1.6GHz Quad Core Intel Atom CPU – Integrated Intel HD Graphics – 4GB RAM – 128GB SSD Storage – 10.8” Display

4) HP Pavilion x2

An extremely affordable Windows tablet. HP Pavilion x2 is a 10” convertible tablet, with lots of punch. This tablet is equipped with an HD screen, making editing photos a simple task. HP Pavilion x2 has plenty of power to see you through an entire day of simple web browsing. Take the 10” works off when you feel like relaxing with streaming media. No need to stick with 10” of the screen if you’re looking for more, check out HP Pavilion x2 12” model.

1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU – Intel HD Graphics – 2GB RAM – 32GB eMMC Storage – 10.1” Display

No need to change operating systems when purchasing a tablet, one with Windows 10 is all you’ll need.

Intelligent Google Drive Chrome Extensions Every User Should Know


Know These Google Drive Chrome Extensions for Better Usage

If you’re a regular user of Google Drive while on the Chrome browser, you want to get the most out of this service they offer. With 15GB of free online storage and an option to upgrade to give you more space for business or personal use, along with a productivity suite containing Docs, Sheets, and Slides, when you add some intelligent extensions this becomes an exceptional tool needed in both homes and offices. This is all offered by Google Drive Chrome.

1) Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google Drive allows you to store almost any file. However, without this extension installed, Google Docs is unable to open a Word Doc until it is converted to the Google Docs format. With this extension, you can permanently convert your files to Google format or open, edit, and save your DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, and XLSX files.

2) Save to Google Drive

At times when it may not be as simple as you want it to be to add things to your Google Drive. This extension allows you to add individual parts, such as images or texts, or an entire web page to Google Drive for you to access later. Save PDFs, audio, video, and even Microsoft Office documents. If you wish, convert these documents automatically to Doc, Sheets, or Slides format. To save, simply hold-down or right-click items you wish stored and choose “Save to Google Drive”.

3) Checker Plus for Google Drive

Checker Plus not only works with Google Drive but also for Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Photos. This extension allows you full access to all files stored on Google Drive as well as images on your Google Photos. This is the fastest way of searching and browsing files stored without having to access the site for Google Drive itself.

4) AbleBits

AbleBits has several incredible add-ons available for Google Sheets. These add-ons make working with Sheets much easier while enhancing your productivity.

These add-ons include:

  • Merge two sheets
  • Remove duplicates
  • Merge values from adjacent cells
  • Change table style, generate random values
  • Work with text, formulas, and format
  • Find and replace data in notes, links, formulas, and values
  • Split full names into different columns
  • Find fuzzy matches and correct typos in your sheet
  • Generate random values
  • Keep in mind extras like these are costly for Microsoft Excel, but free for Sheets.

5) Draftback

Draftback makes it simple to look up your revision history. All changes you made are basically played back for you. Everything is kept private unless you desire to make your playback public.

Install these intelligent Google Drive Chrome extensions and get a boost in work output.

Gain Power Supply Unit Knowledge before Buying One


Know the Power Supply Before Buying it

Whether purchasing a new power supply unit (PSU) for your used computer or one you’re building, do not settle on a cheap on. An entire system receives power from a PSU, your awesome graphic card or top-of-the-line motherboard are at risk of malfunctioning when using a bad one.

This does not mean however that you must choose an expensive model, there are budget PSUs available to keep costs down while building your own rig. To ensure you make the right choice, need power supply unit knowledge before heading out for your purchase.

Wattage = Continuous – VS – Peak 

One of the first things you need to consider when purchasing a new PSU is the amount of wattage your PC will need. You need to ensure enough watts are able to be delivered to the different parts of the computer. Some PSU models available provide as little as 300W while others go as high as 1200W.

When looking at packaging for PSUs, these numbers boldly displayed for consumers to see. However, you want to know if that number is continuous wattage or peak wattage. Peak wattage shows what a unit can provide for a quick minute before falling back to a lower number. Continuous would indicate a how many watts a PSU can provide continually without any number fluctuation. A models specification page can usually provide you with these details.

To make your purchasing easier, look for a PCUs continuous wattage while ignoring peak.

Efficient Power Supply Units

To not only be nice to the planet earth, be kind to your utility bill by purchasing an efficient PSU. Your outlet sends AC power to the PSU, converting it over to DC power then sends it to all the different parts in the PC. During conversion, some of the energy tends to get wasted. What this means, you want a PSU which wastes as little energy as possible when sending power to all the different parts in your PC.

So, an efficiency of 80% shows a unit able to convert 80% of AC power while a unit with 50% can convert 50% of AC to DC power. When looking for an efficient PSU, the highest rating is 80% Plus. These also have an advantage of running cooler.

Is a Power Supply Unit Worth the Investment

Like already stated above, do not settle for a cheap PSU. These units supply power to different parts in your PC basically affecting every piece in there. Not only are your parts better protected by a better PSU, they last much longer than the cheap models. If you plan on upgrading your PC in the future in which you’ll need a higher watt power supply, you can find plenty of buyers that will offer you a good price for this one.

You can also use these tips to increase your computer’s power supply.