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2016 Best Gaming Laptops


What gamers want in their laptop differs from what a business user or social user would want. Gamers are willing to give up slim and lightweight for some raw processing power. To get this power, parts must capable of handling it, leading to bigger parts. Gaming laptops are important to have for many games.

Although gaming laptops are not full match yet to a full tricked-out desktop rig, they do have some great choices.

These gaming laptops have serious gamers in mind, with useful hardware and high frame rates. Each have a great amount of RAM and high-end graphics to help bring your game to life.

Alienware 17 ANW17-7500SLV 17.3-Inch

Alienware is known for their awesome appearance and great performance. This laptop has backlit keyboard, several ports including five 3.0 USB port, an Ethernet port, an SD card, HDMI port, and mini display port.

Main Specs:

Intel Corei7 – 4410HQ 2.5 GHZz


1000 GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive, 16 GB DDR3, 128GB Solid State Drive

17.3” Touch Screen Display, Full-HD

ASUS ROG G751JT-CH71 17.3-Inch

New coming into the gaming laptop field, with capabilities of maxing all titles out with little effort. Although, lacks an SSD has better performance than many competitors.

Main Specs:

Intel Core i7 4710HQ 2.20 GHz



16GB RAM and 1 TB HDD

MSI GT80 TITAN SLI-001 18.4-inch

This laptop weighs in at 4.5 kg with a thickness of just two inches. This is huge compared to normal laptops, and its big size has been taken advantage of completely.

This laptop sports a sleek, yet sophisticated look. Mechanical keyboard which is red backlit, giving excellent feedback not just for typing but gaming as well.

Main Specs:

Intel Core i7 4720HQ

18.4” 1920×1080


16 GB Memory, 256 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD

Blu-Ray Burner

Alienware 15 ANW15-5357 SLV 15.6-Inch

Another laptop from Alienware for best laptops of 2016, with ANW15-5357 SLV. This laptop not only comes with a premium design, it has powerful hardware to make your gaming experience more real. A great backlit keyboard, numerous LEDs on the surface and a touch pad that glows. Weighing in at 3 kg, even though slimmer than its prequels.

Main Specs:

Intel core i7, 2.5 GHz


1 Terra Byte and 128SSD Storage

15.6-inch Screen LED-lit IPS Screen

Razer Blade 14 RZ09-01301E22-R3U1

Just because this laptop is thin with a light profile, don’t think there isn’t some intense gaming hardware squeezed in this small frame. For serious gamers, this laptop is the ultimate. With backlit keyboard and several 3.0 USB ports.

Main Specs:

Intel Core i7 2.6/3.66 GHz

512 GB Sold-state Drive


14-inch Screen

Laptop for All Gamers

With these gaming laptops, no matter what type of game you are, there is one for you!

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Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection with These Tips

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

Troubleshoot Internet Connections Easily and Securely

With the growing number of online gaming platforms, smart home devices, and streaming video services, keeping a strong internet connection up at home which more important now than it has been in the past. If you are playing World of Warcraft and experience lag, or downloading music is taking forever, the issue is likely not on your Internet Service Providers (ISP) side, but on yours instead.

1. Are you able to ping it?

To see if it is possible to connect to the outside, perform a Ping test. There are many free utilities available, but an easy way to do it when using Windows is by opening command prompt and enter “Ping” then enter the sites IP address you want to ping. If IP address is unknown, enter full address. For example, to ping Bing, enter Ping This measures the speed of your connection, if successful you receive times results. If it fails continually, try pinging numerous sites. There many an issue with your router or modem, or possibly your ISP if you still get no results.

2. Channel Change

One of fourteen frequencies, or channels a router can use to send and receive data over 2.4GHz band. Many of these channels are overlapping, but one, six, and eleven do not and are the ones used most frequently. There may be channel interference if experiencing spotty connection. Using the router-management console, change your Wi-Fi channel.

3. Is your firmware current?

Look in your router-management console for a firmware update tool in System section. Be sure all directions are followed carefully, and firmware version installing is correct one. Never download from a third-party site.

4. Begin Fresh with your internet connection

When a reboot of your router does not work, try a reset to factory defaults performing a fresh install. Majority of routers this is simply done by pressing and holding down a small reset button located on the rear panel. This button must be held for several seconds until you see the LED lights flashing. After reset, use the disc that came with the router or a web-based setup utility for your router to be reinstalled.

5. Are there issues with your PC?

Check your PC for possible viruses, malware, and spyware. These programs can be downloaded easily onto your PC without you ever knowing. These can play a significant role on your system performance. There are many free and subscription utilities available that can be used for detection and eradication of these types of programs. These utilities can even prevent them from being downloaded in the first place.

Check out these other top problems that come with using IE, and how you might be able to fix them.

These are just a handful of issues which could be having an impact on your internet connection. Contact your ISP if not resolved.

Considerations to Think About When Purchasing a Security Suite

PC Security is Essential

PC Security is Essential

Security is Essential on Your PC

Online security is something we need to take seriously, this is why a top-notch security suite is needed. However, there are many of them to choose from. Some big names include Norton, Avast, McAfee, and Kaspersky.

What do you need to know to decide which to settle for? Ask yourself these questions before purchasing any security suite:

How Many Devices Do You Need to Cover?

There was a time when security on your computer at home and possibly work was only what you needed to worry about. There were no tablets in existence, and who needed anything smarter than traditional cell phones?

Now security suites are made for all the family and are accessible across multiple devices. However, many people have an assumption that a suite automatically covers everything.

This is not true, iOS devices are not safe from malicious software. You need to find a suite covering all devices which need protecting, and all prospective buys.

How Simple to Use?

It is important to have simplicity with your security. Talk to a sales associate if purchasing in-store, and check reviews if buying online.

Typically, anti-virus software offer key codes which allow downloading their protection on multiple devices, with no manual or disc. There are a few out there that still include a disc, but these cover only PCs and laptops.

Customer support by a product company is another important aspect to check on. Is there a helpline available? Check online to find this information. You want to be sure phone numbers which are given are actually of use. Are you answered quickly or will you be put on hold for an hour? Reviews will show complaints of these types.

What Existing Protection Do You Have?

Microsoft Security Essentials was introduced with installations of Windows XP 2009 version. Included is basic protection from malicious kits such as spyware that runs in the background quietly.

This does not mean you do not need any third-party security software, which gives a more complete protection.

When searching for security that covers multiple devices, be careful if they claim to protect iOS, this may mean only Macs, due to iPads and iPhones being tougher to protect. Supposedly hey will give you coverage in iDevices, when in truth you only receive anti-theft additions and similar encryption in which were already installed on iPads and iPhones.

Is a Security Suite Paid-For or Free?

Depending on what company, free security suites can offer the same level of protection as suites which are paid for.

Windows Defender is free, protecting many computers but you would be settling for default.

There are several other security suites available for free if not happy with default protection. Many however do not add a solid firewall, which is critical.

You many decide to pay for superior protection if a heavy user. Many offer a free trial before making a final decision to buy. Check out these physical security features for your computer, too.

New PC? What You Want To Do Immediately

Keep up with your new PC

Keep up with your new PC

Do These Immediately with a New PC

You just brought home a new PC and that’s great! This box brings to you a full world of potential. If you need help keeping track of finances, having video chats with far away relatives, or jumping on to do some first person shooters, this PC can do it.

Even if possible to jump right on and go, you shouldn’t. There are a couple of tasks that you should do to ensure a faster, safer future when you get your new PC home.

Windows Update

First, Windows needs to be fully updated prior to messing around on the web. Unfortunately, this task can take anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours, depending on how long that PC was sitting on the shelf.

Be sure your PC is connected to the internet. From Windows 7 and 8, Windows Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates. From Windows 10, Settings > Update and security > Check for Updates. Continue until there are no more updates found.

Preferred Browser

Users tend to become familiar with certain browsers, and if Internet Explorer is not one you are comfortable with, you can download whatever one you prefer now.

Windows Security

By default, Windows Defender is enabled when shipped with Windows 8. This security solution is decent, even though an overly detailed. However, some PCs come with preinstalled premium security solution trialware, such as McAfee or Norton and Windows Defender disabled. At end of the trial period if you choose not to purchase it, be sure to reactivate Windows Defender.

Remove Unwanted/Unneeded Programs

Now that you have security in place, it is time to remove unwanted/unneeded programs from your PC. Of course, if your PC was built for you this step can be skipped, but when purchasing a PC from big-name makers, tons of bloatware comes along with it.

A program named PC Decrapifier can do this job for you. This programs completes a scan of your PC for all known bloatware, then with one swoop you are able to delete it. Much faster process than hunting down each individual program through Control Panel, and it is free!

Time for Your Stuff

One reason why you want that old stuff removed from your PC is to make room for your own stuff. This is a job that is totally up to you and quite personal. Put whatever programs you feel you want or need to have that fill your needs on your rig.

Create Image of Hard Drive

It is time for you to make an image of the primary hard drive. This is the one Windows boots from, and then save this to another disk. If you experience problems later on, this prevents you from having to do all these steps over again.