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The Future of Computer Technology

The future of technology is on NASA.

The future of technology is on NASA.

Think of Technology in the Future…

Computer technology in the future, can bring many questions to mind including, how much more can be done, and can the technology get even smaller than it already is . Moore’s Law from the press page of Intel states, “In 1965, Gordon Moore sketched out his prediction of the pace of silicon technology. Decades later, Moore’s Law remains true, driven largely by Intel’s unparalleled silicon expertise. Being an Intel co-founder, Gordon Moore, had predicted that the amount of transistors that are on a chip, will double around every two years. With the shrinkage of the size of computers, it is said Moore’s Law will no longer exist. If this stays true, the power consumption needed will be at an impractical amount.

In the future, computers may use light, DNA, or even atoms. As of right now, computers need to operate electricity, semiconductors, and metals. Computers have the potential to become as small as a molecule. Computers like this can be anywhere and everywhere, but not be seen. In the works right now is ubiquitous computing, this would be able to be in use anywhere in any format, on any device. There are some issues that are a possibility with computing this way. The biggest issue, is the issue with privacy. The success of ubiquitous computing being long-term may lie with this issue.

NASA Computer Innovations

There are optical computers, NASA is trying to get computers to use light to get the speed of computers. What controls the electricity in the computer now is semiconductors and transistors. The future computers are going to use light that is controlled by metamaterials and utilize crystals. Photons are light particles that optical computers would use. Dr. Donald Frazier states, “Entirely optical computers are still some time in the future.” The technology NASA is working on will result in systems and devices that are used for optical communication, that are a lot lighter, cost less, extremely small, and very fast.

Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are available commercially only at the moment only to a few companies or agencies. In Quantum computing, qubits measure the data, which with conventional computers, bits are used to measure the data. Silicon chips are going to be replaced by quantum computers someday. This type of computing can prove to be a super computer with being compared to today’s computers, it will have the possibility of being more powerful by a million times.

Nobody knows for sure what exactly the computers in the future will look like. Decades from now, computers may be so small we won’t be able to see them. There are some opinions and ideas, but it is technically still not known. Scientists are in the works to figure out what computers will look and act like in the future.

Computers in Everything

Computer chips in everything run lives.

Computer chips in everything

Computers in Almost Everything

We are using computer technology in our everyday life without even knowing, or seeing how it controls many things we use and have come to depend on. Some examples are programmable washing machines, microwave ovens, and air conditioning systems.  Computers run programs to manage the flow of traffic and will switch the traffic lights. While we are obeying the traffic lights that are being controlled by computers, if we are driving a modern car, that is also controlled by a computer. The brakes, engines and more systems are controlled by computer chips.

What do Computers Control?

Computers mostly control the assembly lines in a factory. Some of them are to the point where no human contact is needed for product manufacturing. There are several different computerized parts for manufacturing available depending on the need and how much the business owner is able to spend. This makes the process faster and cheaper to assemble products.

There are computerized controlled greenhouses, central heating, automatic cookers, burglar alarms, and security lights as more examples of things that are computerized. Stuff that has to be controlled in the home probably have a microprocessor. A microprocessor is basically a single chip that is really like a CPU. The functions are controlled in these devices by a microprocessor that is installed in them. Microprocessors affect our lives in a lot of different ways. These can include ways of social interaction, leisure, our homes, and our jobs.

Why Computers are Beneficial

There are several reasons why it is beneficial for businesses to have many aspects of the job to be computerized. The accuracy of computers is more reliable than with a human. The computerized equipment can be cost-effective, once the cost for the equipment is paid, there is no money going out to it on a regular basis, like with pay to a human.

Computers Reduce Human Risk

Places that are hazardous to humans can benefit from computerized equipment, to keep people safe. These can be chemical factory, a nuclear plant, or where there are areas where there is spray painting going on. The computerized business equipment can work around the clock non stop. This alone can increase output of products that might be manufactured, which can give an increase in profits.

Computers Change Job Market

Almost everything has a computer, there have been jobs created, but also some jobs lost. Some examples that have been made are, computer engineers, web designers, system analysts, and programmers to name just a few. Unfortunately some jobs have been lost, examples are shop work, manual repetitive jobs, telephone operators are just some of them. One of the coolest advancements in the job market is the fact that waiters and waitresses can now be called on a tablet. The tablet sits at the table, the guests put their order down and it is sent right to the back. Waiters may become obsolete in the near future with the help of this technology.

Computers Change the Way We Live

While we are able to do so much more in the job market, keep away from hazards and use products such as our cars; there are other computers that we do not consider. Automated answering machines, or the ability to send a text to those you do not want to speak too are found on every phone. Even the corded phones at home without the digital abilities of your cell phone have an automated messaging system that you just have to dial up to hear. This is all controlled through a computer chip.

As we go through our day we will no doubt come across something that is being controlled by computers. This is an age where education on some amount of technology is handy.


When to Hire a Professional to Fix Your Computer

Computer Professional Services

Computer Professional Services

Fix My Computer

Your computer is having some troubles. How can I fix the computer problem that I am having? You might be wondering about what is causing this slowness to happen, or why your computer is not working. These are all things that should be fixed and perhaps you’re not the best person to troubleshoot and fix the problems on your own.

Should I Get Professional Computer Help?

So when is it time to call and employ the professional that can help you fix this problem?

Computer Problems Require Computer Repair

Here are some things that shouldn’t go without being fixed by a professional, or when in doubt – give them a call to find out how they can help you and what exactly they can do.

  • Your computer is overheating and you do not know what the problem could be. Perhaps your fan in it is not working correctly, and needs to be replaced but this can be a tedious project that you may hurt yourself or the computer if you do it on your own.
  • You need to get a virus off your computer that is not letting you on your computer or do the various programs within your computer.
  • Your computer is not turning on at all and you do not know why. Bringing it to a professional can get some of the stress off of you and put more focus into getting your computer back up and running.
  • The screen on your laptop is broken and you need to replace your laptop screen. You do not want to risk damaging anything else on the computer, so you make sure to bring it to a professional that can fix just that.
  • You cannot get certain programs to run or you’re having a hard time working the operating system on your computer. Perhaps it is missing something or it needs to be re-installed, but you have so many questions and do not want to deal with it.

Whenever you’re in doubt when it comes to fixing your computer, you can make sure to speak with a computer repair professional that knows what to do. You shouldn’t have to become frustrated when something on your computer is not working. They have you covered and ensure that you get the best computer service possible, and that you leave with a working computer once again.

How Should You Choose a Laptop?

Laptops can be beneficial, but which are the best?

Laptops can be beneficial, but which are best?

Decision to Purchase a Computer

When deciding to purchase a new computer, many people are choosing laptops. Laptop computers have come a long way in the last few years with the possibilities of what can be done on them. There are several different kinds that can come low tech to high-tech. When choosing a laptop there are several things that you need to decide before the purchase to make sure you get one that is right for you.

What Use Your Computer

The first thing that you need to know is how do you plan on using the computer. Do you plan on just doing social networking, e-mail, online bill pay, surfing the internet, and different things with digital photos? Are your plans to use it to stream and store movies or music, or are you looking to use it for gaming that requires higher end graphics and memory?

Computer Size and Weight

When thinking of the size and weight you would want to think about how portable would you like it to be. This will depend on the storage devices that are built-in, for instance, the capacity or the type you chose, like, Blu-ray or CD/DVD drives. Another thing is how big of a display would you like to have. Laptops come in many different screen sizes, usually between 11 to 17 inches measured diagonally. If you like watching movies or gaming usually a larger display is desired. This should also be considered when thinking of the size and weight.

Operating Systems

The different operating systems might make a difference to you. Popular operating systems include Windows, OS X, and Chrome OS. To get the OS X, Mac has this operating system exclusively. If wanting to have a touch-screen, Mac has not implemented that as of yet. To have the Chrome OS, this is only available on the line of Chromebooks. These laptops are good for social networking, e-mail, surfing the internet and photo sharing. These are not made for hardcore gaming. The other OS is Windows. These usually have the ability for touch-screen, but you can use a keyboard and mouse if you wish. Windows 8 offers several apps that are built-in.

Built For Speed

When looking at what processor you would want to think of how fast you want programs to run, how many you can have open at one time, and how complex is the software that you plan on using. The processor works together with the memory the system has. The majority of laptops come with between 4GB to 8GB. The recommended amount is at least 4GB, but you can purchase one with just 2GB.

When choosing the size of the hard drive, you want to think of the amount of stuff you plan on storing on the laptop. Remember the larger the drive, the heavier the laptop.

Choosing a laptop should not have to be hard. There are lists upon lists out there that provide some of the best laptops of the year. You’re able to find one that speaks to you and use it to your advantage. Once you choose a laptop, you’ll never want to go back again.


Best Gaming Laptops of 2015

Gaming laptops allow you to bring the games with you.

Top Gaming Laptop Computers in 2015

When looking for a gaming laptop computer to keep up with this day and age in technology, you want to get the best there is to offer in 2015. Laptops can be just as capable as the best desktop computer you can purchase. When doing your research on a gaming laptop, you want to do research to see what each can handle and what is being said about some of the best gaming laptops being offered in 2015.

Asus ROG GL551JM-DH71

One of the best gaming laptops for 2015 is Asus ROG GL551JM-DH71, for high quality gaming. This model has a 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7-710HQ processor installed. The amount of ram is 16 GB. This machine sports a NVIDEA GeForce GTX 860M for amazing graphics. The hard drive is large enough to hold several games with the size of 1 TB.

MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012

Another laptop best for gaming in 2015 is MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 laptop, with the hardware that is installed is state of the art. The processor is the Intel Core i7-7100HQ, this can be boosted to 3,4 GHz, but the lifespan will be shortened if done. 12 GB DDR3L RAM helps to be lag free while you’re enjoying your games. The graphics card has 2GB GDDR5 video memory in the NVIDEA GeForce GTX860M. The keyboard is back-lit with color, which can be helpful with gaming.

Lenovo Y50 59418222

The Lenovo Y50 59418222 gaming laptop does not disappoint with the features that can help you with purposes other than gaming, like video and photo editing. The manufacturer wants to make sure that every game played will run smooth with having with the processor that is i5-4200H at 2,8 GHz. The 8 GB RAM helps to support the processor. The hard drive has plenty of room with being 1 TB. 2GB memory for the graphic card installed for stunning graphics.

HP OMEN 15-5010nr

Reviews on the best gaming laptops also include HP OMEN 15-5010nr, with the weight that is only 4.5 pounds. This comes with 8 GB RAM, a solid state drive that is 256 GB. The processor can handle your games with being a 4th generation i7-4710HQ Intel Core. The graphics card has 2GB RAM, being a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M for graphics that are amazing.

MSI GT70 20C-059US

A laptop that has been called one of the best gaming laptops for 2015 is the MSI GT70 20C-059US. This comes with 16 GB DDR3 RAM, and a hard drive that is 750 GB. The display is 17.3 inches, so you will have the chance to play all kinds of games. Being one of the strong points of this model is the graphic card that holds 3 GB GDDR5 VRAM in the NVIDEA GeForce GTX 770M. This machine should be able to handle all the new and old games you wish to play.

Whether you’re playing games for fun, for work or for anything else; play on a computer that truly stands out from the competition. Play on a computer that is able to perform the best that it possibly can so you’re not left behind with game lag.



Windows 10 Making Up For Window 8

Windows 10 to replace Windows 8.

Windows 10 to replace Windows 8.

Windows 10 Beta Stage

Currently, Windows 10 is in the beta stage, with hopes of release in the middle of 2015. While right now if you purchase a new laptop or PC, it will most likely have Windows 8.1 as the operating system. There are several changes Microsoft has implemented into Windows 10 compared to Windows 8. The new operating system resembles Windows 7, which so far has been the most successful of the operating systems from Microsoft yet. Windows 8 had a poor response from users in 2012, during the launch, to the point where being the number one desktop operating system was in jeopardy.

Start Menu is Back

The start menu will be back on Windows 10, which for users that are accustomed to using the older versions of Windows will make it easier to navigate. The start menu will be customizable with live tiles that will give you real-time notifications and app shortcuts. One of the reasons for poor response with Windows 8 is there being no start button.


The entire screen was taken up by apps with Windows 8, multitasking was more difficult to do, in Windows 10 this will not be a problem. You will be able to use the apps in Windows with the new operating system, which will make it easier to multitask.


A very helpful part of Windows 10 is that it will be compatible on all your devices, like tablets, phones, laptops, and PCs. All the apps for Windows 10 will be able to be used on all your devices also. There will be no need to have different operating systems on all your devices.


Cortana, is a virtual assistant from Microsoft that will be available on Windows 10 that will bring some nice features. On the task bar, next to the start button is a search box with a microphone that you tap or once the feature is activated, say “Hey Cortana”, and the virtual assistant will greet you. She will be able to set reminders, search files, or even keep track of the weather for you. The more Cortana is used the more familiar with you she will become, thus making it more useful. Cortana will be able to be used on all your devices and store all the information that are relevant facts.

Virtual Desktop

A virtual desktop will also be featured in Windows 10. This was able to be used on Windows by the use of a third-party apps. An independent work space can be made of all the things you have open. You can make a separate virtual desktop for example for gaming sites and forums, and another one for things related to work.

These are just a few features that will be implemented in the new OS, and shows that Microsoft listened to the people who use them. The upgrade for the first year will be free for users of Windows 8, 7, and Windows Phone users. So if you’re ready for a whole new look, feel and ability with a platform, this is where you’ll be able to find it.


Hot Spots – What are They?

Connect easily with a hot spot.

Connect easily with a hot spot.

What are Hot Spots

Hot spots offer users access to the internet at a physical location over a (WLAN) wireless local area network, by going through a router that is connected to a link to an Internet service provider. In almost all cases the technology used for hot spots is Wi-Fi. This can be used on your laptop, smartphone, etc. as long as it is Wi-Fi enabled, or you can purchase a wireless adapter that plugs into a USB port or PC card slot. There are many places that hot spots are located throughout public places throughout the world. Some of the most typical spots are located at libraries, coffee shops, hotels, airports, or hospitals. Many of these public places let their customers use the hot spot free of charge.

Connecting to a Hot Spot

In order for you to connect to the hot spot if it is hidden or encrypted, you would need the SSID information and get the security code, to establish network connectivity to the hot spot provider. Accepting the terms and condition of the service provider of the hot spot is sometimes required.

To connect to a hot spot it usually requires the same steps if you were home and connecting to a wireless connection. Most times smart phones, laptops, iPod’s, etc. will automatically inform you when you are in range of any wireless networks that are available in range. Also as another option, is to go into your settings for your network to see what available wireless networks are in range. The next step, to initiate is choose which wireless connection you would like to connect to, if there is more than one, and accept it. The wireless connections are named by either the name of the location you are located at, or by numbers or letters usually. It is generally better to manually connect to the wireless network, instead of automatically connecting for reasons of security. Now you will be able to use the internet connection that you chose that is in range.

Check Your Settings

To help lower your security risk for your device and personal information, you should check the settings so that you do not connect automatically to a wireless internet connection and that the connection will need your permission to connect. You will need to verify that automatic connections to wireless networks are not allowed by going into the control panel on your PC and look for Network Connections and select that. Next choose the properties of the wireless network connection by right clicking and choosing it. Next select the advanced settings. You will see a choice to automatically connect to non preferred networks, uncheck this if it is so it will not be enabled. Some devices or operating systems have it set by default not to connect automatically, but it will be best to check.

Hot spots help people remain connected in those places where they may not have been connected before. By providing a hot spot in certain public places, people can then work, do school or other web surfing wherever they are.


gamer screaming at computer - 4 Proven Methods to Prevent Game Lag

4 Proven Methods to Prevent Game Lag

Better PC Gaming

Lag is one word most gamers hate. It is the delay in the response of the server after the player has made his action. Playing games on a Windows 7 PC which lags continuously can be very frustrating. Gamers end by losing or dying in the game just because of this lack of responsiveness of the server. Most gamers experience game lag at one point of the other so it is important to stay updated. If you are looking for ways to minimize game lag on your Windows PC, you can try one or all of the methods below. Since, each computer system reacts differently, it is best to follow all the methods to get the best results.

How To Fix Game Lag

Here are a few methods which will help you to play games without any interruptions and enhance your experience of playing any game on your PC.

Method 1:

(You need to have administrator privileges for this method to work)

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Search for cmd in the search field.
  • Your computer will find the file cmd.exe, just right click on the file and click on “run as administrator”.
  • In the cmd window, type the following – netsh int tcp global autotuninglevel=disabled
  • Hit enter.
  • You will get a message saying OK and it will take effect immediately after that.
  • If you want to set your computer to default settings again, type normal instead of disabled in the cmd.exe windows.


Command Window in Windows 7

Command Window in Windows 7

Method 2:

(This method will you help close all unnecessary programs and processes to free your RAM and give priority to your game)

  • When playing a game, open Windows Task Manager by clicking Ctrl+Alt+Delete together.
  • You will see all the programs and processes that are running on your PC.
  • Just close the ones you do not need at that moment by selecting them and clicking on End Task.
  • Your game should play without any lag now.
Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager

Method 3:

(This method is pretty easy to follow and is one of the most effective methods to reduce game lag)

  • Click on the Start Menu.
  • Click on All Programs.
  • You will find Accessories program, click on it.
  • You will see Notepad option on the Accessories program list. Click on Notepad.
  • On a new Notepad file, type @echo off. Press enter.
  • Then type cd/d “Directory folder of your game”.
  • In the next line, type start/high gamename.exe
  • Then save the file as name.bat

For example – you are experiencing lag with Need for Speed, you need to type the following on your Notepad:

@echo off

cd/d “C:\Program Files\NeedforSpeed”

Start /high NeedforSpeed.exe

Then, save the file as NeedforSpeed.bat

Windows 7 Notepad

Windows 7 Notepad

Method 4:

(Upgrading your computer to play the latest games without any lag)

  • Always check the system requirements of a game before you buy from the store. Minimum as well as recommended system requirements are printed on the cover of the game box. If it’s not there, you can find it out easily on the web. It is best to get the upgrade to the recommended system requirements rather than the minimum one even if it costs a little extra. It will help you by preventing upgrading for some time again.
  • The next step is to determine the system of your computer. By comparing it with the recommended system requirements, you can find out the areas which require upgrading. If your computer is new, you can increase your RAM or upgrade your graphic card to eliminate lag. If you have been using an old computer for a while, it is best to buy a new one.
  1. You can find out your computer’s systems by following these steps:
  2. Right click on My Computer and click on Properties.
  3. You will see that there are a number of Tabs.
  4. By clicking on General, you will be able to find out the processor you are running as well as the amount of RAM you have.
  5. Now, click on the hardware tab and then on Device Manager. You will be able to look at the components of the hardware of your computer as well as the graphic card.
  • The last step is to decide whether you would want to upgrade on your own or would like a professional computer technician to do it for you. If you have good knowledge about computers, you can do it yourself by buying the parts on your own. But if you have no knowledge whatsoever, it is best to hire a computer repair professional to do it for you. Professional computer help will certainly be costly, but worth it because you will be sure that everything is done in the correct manner. If you face any issues after that, the professional will be able to check and rectify it without any additional fees.
Windows 7 Properties

Windows 7 Properties

Now, you can play your favorite games without any issues.

Happy Gaming!

Using VLC to Play Your Movies

 Use VLC Player

Playing movies on your computer can be easy.

Playing movies on your computer is easy.

VLC Player Works

VLC Player is a multimedia player that is free to download and use. It comes without ads or spyware, or user tracking. It is a cross platform, open source program that can play most files that are multimedia along with VCD’s, audio CD’s, DVD’s, and other various streaming protocols. This is a fast, powerful, and simple media player that the you can use. VLC Player can play webcams, streams, devices, files and discs. No codec packs are needed for most codecs. VLC media player can be used on all platforms, for instance, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix.

How to Watch Movies on Your Computer

To watch a movie with VLC you must first download the media player. The VideoLAN homepage is where you go to find the link to download the program.  After you download the program, and you will be able to watch movies through the VLC media player. Be sure to check that all your media files are played through VLC by right clicking, choosing VLC and clicking to add as the primary media player.

Open up the VLC media player when you want to watch a movie. There are several choices to choose from in the drop down menu in the upper right hand side of the player. Depending on where your movie is located, for instance, on your computer or a disk, you can find which option suits your needs and select it, that will open up the movie on the VLC media player.

There are several choices at the top of the media player that you can select to adjust different things on the player. If you select the choice video you can change whether your want to watch it full screen or not. There are also choices to adjust the aspect ratio or even zoom in. You can set the media player to stay on top of other windows, as well.

How to Play Music on Your Computer

Audio is another choice you can adjust from the top of the VLC media player to enhance your viewing experience. With the audio device control select what type of listening device you are using. The volume can be adjusted through the audio setting also. There is a choice to change your stereo mode. You may even select a visualization for the audio.

On the top of the media player there is a choice of tools that let you adjust different things. One of the selections is video adjustment. There are many different things with the video that you can change. You can adjust each choice until you have it set where you like it or just leave it at the default setting.

Why Choose to Use VLC

Windows does not come with a built-in DVD player, which means in order to watch videos, movies, shows or anything that you want to play – you need one. VLC provides the high quality movie viewing properties that you’re after, and it is free for everyone to use. Choosing a video playback software that really stands out is key, and VLC has risen to the top of the competition.

Playing your movies through the VLC media player is one of the easiest players to use. You can test each of the different selections you can choose to change, and find the best look for your needs, or you can keep it where the setting are when you downloaded the media player and the video still looks good.



Recycle Bin, When To Delete it All


Know when to use the trash bin on your computer.
Know how to use the Recycle Bin on your computer.

Using the Recycle Bin

When you delete files on your computer they go into the Recycle Bin before they are completely removed from your computer for good. The Recycle Bin acts similar to a storage for the files you have deleted. This way you can have a second chance to restore the stuff that you put in your Recycle Bin before permanently removing them from your computer.

When to delete all of the stuff that was moved to the Recycle Bin could depend on several different reasons. Sometimes it is personal preference on when you want to permanently delete the stuff that you moved into the Recycle Bin. Some people prefer to empty the recycle bin each time something is moved into it. Some people only empty it when room is needed on the hard drive. Sometimes people wish to empty the recycle bin to free up some memory on their computer.

Delete All Contents of Recycle Bin

The entire contents of the Recycle Bin can be deleted or just items chosen specifically, if for whatever reason you would want some of the contents left in the Recycle Bin. To delete the entire contents, you should first make sure that everything your deleting permanently is stuff you will not ever need again. Find the icon on your desktop of the computer, right-click on it. One of the options you will see is Empty Recycle Bin, take your mouse and click on that. After choosing to empty the recycle bin, a confirmation window will open up asking you if you want to empty the entire contents of the Recycle Bin, click yes to complete the deletion. Remember once you hit yes to empty the recycle bin, the items are deleted forever. If only some items are what you desire to delete, this can be done easily also.

Delete Individual Files in the Recycle Bin

When you right-click on the item Recycle Bin select the option open. You can right-click and select delete on each individual item one at a time, or you can hold shift down while selecting each item you wish to delete, and then select delete when all items have been chosen that you wish to rid of. If needed the option restore is available to the files and programs you wish to keep that are in the recycle bin.

In conclusion, there are different reasons each individual would empty all their Recycle Bin out. Always be sure to double-check each item you are emptying out of the recycle bin, and that these items are ones you wish to be gone for good. Remember that if wish, you can keep the files and programs you moved to the recycle bin indefinitely, that there are no set rules on when to empty the Recyclable Bin.