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Using an Older Version of Windows

That older version might not have to leave your computer.

Using older Windows version.

When you’re using an older version of Windows like Windows XP, many things can stand out to you and you need to know what these differences are when it comes to it. With these differences, you have to know how to use the computer, especially if you’ve been used to using the newer version of Windows. Here are some of the noticeable differences that you can be aware of when it comes to the difference between the newer and the older versions that are available.

According to Time Magazine, older versions of Windows are still on top and continuing to thrive, even as Microsoft sends out newer versions of the operating system. People feel comfortable using the old and faithful way to surf the web and do their work – which is why Windows XP and Windows 7 are the two leaders when it comes to the interface that people like to use for their computers.

What’s Changed From XP?

The change from XP and 7 to Windows 8 was dramatic. There are many changes between XP and 7 but when you hit 8, it is like a whole different world. One where you can check out the tiles that they give you, and even personalize them the way that you would like. They have many apps that you can now add, instead of having to install programs and the interface seems different. With Start Screen instead of the familiar start menu and different places you have to go to find your programs, documents and other files, there is a lot to be learned.

For the average person that does not use the computer on an every day basis, this change can be quite difficult. This is especially true for those that perhaps had little computer experience before the one they have now. This is something that may be the reason behind why so many people are still behind the older versions of Windows in the first place.

So when you go into the newer one, you’re going to find yourself staring right at the screen, wondering what you got yourself into. There is hope though… the quick start guide and knowledgeable computer experts can guide you through the process and even show you the many ways you’re able to easily learn how to use the new interface.

What about Windows Vista? This seemed to be short lived throughout it’s time on computers. So many people have found that this operating system was one of the worst that Microsoft has ever came out with, and couldn’t have been happier about making the switch to a different one. Who would have thought that the switch was going to be that well accepted?

Whether you’re using the older versions, or you are upgraded; there is a vast difference that you should be aware of. Finding someone to teach you the differences when you decide to upgrade is also a must. Decide what you’d like to do, but know that those old Windows programs are still high on the list of popularity.

So it doesn’t really matter if you want to make the switch or not.

Not sure how to make the switch? Speak with us here at IQ Computer Repair, so we can get you going on a new operating system that you love.


The Difference Between Hardware and Software Issues

Hardware and software problems are different, but how different?

Hardware and software problems are different, but how different?

There is a difference that you should be aware of when it comes to knowing whether to not you know if there is a hardware or software problem. These difference can stand out when it comes to whether or not the software is a problem when it comes to having a problem with the computer that you use. When there is a hardware problem, generally there is something that stands out that indicates that this is the problem.

Here are some key indicators that can show whether it is a hardware or software problem in your computer that you’re dealing with.

Software Problems

If something on your computer freezes, or pages are not loading correctly then it may be due to a software problem. The same goes for not being able to run games, movies, shows, etc. from your computer. Generally, drivers are needed for these specific tasks to be performed. If the drivers are not there, then that could indicate that you need to install them, re-install the software or even consider a newer, more upgraded Windows program.

Hardware Problems

Hardware issues tend to come with bigger problems than not being able to play things, or even freezing. Hardware tends to send you to a big blue screen, make it so you cannot turn the computer on any longer, or even sound horrible because it is not able to keep up with the power inside it, and may be overheating. The components have to work well together, or work at all for the computer to be able to perform as it should. For instance, having a broken hard drive could mean that it doesn’t work, it is extremely slow and may not finish booting up or you may get an error message on the screen telling you that you cannot proceed because one of the hardware components is having an issue.

Hardware is generally a harder issue to address because you have to find which component is not working like it should. This is why there are professionals that work in this type of field, so if you’re unsure of what the problem is – they can locate it and fix it for you. There are many problems that can happen within PCs and it is ideal to have them fixed most of the time, instead of going out and purchasing a new one.

If you find that you’re having troubles with either the hardware or the software within your computer, then you have to consider speaking with a professional that can help – especially if you’re unsure of what the problem is or do not know how to fix it. The professional is the one that understands both hardware and software issues, and who is able to take a look at the computer you have and let you know what the issue is that you’re having. Put your trust in a professional, and call us here at IQ Computer Services.


Chromebooks 2014 – Which are Best?

Chromebooks are sweeping the nation, do you have your’s yet?

Chromebooks have been out for a while. They have been rated and reviewed and then raved about from some. However, there are many different versions that you can go with. Depending on what it is that you want to use the Chromebook for, what size you’re looking into and so many other details – you can find the best one that is going to fit your needs, without having to look too hard to find it.


Toshibas are known for being one of the most rugged, dependable laptops on the market. That is no exception when it comes to their Chromebooks. You’re able to get a high quality, high spec laptop for an affordable price, without having to worry about a thing – since Toshiba has you covered. They want to ensure that you have a hard working laptop that makes it a few years before upgrading.


Acer is usually known for their powerful computers since they are all about the games that can be played on them. You’re able to get a Chromebook from this company that provides excellent, fast graphics and still is able to perform better than some of the other models when it comes to gaming and other special effects that you want to do while using the laptop.


HP is great for working. You can pull up anything, and still be able to perform multiple tasks at once. If you’re looking for a Chromebook specifically for work and your job – then this would be the computer that you’re after. You should feel good about the choice that you make to move ahead, get more out of the laptop – and now that work is covered in this slim model.


Sumsung provides the perks that we all are looking for in any machine that we purchase. They have a smooth, sleek look to the tablets that they have and use the same design for their laptops to provide only the best for those out there. The graphics are wonderful and since it is highly powered, you’re able to get a decent amount of battery life out of this laptop.

Whatever Chromebook you choose, know that each of these brands is known for something unique. They will provide you the same details, specs and performance that many of their other computers on the market provide. Depending on the needs that you have, you should make sure to be covered when the time comes and you choose one of these laptops over another.


What Tablets are More Like a Laptop?

Surface Pro 3 rated as one of the best tablets that works like a laptop.

As technology advances, so do the tablets that we use. These small little slivers of a computer are turning more and more into laptops by the year. So many people want the convenience of a tablet, but the power of a laptop rolled into one. You’re able to get all of that with the help of these tablets that have been rated the best for 2014.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – With specs like a laptop and a keyboard that snaps on, you’re able to have endless possibilities when it comes to using this for all of your work, school and leisure needs. You can carry it around easily like a tablet, in a sleeve and you can also connect the slim keyboard as you go.
  2. Apple iPad Air 2 – This has been rated over and over again as one of the best tablets to buy this year. It has many accessories that you can add to it. It has a large screen with ideal pictures and graphics. You can do a lot on a machine so little, but still be able to use it as a tablet.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S – This table is large and it can come with many accessories. You’re able to personalize it to your own liking, and you can do school, work and many other activities on it using the apps that are built in or the extensive selection of apps within the marketplace.
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX – Also rated as one of the best kid’s tablets out there, this tablet packs a punch of power. You’re able to see smooth graphics, use many different programs, read books and so much more. You also get your money’s worth because it is one of the most affordable and most durable on the market.
  5. Google Nexus 7 – This is a smaller screened tablet, but it still provides all the power that you need rolled up into one small machine. Be able to do everything you need to do, including anything on Google – since it is ran and powered through Google, including docs and so much more.

Whether you’re choosing a laptop for yourself, for work or school or for your children – choosing one that you like the most, provides the most and is within your budget is always ideal. These tablets have been rated with the user in mind to ensure that you get all of these specs wrapped up into one small machine that can do it all and so much more, without taking up too much room while on the go.