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Tuning and Troubleshooting Your PC

Tuning Your PC

Tuning Your PC

When your PC is not running like you would like it too, and it is actually slowing you down, then you have to consider the many different ways to make your PC get up to date and speed up. One of the best ways that you can do this is by tuning and troubleshooting the problems that you’re PC is having. By removing unwanted programs and then fine tuning the smaller things within the PC, you’re then able to get it moving faster.

Here are some of the fixes that should be done when it comes to fine tuning your PC to increase the speed of it overall. You shouldn’t have to deal with crashes or slow running pages when it is an easy fix.

RAM Decline

When there is less RAM in your computer, this tends to slow things down a bit. Not only do you have less room to work with, but you’re trying to cram so much on the computer that it doesn’t even have space to think about what it is supposed to do. Cleaning out your computer would be a good thing to do for this. Remove anything that you no longer need to free up some additional space.

Unnecessarily Installed Programs

There are many programs on a computer and when you boot the computer up, many of them might start up, as well. This means your computer is taking a longer than necessary time to get them going before you can even doing anything on the computer – this is not something you can sit patient through. So with this being said, stopping those start up programs and actually removing them all together from your computer can allow it to run faster, allowing you to use it quicker.

Over Full Registry

Cleaning out your registry can provide you with a way to make your computer run faster, while also ensuring that you’re able to remove unwanted programs. With this being said, this can be done in many different ways but if you do not know the names of the programs that you need to keep on your computer, you’re going to have a hard time telling which ones you should delete and you should keep.

Fragmented Files

These files can cause many different problems on your computer. You’re going to want to defrag the computer and put the pieces back together so that they are working correctly. This can only be done with a machine from the computer, or a program that you put on the computer. This is also something that can take a bit of time since it runs but you cannot use the computer at the same time.

Please note that sometimes this can be a tedious thing to do. Not only will it take some time, but if you’re unsure of what programs you do or do not need, then it might be good to speak with a professional regarding having them do the tuning and troubleshooting.