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Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 and 8 What’s New

what is new in IE11

Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 is now available for download on Windows 7 ,Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.  This newest release of IE has some very promising performance enhancements. On Windows 7 IE 11 can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. For Windows 8 you it is available in the app store. Microsoft announced they would begin automatically upgrading through Windows Update, so if you do not have it yet you should soon.


Microsoft boasts this new browser has a nine percent performance boost when compared to IE 10. They also say that it has about a thirty percent speed advantage over its’ competitors. One way they have increased performance is that Internet Explorer 11 off loads some of the graphics processing load to the (video processor) GPU instead of the CPU which increases performance and lessens the demand on the processor. Another way they have improved performance is by pre-fetching. When you go to a webpage, all the links to other pages it will download to your computer silently and put these pages together before you click on them. Also, when you go back a page the previous page is cached making the transition from page to page much faster.  This means that even if your internet connection isn’t the fastest, you can still browse with speed.


With Internet Explorer 11 the touch screen users have many features open and available to them. Flip ahead is a promising feature where when looking at a list at an online store (where this feature has been enabled) in order to look at the next page of the list you simply move your finger on the screen from left to right and it flips ahead a page. This browser of course works with the pin it features where you can pin pages to your start menu .

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 is a great improvement on IE 10 and should definitely be used where and if available.

When is it time to buy a new computer?

Only you can really decide when it is time to buy a new computer but we are going to help you with things to take into consider as you make this decision.


If you are having problems with your computer you should really take into account the age of the system before repairing it. Is your computer over 3 years old?  Sometimes it is more cost-effective and less time-consuming to buy a new system then it is to fix major issues on older systems. An example of this instance may be that it costs one hundred and fifty dollars to fix your old computer but for additional hundred dollars you could buy a new system and get more for you money.

Windows XP Operating System

If you are still using Windows XP you should be seriously thinking about upgrading your system before April 2014. Microsoft has announced they will no longer support Windows XP operating system.  This means that there are no more updates and if you have a problem, the answer will be to get a newer system anyway.  A new computer will come with Windows 8 pre-installed.

Needing More Performance

If you take the proper steps in the maintenance of your machine and it still just isn’t fast enough or maybe there is a game that comes out that your computer just doesn’t meet the minimum requirements then you may want to think about getting a new system. Sometimes you can upgrade a system but why if you are going to spend about as much money upgrading a system as you would in buying a new system that already performs the way you need.

More Storage Space

Needing more storage is one reason people might buy a new computer. If you already have a decent computer, I would suggest getting an external hard drive but if you have been reading the earlier reasons and think you may want to get a new computer this reason is something else to think about. How much storage do you already have and how much do you really need in your new computer?

I understand that some people will want to hang on to what they have and just upgrade or get it fixed but sometimes it is just smarter to buy new and put your mind at ease. With today’s warranties and other incentives such as rebates. Buying new can really be that much easier. You can purchase new and refurbished computers from IQ Computer Services.

New Intel 4th Gen i3, i5, i7 Laptop CPU

The wait is over, the newest generation of  Intel CPUs  are here. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the most important part of your laptops performance. The 4th Generation (Named Haswell) has been release with some promising improvements over its predecessors. As with the 3rd generation there are still three classes of processor.

Intel Core i3

The Intel core i3 is built for your everyday home consumer. It provides a generous amount of processing power for surfing the web and other moderate application the average person may need. At a lower cost to the consumer this processor is great for general use.

Intel Core i5

The Intel core i5 is generally meant for businesses. It provides more processing power for multitasking and getting jobs done while still being reasonable in price for businesses to employee them on a large-scale.

Intel Core i7

The Intel core i7 is meant to be the cream of the crop. It is built for engineers, gamers and anyone else requiring ample amounts of processing power at their disposal.


  • Up to 15% better CPU performance over previous gen
  • Applications load twice as fast
  • More overclocking flexibility for enthusiasts
  • 10 days battery life in connected standby
  • 20X reduction in idle power draw
  • Lower power CPUs
  • Up to 2x better 3D graphics
  • Intel Wireless Display® capable
  • Auto connect to WiFi hotspots
  • Anti theft technology – disable PC remotely


The 4th generation Intel core processors have focused on improving on a great CPU and added a few new features. The important thing about laptops is your portability. That is why you buy a laptop over a desktop. One of the problems with this portability is you are more vulnerable to the laptop being lost or stolen. Intel has developed a new feature called Intel Anti Theft®, where you can track your lost or stolen laptop through the processor . What you can do is either track the location of the stolen laptop or just simply shut it down remotely. This feature does however require a monthly or yearly service subscription. With the new 4th generation your battery life has an expectancy of about 9 hours (depending on use). The processor runs on a lot less power creating much less heat and thus reducing the strain on the entire system. They have also increased the speeds at which these processing power houses can perform. Making them able to multitask smoother and increasing over all performance. They have also improved the graphics performance on the 4th gen processors. Making the graphics on systems with these new upgrades superb. These processors are already on the market and (in a few months) will be all over shelves in most stores. What ever the need Intel has you covered. Enjoy and look to IQ Computers Blog Spot for more technical specification on these processors. As always look to IQ Computer Services for all your computer purchasing and repair needs.





File Won’t Open, Asking to Choose a Program

man stress at laptop

My File Won’t Open

File Won’t Open

Have you ever downloaded a file and tried to open it, but got an error message instead? Don’t worry it is not the end of the world and you can solve this problem with relative ease. This problem often can occur with Microsoft Word documents and PDF files from emails.

Why This Error?

What has happened is the file you are trying to open has no associated program on your computer to open it. Most of the time you can try to look for a compatible program through the internet. This form of fix will take you to a known program that will be able to read and open the file. Should that avenue not be able to assist you, there are still options available. You will need to know the type of file you are dealing with in order to find out the proper program that is compatible.

Find the File Extension

To do this, look at the files extension or the end of the files’ name. It will be something such as .doc, .pdf or .rar for example. Do a little research using a search engine (such as Google) to find out what programs are able to read and open that type of file. Then you can use the same search engine to find a free or trial version of the programs you need. Download the program and install it. The program should automatically associate itself with the file and all you have to do now is open it. If that doesn’t work you can right-click on the file and select open with. Then select the program you know to work with that type of file. Now that you know the cause and some probable solutions to this problem it shouldn’t be more than a bump in the road for you to over come. When you have any question or computer repair needs, contact IQ Computer Services to get the job done with professional expertise.