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10 Things Every Computer User Should Know


Tips for computer ownership can provide you with insight.

Tips for computer ownership can provide you with insight.

Computer Tips You Should Know

Everybody that uses a computer, should be familiar with some very basic things. Even if you use the computer daily, you might not know these things.

1) Back up your computer. This is something that most people put off doing. It only takes a few minutes to complete. This can be done by using external drives, discs, or an online service.

2) Shortcuts are the key to working faster. Here are a few: Control+F, this opens a search box on a web page. Type what you want to search for. Control+N, is for opening a new window while in a browser, or a new document, in document applications. Control+P, opens the print window.

3) Keep yourself safe from a Virus. Virus protection should be installed and up to date. Be cautious with opening links, and only download from trusted sources. If a pop up window states you have a virus, check that it is your software saying it. If it is not, do not trust it.

4) Keep your computer running smooth with regular maintenance. Some maintenance items include, install windows updates when available, and run antivirus software in the background. Clean temporary files. Ccleaner is a good program to use. People running Windows XP, need to defragment. The newer versions of Windows, does this automatically. Cleaning your registry is not necessary.

5) Make your laptop battery last longer. An old battery losing the charge fast, should be replaced. For other batteries, there are tips to make it last longer. Have your power setting on Power saver, when not plugged in. Set the display to turn off fast when inactive. The display is a battery drainer. Disable Bluetooth, if not in use. Disable services and processes, that run in the background that are not needed.

6) Protect your personal information. Use passwords that are a long mixture, of numbers and letters. Make sure you are protected if using public Wi-Fi. Keep any personal information off from files, and pictures.

7) Large files shared easily. When e-mailing them, it is slow, and possible problems with size. You can share these files using certain websites. Some popular ones are Senduit, Dropbox, and WiKiSend.

8) Keep your computer safe from a possible electrical surge. This can be done by using a surge protector for the modem and computer. There is also a UPS, uninterrupted power supply, that can be used.

9) Fixing problems with your home Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi is running slow, have the router placed in a location that is central, and open. Check to see if the network is encrypted. Unplug the router for five minutes, then plug back in. Call your internet provider, if nothing else works.

10) Get needed files while away from home. This can be done a few different ways. One is to connect to the computer remotely. Another way is using the Cloud to store all your files. You can access this anywhere.

Using these tips can give you the ability to be a great computer owner. Remember, if any problems need to be checked out, speak with a professional that can fix those for you. Great computer care can help your computer last for quite some time.



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