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10 Must Know Windows 8 Tips

Must Know Tips for Windows 8

Windows 8 can be daunting to the new user. There is a lot to take in that wasn’t there before. When it comes to using Windows 8, keep these Windows tips and tricks in mind, to feel more confident when it comes to navigating your way through it. Did you know that Windows 8 was originally created just for touch screens? This means that a lot of mouse moves can become confusing to the user if they do not have a touchscreen to go along with the Windows 8 on their new computer. Whatever it is that you need help with, help is most definitely on the way to let you know what should be known when it comes to using a Windows 8 computer.

Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

1. Organize Your Apps

The apps that are all on the front screen can be a jumbled mess if you do not have any sort of organization to go through. The best thing you can do is sort the apps by categories so you’re able to easily find them all. How? Drag and drop the tiles for the apps that you want to clump together into the far right hand side of the screen. Right click the group to make it a whole new category on your screen.

2. Close Apps

Closing apps is not all that it seems to be. You cannot just click and close. With Windows 8, it is much more than that. Dragging the apps to the bottom of the screen until they disappear is one way or you can use the familiar ALT + F4 keys. This helps to save on resources.

3. Personalize Your Privacy

Make sure to personalize the privacy setting on your computer since a lot of the apps and files throughout it have personal information associated with them. Click the Windows key and I and then Change PC Settings and then to the privacy tab.

4. Quick Access

The quick access menu is hiding on Windows 8, which means that you need to know how to find it! Where did it go? By right clicking in the lower left hand side of the screen, you’re then able to bring up the quick access menu where you can do some of the things you’d normally be able to do on a Start menu.

5. Picture Password

Create your very own picture password which is pretty cool. All you have to do is click the Windows button and I and then go to the Settings – Change PC Settings – Users – Sign in Options – Create a Picture Password. Choose any picture and then create points on it to remember (much easier than remembering a complex password).

6. Windows 8 Boot Up Screen

Make sure that Windows 8 boots up to the desktop and not the menu. You’re able to change the settings of how the computer boots up and where it goes by going to the start screen, typing in “schedule”, click on Task Scheduler.” This is where you will go to Triggers – New – At Log On – OK – Actions – New and then type in “explorer” in Program/Script. You can then press OK and reboot to test it out.

7. Disable All Passwords

You may not want a picture or a word password. This can be disabled by pressing the Windows key + R and then type in “netplwiz”. Make sure the box is unchecked near the top that states that the users have to enter a password on the computer to access the information. You can then click OK and enter user name and password to confirm and you’re ready to go.

8. Refresh Your Computer

Need a little refresher when the computer is running sluggish? You would normally have to back it all up and then freshly install the system and so on and so forth. However, Windows 8 can do it all for you with some clicks of the mouse. Go to Settings – Change PC Settings – General – Refresh Your PC Without Affecting Your Files or Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows – Get Started – Refresh. It just takes a few minutes and you’re set.

9. Find Your Apps, Games and Other Stuff

Finding the games folder can be pretty hard to do amongst the clutter. Right click the game icon on your Start screen and then choose the “Open File Location” that is at the bottom – this can be done with other apps as well.

10. Safety Locks for the Family

If you have kids then you want to make sure that family safety locks are installed and running. You can create a different account for the kids so nothing bad happens – like those unexpected charges to the card. Go to Control Panel – User Accounts – Family Safety and then select the account to apply it to. This setting sends reports of the activity on the account, lets you select the filtering, set time limits, also puts restrictions on apps, games and the Windows Store.


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