If you have a problem with your MacBook Pro, iPad, iMac or other Apple component, IQ Services provides Mac repair service. Not only do we provide the most innovative, upgraded approach to repair services for Macs, but we can ensure that the Apple repair is done timely, affordably.

Whether you’re searching for a specific computer issue to be fixed Thunderbolt, or AirPort or a program such as or Time Machine, or Mac OS X, we can deliver the maintenance solution on software and hardware components. Apple support in the Genius Bar or via telephone is sometimes not as helpful as you’d like it to be, which is why we respond quicker to provide you with the answers you’re in need of to get you on your way.

Our Professionals Understand Mac Systems

Mac help should not be difficult to find. With a professional company behind you, we can speak with you regarding the issues that you’re currently having, so that we can locate and repair the issues and resolve them.

We’ve developed a way to ensure that Macs continue to run smoothly, no matter what the problem is and can locate help with upgrading and enhancing performance. We help reduce having down time, so you get your device back quickly; we can also provide urgent same day services for a premium to those that need to get back online.

Computer systems can be difficult to diagnose for some, but since we’ve gone through the necessary training and experience with both PC’s and Macs, we understand many of the problems that a lot of users are faced with, providing us with a way to help you when you need it most.

We Provide Both Mac Hardware and Software Repairs, Support and Upgrades

Whether it is a software or hardware problem, our professionals understand the need to have a working computer, iPad tablet or other device once again. Mac upgrades, as well as disc utility for Macs can also be provided to those that would like more space, faster processing and updated apps placed on their device. Whatever the issue is, speaking with our qualified Mac repair specialists can get you back on track to having a better working Mac device overall.

Remember, our services are not limited and we provide only the most comprehensive ones on the market. Why trust in anyone else?

Contact us today to set up an appointment time for the Apple repair you’re in need of. We strive to provide quality services and will respond within 24 hours to talk with you regarding the Mac support you’d like to obtain from our company.